Bankless DAO Growth, Activation & Engagement [Discord Data]

The purpose of this post is to begin a dialogue about data that would be useful for Bankless DAO’s growth.

Incidentally, this is also part of a larger effort to begin collecting and storing data that would allow the Analytics Guild to report on / display data useful for the DAO. For this post, we’ll start with data we currently have access to (minimal cleaning and handling required).

The data comes from our own Discord server and can shed light on member growth, activation and engagement.

Some notes:

  1. Unclear what Discord is noting as “benchmarks” presumably all servers, even those outside of DAOs/crypto

  2. We’re working on getting membership roles/levels data (for a separate post)

  3. Data is presented daily June 1st - August 16 (only data from last 120 days are available for non-Partner / non-Verified servers)

As you read through this post, you might note down what specific questions you’d like answered so we, the Analytics Guild, can begin collecting and storing the kinds of data that could answer those questions. Feel free to drop those questions in the comments.



Key Metrics

These numbers provide an at-a-glance view of growth and engagement.

We can see number of new members from the previous day, and new communicators. Discord makes a distinction between “visitors” and “communicators” (see Engagement section below). A notable metric is New Member Retention showing % of new members that still came back to the server a week after joining.

How many new members are joining?
(where are they coming from?)

This shows the total number of people joining over the last 3 months and where they joined the Bankless DAO server. Early on (May) there were a lot of invites and overtime, there’s been more Vanity URLs (e.g., https:// as the way to help newcomers join.

Server Leaves over time

1 month appears to be a threshold. Members who are around for at least a month are less likely to leave. Certainly the case early August.

How many new members successfully activate on their first day?

Insight from Discord: New members who don’t “activate” tend to remain inactive. I think efforts like First Quest are making it easier to onboard new members into the community, kudos @angyts @Behold

How many new members retain the next week?

Retention numbers, on whole are higher than the benchmark of 20%. This is tied to “activation” (see above).

Most popular referrers

We have dramatically more “unknown” referrers. (n = 1,172) compared to the next highest referrer of It’s unclear how Discord came to label these popular referrers as “unknown”.


Key Metrics

  • Visitors = a user who has clicked into the server and viewed a channel
  • Communicators = a visitor who talked (voice or text)
  • Total Messages sent
  • Total Voice minutes

If you wanted to see active members on a weekly basis, one metric could be the ratio between visitors : communicators, here are the current weekly stats:

We can see that from 2059 members who clicked into the server and viewed a channel, 280 (13.5%) talked or texted. cc: @frogmonkee

How many members visited and communicated?

We have more visitors than communicators; more people who click in and viewed silently than people who send at least 1 text message or has spoken in a voice channel.

This might be a consideration for First Quest or Onboard (although I think Onboard is more focused on DeFi). cc: @RedVan

Message Activity

This chart re-iterates that for the number of “visitors”, we have fewer “communicators” (below 30% benchmark), and communicators are averaging less than 10 messages per person.

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 15.16.27

Zooming out a bit for a weekly view, we see a drop in Message Activity from mid-to-late June:

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 23.16.32

Voice Activity

We’re averaging 500 - 600 speaking minutes; the drops are generally during the weekend.

The following questions are broken down into Categories of Users including:

  • Readers
  • Chatters
  • Messages

This will require additional data crunching, but here are the top-3 per category:

Which text channels do people use the most?
(messages from bots are excluded)


  • #announcements (2084)
  • #general (1236)
  • #first-quests-welcome (612)


  • #join (296)
  • #general (120)
  • #cc-chatter (86)


  • #cc-chatter (1029)
  • #general (777)
  • #bounty-board-alerts (661)

cc: Bounty-Board team: @Icedcool @nonsensetwice @amaredeus @Behold @Oktal @Bpetes

Which voice channels do people use the most?


  • #cross-collab-voice (56)
  • #dev-workroom (45)
  • #Treasury-hall (34)


  • #cross-collab-voice (42)
  • #dev-workroom (40)
  • #Treasury-hall (28)

Inactive Users or How many users could be pruned?

  • Inactive for 7 days (1,903)
  • Indactive for 30 days (1,131)

Absolutely love this analytics and insights post!


“what kind of analytics do you have on folks completing the First Quests Discord quests?” was one question from @ernest_of_gaia

What exactly do you mean by pruned? Myself being a member but mostly just reading and learning about things. I tend to keep to myself unless I have issues or questions. I am not very technical and not a developer or marketing person. I am just interested in the mission of going bankless and watching how the community grows and develops.


“Pruned” is a terminology used by the Discord server.

The suggestion is that members who haven’t been active in X days could be removed from the server to declutter.

As far as I know we haven’t adopted this policy, but could be something the DAO looks into to make room for future (active) members.


Thank you so much @paulapivat for putting this incredible work together

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Great work!!!
Reading these data must lead us to think more and more about onboarding policies.
Onboarding can be:

  1. 1B people learning to use DeFi
  2. New contributors to the DAO

Our policies must lead us to distinguish between (1) and (2). Until that point we will not know if the DAO attracts people because they actively want to contribute or if those who arrive just want to know something more and will be amply satisfied by the Bankless Academy.

To be able to fulfill its mission, the DAO needs motivated, engaged and working members.
The mission of the DAO is to educate 1B of people, not to expect them to become active members of the same.


That’s a great point @Grendel and very important distinction you’re raising:

  1. 1B people learning to use DeFi
  2. New contributors to the DAO

#1 is our mission and, #2 is important for day-to-day operations and yet also contributing to #1

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It is really great that you are doing this. I believe in the mission of the DAO and want to contribute though find the Discord channel and Notion somewhat confusing. Am spending a fair amount of time trying to figure out the path to contributing. Maybe creating more clarity on how to contribute would be helpful?


Thanks @GalacticDolphin we are working on a smoother onboarding. Hoping to use data to highlight areas we could work on.

I recently tried to onboard someone externally - the #first-quests-welcome channel series is a pretty smooth experience.

Also worth visiting periodically is the # :cheese:-bounty-board channel and the new mvp - - there might be a bounty that interests you.


Thank you so much @paulapivat, really appreciate the feedback and will try the channel series and the bounty. :pray:


I wonder if those unknown referrals are coming from twitter?

I was also wondering if folks are tracking or if we are able to track referral links?

I was also wondering if we can know who the “pruners” are can we identify them in anyway or target a message to them, maybe learn where they are coming from. Invite them to crypto sapiens podcasts or other media. I myself have been a lurker in a group checking each quarter for what the founders are doing, and some finally stars align and some I delete a year later, some are still there in my list.

It was great to see all this data! Thank you.

I’m new here, so sorry if this is available already, but I was curious if there were similar analytics available for the website?

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Hi @OHKO welcome!

I believe we’re in the process of transitioning to a new website; it would be possible to track analytics for the website, depending on how the website team wants to approach that.

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Good to know, thanks. Comparing those two data would be really helpful to decide how to adjust design/marketing for better activation & engagement. I’ll keep my eyes out for the new site!

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Hello all, as a member who is somewhat of a lurker and not an active contributing member I have a few comments just for me personally. I’m not a coder or obviously a writer. However, I do my best to vote on proposals when I am able and I try to catch calls or stay in tune with what is going on. I fully believe in the mission of the DAO and I enjoy being a part of it even if from the outside looking in. If I were to get purged would I no longer have access to the DAO even though I have the requisite amount of BANK?

Hi @12kvlineman please rest assured, we do NOT have an active policy of purging people.

This post was simply shining a light on the statistics provided by Discord as a point of data.

People are free to lurk as they please, but of course we welcome active participation.

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