Allow BANK Claim So I Can Join the DAO

Title: Retrieving Unclaimable BANK To Gain Membership

Author: Lydian #8132
Squad: none

Date Created: July 7, 2021
Date Posted: July 7, 2021


Help me claim my BANK so I can become a full member of the DAO.


When my 2021 Badge was issued I made the mistake of using my Coinbase ETH wallet address as the destination, rather than a MetaMask address. When I go to claim my BANK and give my ETH address, it shows I have 52,605.287 bank, but I cannot claim it because that address is not a wallet and I need a MetaMask address instead. When I enter a MetaMask address it shows 0 BANK. I’d love to be a member of the DAO, which is rightfully mine to claim, but stand to lose my BANK soon, and my associated claim to membership, in less than 30 days.

Screen Shot #1 verifies the amount of BANK that is associated with my Coinbase ETH address (52,605.287)
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Screen Shot #2 verifies my Coinbase ETH receive address.
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This project would show that no one who is rightfully eligible for membership in this DAO is excluded because of a noob error.


While I do not know the specific steps the DAO would have to take, it might be that I could give the financial team a MetaMask address where my BANK could be deposited.


There may be gas fees that I would willingly have deducted from my BANK.


Approval of this request would show the Bankless DAO tries its best to remove unintended barriers to membership.


Success is measured with my being granted my DAO membership before my BANK reverts to the general treasury and I am no longer able to claim my membership.


Voting to accept my claim, and providing a clear process to assure full DAO membership.


My interests are to join the DAO so I can learn more about, and participate in, this great movement.


This would be a simple yes or no to my request.
[Should BANK be reissued to a valid address so an eligible member can join the DAO? - Poll][poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

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I’ve just followed this up in the support channel of the BanklessDAO Discord server. Let’s have the conversation there to try to solve this.

I have added the poll here

  • Approve
  • Deny

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its so strange this is a forum proposal.

  1. coinbase support should be able to help you ?
  2. i am for helping you.
  3. but if coinbase reverts your bank, would you return the extra $BANK?
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He is not able to claim the BANK at all. And we will only transfer the BANK to him once the unclaimed BANK has been released to the Treasury.

I was unaware that coinbase support would have access to something like this. If it is indeed possible, then that may present a better solution
3 is lost on me btw.

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All Ethereum wallets come with a seed phrase that let you transfer them to a different wallet application. I am guessing in this case this was not backed up and so it is not possible to recover the Coinbase wallet?

This sucks and I’m sorry it happened. Not sure this needs a vote.

It was the Centralized exchange account, not coinbase wallet. There is no seed phrase for him. Coinbase corporate might have access to it, but if they can act on it that’s actually a major red flag for funds deposited there

It involves spending funds from the community treasury, by that logic it should actually go all the way to snapshot

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OK got it.

Sounds like totally no problem, because the $BANK in her wallet is not accessible anyway, its equivalent to burnt.

Yeah, please bring it to a snapshot and bring her in!

Thanks everyone for your support and help with this. Is there a specific date I should watch for when the BANK transaction/transfer might happen?

There will be a snapshot vote first, after that, you can expect execution if it passes. @0x_Lucas Since I’m headed out for vacation, can you carry this forward to snapshot?

OK thanks Joe. Have a great vacation!