Bankless Sponsored (IRL) Events

Title: Bankless Sponsored (IRL) Events

Authors: @adam, @basil, @jackdille


We propose that Bankless sponsor IRL events in major cities, thereby allowing Bankless Members to meet, discuss & build-on shared ideas, and ultimately, move the Bankless DAO’s mission forward.


Bankless DAO’s NYC Chapter has already hosted three meet-ups, proving that there’s real demand for IRL gatherings. At these meet-ups, which frequently have more than 20 Bankless members in attendance, we discuss the crypto space at-large, share information & updates, and encourage further DAO participation & contribution. While these gatherings have been relatively small to-date, our momentum is building, as seen by our now 30-plus member NYC Chapter Telegram group. This increased engagement & interest has led us to discuss the possibility of holding larger events at proper venues, where we could host guest speakers, organize launch-parties & networking events, create pop-up NFT galleries, and so on.


The initial and overarching goal would be to fortify relationships between members of local Bankless DAO Chapters. This bond can already been seen within our NYC Chapter, as many of us are now on a first name basis and collaborating on various projects.

Other uses could include broader networking events, which would allow us to bring together the NYC Chapter with other NYC-based crypto communities and projects, providing us with an opportunity to share the DAO’s mission and recruit, as well as develop leverageable cross-community relationships that spark collaboration.

As these events grow in size and notoriety, we’d look to gain sponsorships from new and current Bankless sponsors, such as Gemini, Aave, and Uniswap. Uniswap, being located in NYC, could then, for example, hypothetically use our rented space for a Bankless-sponsored “V4” launch-party.

We could also host keynotes and fireside chats with influential people in the space, and live-stream it via a branded channel to increase awareness. We’d, of course, also have a Bankless branded backdrop as well.

Lastly, we could rent digital art galleries, and then, sponser, host and promote local NFT artists.

All of the above will help solidify the Bankless brand and ensure that the Bankless DAO is a well-known and respected organization within the tech and cultural hub that is New York City.


The demand for in-person events has increased since COVID causing people to want to network and meet people with similar ideas. I have seen this first hand going to Miami Crypto Week (Bitcoin conf was the largest event since the last super bowl), NYC Bankless DAO meetups and other tech events in the city. Events are slowly coming back but there is much greater demand for like minded people to meetup then supply of events. This is a chance for Bankless DOA to show that it is able to fill this gap by having events for members of the DAO and other DAOs can share ideas of building a bankless future. These events could be structured in the following way:

  • Meetup and initial socialization
  • Keynote speaker and Q&A
  • More Socialization


To host these events in major cities, we would need to pay for a venue, food and drinks for all attendees. This could be paid for in the following ways:

  • Have attendees pay (could generate profits to the DAO)
  • Look for sponsors of IRL events from current show sponsors (Gemini, Aave, Uniswap, etc)
  • Have low-key events that have no cost
  • We may also want to pay / rent special locations. It could be very interesting to run BanklessDAO NFT pop-up shows in NYC spaces from somewhere like Parasol Projects


Bankless will be hosting these events. This would increase the DAO’s brand awareness and allow us to leverage the connections to bring to top tier speakers.


For each event the number of available tickets (paid or free) will be sold out. In the future we would like to track the number of new DAO members that are introduced to the DAO from these events.


Get feedback from you all, create a #NYC-events discord channel to start planning and submit a proposal to the DAO.


We are members of the NYC Bankless DAO chapter who want to host events with like minded individuals and promote the bankless DAO in our city and in others across the world!

  • Host Bankless Sponsored Events for Bankless Members
  • Host Bankless Sponsored Events open to anyone who is interested in becoming Bankless
  • Host Bankless Events and look for sponsors
  • Charge for Bankless Events (pontential revenue generator)
  • Continue to just have low-key DOA meetups

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We have created a discord channel to start talking about Bankless IRL events! #bankless-irl-events Discord


NYC will be the lab rat and perfect the crypto events biz model, which will then be replicated and rolled out across the globe, with each implementation bringing new twists and turns, and ultimately will form the foundation of the Events Guild.

It starts with everyone in the tri-state area knowing about the Bankless DAO and our mission and ends with, well, who knows… perhaps the first-ever “Bankless Annual Conference” in Miami. :grinning:


I wonder what the best way to do this is. Reach out to companies like Consensys to develop partnerships? Create invite-only nightlife events that people can only enter by having Bankless tokens or a Bankless DAO NFT?

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Many Social DAOs like FWB and Party DOA are doing this. Ex

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I actually think these poll options aren’t mutually exclusive.

I think you should host bankless event to anyone, and have low key meetups, and look for sponsors, and charge, AND for bankless members (maybe at a larger conference have a private area?).


Agree that there are multiple routes we can take with this. I think the goal here is more so about getting the Events platform off the ground and experimenting with some models. There will no doubt be some growing pains, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Likely we’d start with BANK members only. Then host some networking/educational meet-ups with people interested in crypto, who could potentially be Bankless prospects. Then expand and do some DAO collaborations. Then once we have an established platform, we could start hosting/(co-)sponsoring launch parties/keynotes and NFT galleries, etc.

So, yes, it will be an iterative process, but we believe the branding opportunity is massive.

Additionally, considering the number of interesting projects & communities based in NYC, once we’re established and the Bankless name is circulated around the local crypto communities, who knows what kind of opportunities will come to us.

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As we begin to come out of Covid 19, there is a collective excitement in the air. People are looking for more in person meetups. The Bitcoin Miami conference should be an indicator of the demand. I believe Bankless in person meetups would serve us well.


Maybe it’s possible to host IRL events in conjunction with Bankless metaverse events, so participants irrespective of location can all congregate under the same umbrella idea. Additionally, it might be a good idea for members LV1 and LV2 to gain some sort of badges, to show-off during events(offline&online) to further add value to holding the BANK token

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