Bankless DAO x POAP – Intro discussion

Bankless DAO x POAP

A couple of weeks ago I was having a discussion with Worthalter who is the founder of POAP, and he proposed donating $10,000 to the DAO in exchange for a professional top-quality report of POAPs current situation and challenges. If all goes well, he envisions this could be a recurring commission.

POAP has a 30+ person team and they have inbound interest coming from top organizations like the NBA, big media corps, and others of the same caliber; but are struggling with growth. The idea was that since those in Bankless DAO are likely more familiar with POAP, they could help provide feedback of POAP’s plans and ideas to overcome their challenges.

The following specific areas they need help in are as follows:

  • Community management - They do not have a strategy and do not really know how to engage with different audiences
  • Growth strategy - They are not sure about moving out of their comfort zone (crypto events where they are leaders) and trying to tackle in-person events.
  • Tech support - They barely keep up
  • Documentation - They would like someone to prepare tutorials, explainers, and general stuff about POAP
  • Product brainstorming
  • Hiring - Crypto natives that understand POAP well and are looking for full time are not abundant

This is a good opportunity for Bankless DAO to show off our skills and how we can have real-world impact.

I delayed pushing this forward immediately to give us some time to organise ourselves, but now that the guilds are in place, I think we are in a position to start discussing how we would like to approach this. Perhaps this is a good first task for the beginning of Season 1?

A few notes from me:

  • I am happy to contribute towards this project, but my personal life is quite busy at the moment (I’m a PhD student and I also work part-time), so it would likely be better for someone with a bit more available time to take lead on this. Especially on the organisational side and putting a team together.
  • The budget is not massive, so it would be important to keep this in mind when considering scope
  • As an example of the type of content that may be useful, here was my suggestion that originally prompted this discussion:

I thought if we do a POAP every week, we’re gonna end up with quite a number of POAPs, and especially as POAPs get wider use we will all accumulate quite a few. Since they are on-chain representations of participation, they can function kind of like a window into what you are interested in. With this in mind I thought maybe a showcase feature (show your personal favourite POAPs at the top), and some sort of ability to make custom “folders” or “sections” of POAPs. e.g. I could put all my community call POAPs into their own section, since there are a lot of them (and I want them) but I do not necessarily want them clogging up the main view.

A few discussion points:

  • Seems like a good candidate for cross-guild collaboration, is there a particular guild who would be suited to taking the lead on this?
  • This is likely something that may require a bit of back-and-forth with the POAP team. Do we have a process for this type of discussion? Probably best to funnel communication through just one or two people for clarity. e.g. some type of Ambassador
  • We should probably stitch together of a proposal of what we could deliver and run this past the POAP team
  • There will need to be discussion around how we handle the donation and what form this will take
  • How does compensation work for projects such as this
  • Timelines

I’ve been waiting for this ever since you posted about it in Discord. My best bet would be the Research Guild and Marketing Guild, maybe design?
But also we can do a survey to all members and start from there.


It could be interesting for media nodes too.
banklessDAO poap badges could be delivered and used as a form of recognition.


Yeah, its easy to throw arrows since I’m not inside these guilds :rofl:

But I do agree that Marketing guild is a good leader.

I’m from the education guild but I’m by no means representative of the guild, I think we definitely can help with the documentation. I think a simple gitbook site would do very well to save 99% of the support tickets.

Like seriously. the previous ETHstaker community call, i just created this FAQ and just cut and pasted it over and over again.


Really interesting opportunity, @Josh. Thanks for putting this together :slight_smile: I think we’re definitely interested in this as a revenue stream for Season 1.

This sounds like a B2B initiative, on the services side. Definitely cross-guild collab. This B2B team would need reps from places like writers guild, edu guild, marketing guild, etc.

In terms of your discussion points and next steps, those are some good questions lol
I think we need a SCOAP squad on this. Taking this to the #bankless-dao-x-poap chat.

Great initiative @Josh - I’d be happy to help where I can here given my experience handling the Bankless Badge POAPs for the past year now. Will follow up in our Discord channel!

Link to Chat for anyone following from the Forum

I am very interested in helping to contribute to this.

I am working on a recognition and reward system for training in my normal working life, so this is a great overlap for me.

I will need to ‘sell’ the idea of using a crypto solution to my CEO, which I think is likely to be a common situation for scaling POAP.

That process, and production of our own internal support materials could then be contributed to the community as a whole.

I am also surely going find some more of the rough edges.

I would like to be involved in this project, but from reading all the other replies, it doesn’t seem clear to me the next step to remain included and contribute further.

I’ll watch this thread and please @ me, @Josh so I can stay involved if the conversation moves elsewhere.

I don’t have the BANK to contribute to the Discord channel yet, but I am watching. If it moves there, perhaps we can organise a swap if someone has surplus so I can stay involved.


I also already did a screen recording of claiming the Bankless badge on my iPhone using metamask, and then converting it from xDai to the Ethereum main net.

The current steps on the Bankless documentation here are good, but the video is only for desktop users.

I will wrap that up and post it as a comment to -


I have the qualifying Bank but lack the skill and talent but in both marketing and education guilds which will overlap if we move forward with this and would be happy to ghost for ya until you qualify in your own right if you are interested.


Thanks, awesome offer. I got a sponsor this morning in @EliteViking to vouch for my contributions towards a guest pass, so now I’m good to go. Thanks DAO!


Thanks for the write-up @Josh. I’m currently exploring ways for the DAO to access POAP data (i.e., number of people who claimed their POAP during Community Call #4). I"m unsure if this is tangential to the specific areas you listed, but if directly relevant, i’m happy to discuss further. :+1:

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Awesome, if you haven’t already seen, check out I think from there you can search for the bankless POAPs and download CSVs of those who claimed. May be useful


Side tangent to this: We should get all the POAPs we create into a table in Notion so it makes it easier to reference for analytics.

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I was thinking of adding them to the DAO museum in notion, but backtracked

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Moving to #archive

Please reply if you’d like to keep it open