Bankless DAO Ombuds – Selection of members

In the last week, the community has voted in favor of the establishment of a Bankless DAO Ombuds (The Bankless DAO Ombuds: A confidential, informal and off-chain dispute resolution mechanism that supports our social layer).

Following the positive outcome and the comments to the proposal, it is time to select the members of the committee. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bankless DAO Ombuds please reply to this post and present yourself to the community. A legal background is not needed!

After the candidacy stage, which will end on Thursday, August 5 at 11:59 pm PT, there will be a voting by the community. The 5 candidates with more votes will form the Ombuds office. Please remember that geographic and gender diversity should be respected. In addition, active members of the Grants committee may not be part of the Ombuds. The duration of the office will be of 6 months, starting from August 15.


I am a Law Professor, who does academic research and teaching in the field of digital technologies and blockchain. Moreover, I am an Attorney with 10 years of practicing experience and a member of the Ombuds of an important Italian public Authority.

I would me more than happy to be part of the Bankless DAO Ombuds office during Season 1 in order to understand potentialities and drawbacks of an informal resolution mechanism. I would honor the office and give the best for our DAO and its community.


I am in all likelihood not eligible as while was a member now only hold a guest pass but participate and am a faithful student.

I am a retired US Marine officer, legacy business executive, start-us Coach. A business owner.

My undergraduate degree is in Anthropology and I completed 2 years of law school by correspondence.

Being retired and 77 years old I have the experience to know when to listen and can keep my mouth shut.

AA Joe seems reluctant to β€œleave me behind”. I enjoy DAOing and hanging out in the Bankless space watching this fantastic explode with creativity. I am not very computer literate but excell at seeing it at least attempting to see all sides of an issue.


Your guest pass is just for permissions, you are an honorary member for life sir.


I have experience in workplace related mediation roles. Prior to becoming a lawyer I held various secondary positions like workplace and harassment advisor in a large organization and I am certified negotiator. Currently, as the chair of a board in a sports organization I am the final review authority for grievances. I am 100% with the proposal and I am happy to step forward to be considered to fill a role as one of the ombudsmen for our group.


I would love to be a member of the Bankless DAO as such, I have knowledge of the inner workings and procedures of the DAO.
I have been an ardent researcher of the Bankless DAO since its inception. The DAO was created to address issues facing the current banking industry and also to eliminate them.
Working with other members of the Ombuds office, we will ensure that all concerns and issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. We aim to do this by communicating with all parties involved until a resolution has been reached.

I have a background in Economics and worked as Analyst playing with data especially in financial the Financial Market


I would love to be part of the new Ombuds Office and help the community members with any issues of violations and malfunctioning of the DAO. I believe it’s most important to address and investigate every complaint within a reasonable timeframe.

I have been following all community calls and some other DAO meetings and assisting Yves/LiveTheLifeTV with administration tasks.

I have a university degree in economics and being originally from Belgium, I have been living in France since 10 years. Most of my experience is in customer service and business management. My previous job title was Happiness Manager.


Perhaps the submission period needs to be extended? We can make mention of this during the CC.


Yes, we could extend the candidacy period until next Monday. We have 5 candidates, but it would be better to have more!


I am a US attorney with 15 years experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I would like to give others beyond the legal guild the opportunity to become involved in our work, but to the extent that’s not feasible or someone is unable to fulfil their role, I’m happy to serve as an alternate.

I strongly believe in the merits of mediation and giving people the opportunity to be heard to head off any conflicts and tension within the DAO.


Yes, good idea to extend the submission period !

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Certainly have no objection to extending the period to find candidates that will best satisfy the purpse and roles intended. Thanks Eagle.

And, do we have the chosen makeup of the Ombudsman team, squad, group, gaggle or has a vote even been taken? Reading, watching, listening and lurking.

I would love to help enable swift conflict mediation and resolution for the DAO, I feel as we’re heading west we will encounter friction as one always does. The ombudsman will have to help resolve those conflicts with a foundation in our mission and our agreed consensus (Season proposals etc).

I have a background from managing staff within companies and resolving conflicts in management teams (very corporate.) I think I can be of use to the new office!

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