BDIP - Coordinape Season 7 Proposal - Pause/Reduction (draft 2)

Note: this is essentially draft 2. I really like the input that all have given, including @links @Behold @sandeepdas9179 @Sprinklesforwinners @Icedcool @AboveAverageJoe @TheMarvel @senad.eth @Jengajojo and so many more have given.

I direct you to refer to draft 1 for more detail - DAO Wide Coordinape Pause Proposal Draft 1

Title: Coordinape Season 7 Proposal
Author: infinitehomie.eth
Scope: Minor
Date: December 28, 2022
Involved: Ops, Research, Treasury, Governance


This is a proposal to decide on how to proceed with Coordinape for Season 7. Coordinape has been an important part of bDAO. However, due to recent events with calculations, alleged misbehavior, and shifting sentiments, I would like to present a possible change for 1 season, being season 7.


For background, please refer to the previous Draft 1 proposal - DAO Wide Coordinape Pause Proposal Draft 1


There are three avenues we can take for this plan.

  1. Pause Coordinape completely for 1 season - this will last for 1 season only. In that pause, we make a decision on how to proceed forward with coordinape via a research project with analysis of the previous seasons of Coordinape, and the effectiveness of Coordinape on the Treasury, the membership, and overall productivity of the DAO. We can save 4.5million in BANK via this option. (1.5million per period)

  2. Reduce Coordinape amount to 500,000 from 1.5million per Coordinape Round- this will last for 1 season. We can then investigate the effectiveness of Coordinape via same methods as option 1, while still promoting the general Good Nature of Coordinape. We will save 3
    Million (at the most) from via this option.

  3. We can reduce down to 250,000. Per period. For 1 season. Just as option 2, but reducing the amount further. We will save 3.75 million at most.


The analysis will come from the Coordinape investigation project. That will take place in during season 7.


The potential impact would be the preservation of treasury for the DAO, with the use of funds directed towards projects, bounties, and productivity for the DAO.

Next Steps:

  1. Obtain Feedback
  2. Gain Quorum
  3. Gather Contributors for the investigation process.

Time to Decide - Which Route Should We take?

  • For Season 7, we should Pause Coordinape for 1 Season
  • For Season 7, we should reduce Coordinape Rounds to 500,000 BANK
  • For Season 7, we should reduce Coordinape Rounds to 250,000 BANK
  • For Season 7, we should not change the amount
  • I have a suggestion in the comments

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Is anyone currently on the « coordinape investigation project »?

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I don’t think so. Maybe it’s to be created after the Holidays.

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As of now, no. I’ve noticed interest, along the way. But in the middle of the holidays it makes it tricky.


One thing that we need to be very clear on is which Coordinape we are investigating. The Ops Coordinape was analysed in detail and irregularities uncovered. There have been murmurs of similar irregularities in other Coordinapes but they haven’t been investigated. The DAO wide Coordinape we are proposing to pause or reduce hasn’t gone through a microscope


Hm. It should be stated with clarity in the proposal. You’re right.

However. I’m wondering if this just needs to be investigation. Period for coordinapes. Period. :face_with_monocle:

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I’m For the pause of the season 7 coordinape. :smiley: It’s a great idea and we have to tighten our belts to the benefit of the DAO.


While I may agree that the DAO needs to be mindful of how it allocates funds, and perhaps too an analysis of Coordinape (as well as other DAO tools), I don’t think it is necessary to pause or reduce the GIVE rounds altogether to achieve this. Another option would be to work more closely with the Coordinape team to identify improvements that could reduce or eliminate the misuse of it. Perhaps they could provide a service to regularly audit and provide improvement recommendations too. I agree with others who have commented here too about the team that comprises the “Coordinape investigation project”. It would be good to share here who they are for transparency and accountability. From this proposal, it appears there was an initiative that discovered the misuse in the first place. Is that team collaborating on this proposal? Seems like they could have information that would be useful to the formation of this initiative.


Thanks for this.

What would your suggestion be in regards to dealing with the 4 + million leak of BANK. The reason for the change (the temporary one) is to protect against further selling pressure on BANK. Which is pretty massive as it is. This is where the statement of “temporary, for season 7 “ comes into play

There are people working on this. Some folks in the conversation. As well, the next idea is to solidify investigation with the transparency of presenting the findings. It won’t help to not be transparency.

In the bankless DAO server, take a look at the coordinape workstream. That will help you see where this is coming from.

You’re also on point about getting assistance from

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Thanks @homie for updating the proposal. This version is much more measured and has my full support!

Do you think this can be done in public? I’d be happy to help with the analysis if I can.

Awareness should be created for interested folks to get involved. Maybe just few of them.

Do you think reducing coordinape or pausing it entirely would reduce sell pressure? I don’t think it would. I think it might end up making it worse as some people might end up selling off the one they have saved up. Since nothing is coming in. I believe we can add value to our token by what we would be able to give out there as a contribution to web3 growth which we are really trying to do. We have to give out value to create Hold pressure as more people would come in when they see we have more values they could benefit from.
So I don’t think coordinape is the issue why people sell their tokens. You as an individual at a point in your life has relied on the token to sort things out with your daily activities. Was the problem coordinape?
We should focus more on creating a means whereby people cannot just game coordinape like that when they’re not the only one’s doing all the works here.