A Plea to Bankless Nation

Decentralized Vault Application

DVA The Vision

DVA seeks to look 30 years into the future, and create the revolutionary banking platform of today, tomorrow, and the future for the decentralized citizens of Earth.

Bankless Nation… I have a vision for how the entire world can break up with their bank starting today. I went deep into the rabbit hole, and took my mind 30 years into the future to see where Ultra Sound Money could take this amazing planet we call home.

I present to you the key for unlocking the greatest power and wealth transfer in the history of mankind… all in one simple dapp.

The Key: DVA - Decentralized Vault Application

The Door: DVA DAO

The Discovery: Information is the Digital Age Money

The Theory: Decentralized Concentration of Wealth - Redefining Banking, Asset Management, Value Exchange, and the Nation State

How: DVA Global Value Exchange Rate

When: As soon as I can recruit some help to build it… you see, my design and coding skills are lacking - and I came up with this idea last week. I’m a banker from Columbus, OH who broke up with his employer today, and is trying to go to the moon, and ponder how to fix what I see wrong everyday.

Everyday when someone goes out into society, they carry three critical physical items with them at almost all times - Wallet, Keys, and Phone. In the future, all you need is DVA, and perhaps some way to also talk to your mother.

Welcome to the Digital Age.

What is DVA?

At its core, DVA is a top layer UI/UX platform which manages all critical assets to its user: Finance, Property, Health, Employment, Civic, and PII - it can be deployed on any device that can run a dapp.

The primary function is to manage these critical assets optimally with minimal user interaction while also serving as the users core identification.

Think of DVA as your current day wallet, car keys, password manager, government ID, health profile, and your entire portfolio of real and digital assets all bundled up into a simple management dapp.

The goal: Every decentralized citizen of Earth manages their critical assets using DVA.


DVA DAO is the organization formed around the DVA protocol. It serves as a first and one-of-a-kind 100% Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Governance is executed through pledging of the DVA token - not voting.

The DVA token is issued on a simple basis - 1 DVA token for every unique decentralized citizen of Earth.

The DVA tokens only use is to share in a small portion of every value exchange on DVA and identify its unique decentralized citizen of Earth.

The DVA protocol will have a flat global value exchange rate which will be distributed to the DVA token holder.

The DVA token holder can choose to keep any portion of their value share, but are also free to pledge it, or any portion of it, to a cause of their choosing - I might propose the future “banks” of our Digital Age Nation State - The DAO.

The first mission of DVA DAO and its token holders will be to establish the DAOs of their choosing and begin pledging - if they’d like.

The second mission will be to onboard the centralized citizens of Earth to DeFi and take them all to the moon with us - I think we have a little tech to develop too - I’m no software engineer or economist, and like I said, I looked 30 years into the future, not to tomorrow.

Next, well, a more fair distribution of global wealth has already been taken care of, so I’ll let you decide next - assuming you find this idea interesting that is.

I say again Bankless Nation. I am looking to shepherd our amazing planet into the Digital Age… 1 decentralized citizen of Earth at a time. Who wants to help me create this crazy vision, join DVA DAO, and save this planet 1 decentralized citizen at a time?

I will soon post additional more in-depth documentation and theory surrounding each of the ideas highlighted at the beginning: The Key, Door, Discovery, Theory, and How - in addition to a roadmap for the DVA protocol itself which can launch as soon as this summer. HELP WANTED.

Spoiler: The theory confirms. ETH is in fact Ultra Sound Digital Age Money. Bitcoin is the Digital Age Gold. Not only that, but every citizen, corporation, government, protocol, and cryptocurrency can still survive…maybe even the banks after we break up with them.

Would you like to more?



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Sometime in the early 21st century… fiat money died. It’s hard to pin down when exactly, and I will muse that trillions of words will be written on the subject, just like the trillions of fiat currency the Federal Reserve has been printing as I write this on June 3rd, 2021.

The fiat money crisis is a path humans set themselves on all the way back at the beginning, when the first hunters and gatherers formed together to create a village…actually, a “bank.” The fiat money crisis is the ultimate conclusion, and end, to the primary feature of the power structure on Earth right now… Concentration of Wealth.

Concentration of Wealth is the simple concept that the individuals, business, governments, and etc. with the most concentrated or pooled resources will tend to have the most power relatively speaking, both within their given vertical and location, but also now globally with the onset of the internet in the late 20th century.

So let’s go back and examine how Concentration of Wealth led to the eventual creation of fiat money. We will then examine how after the birth of fiat money, it lived a glorious life, but then it was infected by a nasty tumor… called information. Information was tired of fiat money being in charge, and wanted to have its time to shine. It’s the Digital Age after all! Only 3% of the world’s “money” is in cold hard fiat.

Then, sometime in the near future. When the world rallies around the actual infection we have given our planet - no, it’s not coronavirus - its the failure to acknowledge that Information is now the global money, and has been for at least two decades already. Not only that, it is the most critical asset we as humans have ever possessed when it comes to the advancement of our civilization, which also makes it the most valuable asset we have ever possessed.

The fiat crisis of the early 21st century caused one primary symptom around the world… I call currency confusion. What is the main side effect of currency confusion you ask? You know how when you turn on the news, and pause for a second, and say…

“what the fuck is going on this world? I just want to live my life.”

Currency confusion… information is the new currency, and we the citizens of Earth… see no value exchange for our information, in fact, we just let it hang out in the middle of the street for everyone to see and take. Do you think the Federal Reserve would be willing to take all the fiat currency in their vaults, and just set it out on Times Square for anyone to have as they please with nothing in return? Doesn’t sound very capitalist. Wait a second…the Fed just started doing that, didn’t they? What the hell?

Put another way… imagine you bought a new gas powered vehicle, and in return for your purchase, the manufacturer gave you free gas for life to drive it. Again… I thought capitalism was the way?

It is important to note, that this is not anyones fault. That is why you must go all the way back and examine human nature. We had to centralize in order to thrive because we couldn’t effectively decentralize. Now we can effectively decentralize, and remain coordinated as a global entity. This has the power to unlock a glorious future for our planet. It isn’t about corporations or governments or individuals. It’s not about who wins and who loses. We fought wars all through history over having the power over the largest Concentration of Wealth…well, in 2021, the collective citizens of Earth can now take back command and control of the largest Concentration of Wealth… through Decentralization.

The problem is, when you weaponize information in our new Digital Age Capitalist society… you create this fucked up place we now live in. We can make a better way, and nobody has to lose, everybody does get to win. It isn’t a participation trophy… it’s going to the actual Moon, and then Mars, and basking in the glory of being this amazing species on this rare planet we are lucky enough to exist on.

The key is understanding that we the citizens of Earth are the most critical asset in our society. And by using the theory of Decentralized Concentration of Wealth, we can take our seat on the throne of the planet. We can then work with the corporations and governments ( that we all work in by the way ), and have them start working for us in a way that acknowledges Information is the new Digital Age global currency and money. Let me tell you… it leads to glorious possibilities.



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I am sure there are some questions if you’ve gotten this far, and I couldn’t be more excited to know that. I am not trying to hide, just being cautious.

Today, I broke up with my bank, Huntington, where they pride themselves on delivering 1st class client service, and I must say, they do a damn good job. I’ve been grateful for my time with them, and how they have treated me.

I sent them my second post first along with a link to this thread. And all I asked was that they have a conversation with me… if they’d like. This was sent to 100 people who I have worked with for the last 10 years.

The only thing that prevents them from actually delivering on their mantra? The information that both the government and corporations “require” for no other reason than we’ve only just discovered the new paradigm shift… Decentralized Concentration of Wealth and Information as Ultra Sound Money.

Let’s have a conversation… I’ll talk to anyone, but honestly, in my geek brain, I really want to hear what Mark Cuban and Andrew Yang think about this.

Let’s rally BanklessDAO around DVA DAO, and then bring the Banking and Bankless Nations together to work towards our future and Ultra Sound Money.


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They say that Time is Money.

In today’s world, the information value exchange for the everyday centralized citizen is completely backwards.

The government, corporations, and most especially the banks “require” you to provide certain documents to comply with all kinds of various rules, policies, and regulations - In the DeFi world, we call these protocols and smart contracts.

Providing your information in the centralized world to these centralized entities takes an incredible amount of time! 30 minutes to open a bank account. 45 days to get a mortgage. In DeFi, all you have to do is connect DVA - authenticate yourself - choose your smart contract or protocol - and done. This process can be done in under 1 minute. You don’t even have to talk to anyone.

I’ve worked in banking for 10 years, and I am damn good at what I do. I know within 3 minutes of meeting you whether the bank is going to give you a loan or not, because I will be able to figure out what your credit score is, your homes value, and your income. These are the only 3 metrics that matter in modern day banking when it comes to getting a home loan. It takes 45 days because they must farm as much information as humanly possible from you in order to comply with rules, policies, and regulations. Not only that, but you paid several thousand dollars in closing costs a long the way.

Lots of time. Lots of Money. Lots of Information given. Not a good value proposition compared to DeFi.

In DeFi you would only have to provide the necessary details for the qualification of the loan: credit score, income, and home valu. The smart contract / protocol would instantly make a decision. Much the same way I as a banker for 10 years, have known within 3 minutes if you are approved or not, but the banks policy is you can’t refuse an application - still need to comply with regulations, and collect that information. Lots of Time. Lots of Information. No Loan.

Information - Time - Money

Blockchain blocks - Information - Time

Bitcoin blockchain - Defined Time - Defined Supply - Reserve Store of Value?

Smart Contracts - Information - Time - Gas - Ultra Sound Money?

I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I am thinking there is something to this. Looking for more!


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Another thought, they just keep popping up.

Let’s expand on Time is Money.

What’s more valuable in a human’s life than the time they have on Earth?

Time - Value - Bitcoin - Defined Time - Defined Supply

What’s the Bitcoin/Human Life expectancy ratio? And how much do we value it? And how can we make the bottom number go up?



@CryptoFunk7 - Twitter

A peg that places value on human life relative to the length they live vs. how long bitcoin has existed. That is the value of my DVA token. Whether it can be made or not. It is a Reserve Store of Value.

A Defined number that can always be known because of blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. It is not gold, and it is not fiat. fiat died.

Please adopt CBDC and peg them to a theoretical DVA token… consider it The Ultimate Gold Bar - Human Life

The US could peg their stablecoin to the citizens of it’s country. This is a defined number under my calculation. You could do this anywhere. I just like to think globally.

You have to think in terms of tokens. If Humans were a Token. 1 DVA has a defined ratio of BTC/ETH/TIME. Both Time of BTC Blockchain length and supply and the length of time an average humans live. Can we not assign value then to trying to increase the length of a human? or token. Stop thinking in $$$$$$$$

If DVA was the Market Cap of Humanity. It would be a direct ratio of BTC/HLE = What is the Value of Humanity. That is the point. I apologize for ranting. I know I am on to something here. You have to think in terms of pure tokenization.

If currency becomes (T) Time Token and we just say 1 (T) is a unit of Time denominated in seconds.

If the fixed supply of BTC becomes the collateral of (T) which is issued at 1 per second.

BTC/(T) becomes a value that only inflates at 1(T)/second

ETH/(T) becomes a value that only inflates at 1(T)/second

BTC/ETH therefore both inflate at 1(T)/second in tandem

If ETH/EIP1559/POS mean a healthy ETH = 100M Tokens

BTC/ETH = 0.00021

If BTC/ETH is the Time/Information Exchange Efficiency ratio. It could be seen as the health indicator of the TIme/Information Exchange Economic Engine. We would want to maintain 0.00021.

Maintaining the ratio would be a product of how healthy ETH net is after EIP 1559 / POS. If ETH is congested the ratio would go up, which causes the price of gas ETH/(T) to go up, so bandwidth leaves. Same way in reverse.

The health of the network would simply be relative to the efficiency of all the other global blockchains using (T) to pay for block time. You could then arbitrage the time efficiency by consolidating or expanding your blockchain bandwidth back to the base layer of ETH. Our entire economy then is a product of how efficiently we exchange Time and Information, and we can spin up and spin down blockchains ( therefore energy usage? ) based on maintaining a healthy ratio of 0.00021

ETH/BTC in combination are how we gauge global economic health… which would seem to also be an indicator of energy usage if it’s a product of blockchain bandwidth. If economic activity is down… we can also lower energy usage. If it’s up, we go up in usage… or become more efficient. But ETH/BTC tells us what to do.

Maybe its time to stop talking about the flippening and time to start talking about the great global equalizer? Maybe it’s time to stop talking about BTC vs. ETH. TradFi vs. DeFi. ETH-Killers. Maybe it’s time to stop being so tribal about everything and actually figure out this mess we’ve made.

DVA Global Exchange Rate could be seen as Global Flat Tax / UBI from birth on all time/information exchange?

Corporations and Governments operate exactly the same as they do now, they just properly account for the exchange of information now. Governments could still charge plenty of taxes and have plenty of power, as well as corporations. They would just account for the Global Exchange Rate / Flat Tax since it would relieve them of many many burdens they currently have and are failing to effectively provide. This is why DVA is such an interesting vision to me.

All we have to do is define the value of (T) Time relative to $USD today, and then change our thinking.

(T)'s only value on earth is to pay for blockchain time. So if it goes unused, it has no other value since it obviously can’t be traded in for actual time. A currency only used for blockchain space time. Because time cannot be printed into a physical manifestation like fiat. If we invent blockchains that don’t have gas fee’s. Great. We would still need ETH net to be the base layer for the BTC/ETH ratio relative to (T). Stable coins would then be pegged to ETH/BTC since it should be 0.00021 always with minimal fluctuation… like current stable coins and global currencies… aside from the $1 All currencies could be denominated against (T) perhaps so that we have a global reference value like the $1. But of course, nobody can redeem any digital currency for (T) Time in the real world.

Then everything in my mind has reshuffled in terms of value exchange, and now you are properly accounting for information in the exchange. Decentralized Concentration of Wealth. Governments/Corporations/Banks will get much less value, but why does that matter? People thrive and it’s all based on how efficient we are with our Time and Information.

Maybe I’m totally wrong?

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