6 Weeks To Holiday Fit

Gang! This proposal attempts to tackle a few present issues within the DAO:

Getting DAOPlomats more active and engaged in the DAO - this member benefit would be available to L1 + DAOPlomat
Attracting & retaining talent in the DAO (another fun-based initiative)
Health is always a priority - in all forms
A lot of people are super self conscious around the holidays
It would be a revenue split for the DAO - no funding needed

The previous format had a couple of flaws this one solves:
Dox pseudo-anon by default
Committing to video calls

I’ve fleshed out as much as I can on my own - community feedback to make it a fun & challenging on-going series for you all would be great if there’s enough interest.

It would be like a raffle. Participants registration fees go into a pot to be distributed to the winner(s), minus coordinator & Bankless DAO fee (TBD).

Delivered on demand in my community within a private challenge group (https://collective.sovcoach.com)


Daily check ins & accountability in the private group

Community cookbook

Each challenge will have a POAP

There will be a total of 10 Videos;

  • 1x Orientation Video
    • How to use the program, support & expectations
  • 1x intro (full) class
    • Intro to AF class
  • Form breakdown of base forms, learn an underswitch, play a game
    • 6x classes
  • Do a class a week, practice the moves over the week
    • Each class builds skills upon the previous class
    • 1Hr for full class, 20-30 min/day for practice
  • 1x box breathing video
    • Breathe and feel better
  • 1x bonus video
    • Decompress and recover

Orientation & Intro videos will be available to practice while we rally a full squad for launch day (TBD)


ETH for registration pool

Join the private group

Complete a weekly class and practice the moves for the remainder of the week

Daily check-ins: journal (required, can be a screenshot of fitness and food tracking app stats), in the private group as needed

Weekly check-ins: 60 min group call (discord)

Program guide:

Putting all of the AF components info into a group class format can prove to be pretty challenging. This is especially true when you’re trying to integrate new attendees while still challenging those that are coming back week to week.

Over the years, I’ve seen two options work successfully:

Option 1 is a series-format where participants commit to a specific time period(usually 6-8 weeks) and the class progresses together. It takes about 30 days to build a new series and ensure the 6-8 weeks will flow well for all attendees.

Option 2 is a drop-in class format when anybody can come to any class, although we strongly recommend having people attend an Intro class at least once before joining the regular class.

Each weekly class takes about 3 hours/week to prepare.


The first option is an 8 week intensive that’s by sign up only. Once someone begins,they have to commit to showing up for every class of the 8 weeks. The requirements are super strict with this format in order for all of the attendees to get the most out of it. Just one person missing a class or 2 can put the whole class behind if we have to catch them up.

The 8 week intensive works for groups of all sizes but typically a group size is between 6-15 people. The advantage of a sign up class is that all participants will be progressing together, allowing time to properly coach and work through any obstacles. Everyone will be working towards the same flow over the 8 week period.

I’ll want to demonstrate the final flow so that the participants can see what they’ll be working towards. The flow should have a combination of Switches & Transitions, as well as Form Specific Stretches.

Class Structure:

Each class can be broken down into 4 different sections:

  1. Wrist Mobs

  2. Activate, Mobilize, Move

  3. S & T teach/drill

  4. Flow

  5. Wrist Mobs

No matter what, every class should begin and end with the wrist mobilizations.

  1. Activate, Mobilize, Move

The beginning of class will use circuits of three different movements. We will either be performing two separate circuits or perform one, for multiple sets

Activate = Beast or Crab activations

Mobilize = Any Form Specific Stretch

Move = Any Traveling Form

  1. Switch & Transitions

Instructor chooses three different movements from the S&T group. We’ll teach themovement and then drill just that movement before moving on to the next one.Dependent upon time and the success of the attendees, we may drill for more than one set of each movement before moving on to the next. Once they’ve been taught and students have drilled all the pieces, we put them together in a flow

  1. Flow

This is the peak of the entire class. Instructor decides how many times students will perform the flow per set. After each set, instructor gives pointers during therest times. If this is towards the beginning of the 8 week course, instructor will focus on fluidity and proper execution. We can add speed and tempo changes as we progress through consecutive weeks


Are you asking for feedback on the format or sign ups?

Feedback. Way too early for signups, not sure if I’d keep this strictly as a member benefit like the rest of the programs or make it a more public facing program.

But I think public would be good exposure and revenue generation for the DAO

Moving to archive. Please reply to reopen.