Bankless DAO Twitter Analytics

I took a look at some data @frogmonkee provided and did some exploration.

I see this as a conversation starter: @Devin_S between the Marketing Guild and Analytics Guild. Hopefully this provides a sense of what’s possible. Let’s dig in.

Here’s what Bankless DAO twitter looked like in May. The two main metrics are Impressions & Engagement.


It might be fruitful look at certain days where impressions and engagement spiked.

In another data set (not yet explored) we can see what was tweeted out on specific days. That could give the DAO Marketing / Social Media teams an idea of what works or doesn’t wrt to getting eye-balls (impressions) and clicks (engagement).


We might be interested in the relationship between Impression & Engagement. Here we see a positive relationship.

Relationships are harder to discern at normal scale because Impressions tend to be much higher than Engagement, by nature:

But if we switch to log-scale, we can see very similar patterns over time. After all, you can’t get engagement, unless the audience is looking in the first place:

If you wanted to see how Bankless DAO twitter performed (overall) in May, this density plot gives a fairly good indicator.

Impression count hovering around < 25,000, Engagement count hovering around < 1000.

While Impressions and Engagement are the two big metrics, most people are interested in Engagement and Twitter provides a break down of Engagement into various metrics like:

  • likes
  • replies
  • retweets
  • url clicks
  • hashtag clicks
  • user profile clicks
  • media engagements
  • media views
  • detail expands

Here’s a breakdown of those metrics over time:

And if we wanted to examine each Engagement metric in finer detail, we can:

We’re just scratching the surface here and hopefully this gives the Marketing Guild a sense of the possibilities.

As more specific questions are posed, the Analytics Guild will be able to assist in getting insights from the numbers.


Holly molly. This is just great. Impressive analytics!!!


@paulapivat Great insight here, thanks for posting.


Nice mini-presentation with Data and Stats!

You could take a look at SocialBearing, and use the Cloud words there too, could be great to see what kind of words you get there :slight_smile:

I’m glad ive joined this community by the way!



Love your work @paulapivat !

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Thank you @Sirlupinwatson glad to have you part of the community!


Damn impressive! 4 a FFOG the transparency and metrics of this DAO are so very impressive. As is the overall coordination, goodness and rapid organization. Old school used to say, “can’t manage it if you can’t measure it”


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