bDIP - DAO Wide Coordinape Season 7 Proposal Draft 3

DAO Wide Coordinape Season 7 Proposal Draft 3

Author - Infinitehomie.eth

Date - Jan 3, 2023

Scope - Minor Patch

Involved - Ops Department


This Draft involves the final decision on what is needed for the Season 7 DAO Wide Coordinape process.

We are looking to decide whether to Pause the Season 7 DAO Wide Coordinape, or whether we need to lower the total BANK Allocation Amount for the DAO Wide Coordinape to 500,000 BANK.


Please refer to Draft 1, and Draft 2 for more background on this situation. I have attached the two previous drafts to this proposal. From the previous proposal, it has been shown that we do need to enact a change to Season 7’s DAO Wide Coordinape. It has been voted in Draft 2.

BDIP - Coordinape Season 7 Proposal - Pause/Reduction (draft 2) - Governance / Proposals - Bankless DAO

DAO Wide Coordinape Pause Proposal Draft 1 - Governance - Bankless DAO

This is due to alleged misbehavior with respect to the Season 6 Period 2 DAO-Wide Coordinape (also known as Season 6 Period 1 due to issues with the Season 6 Period DAO-Wide Coordinape) See those Conversations here (NOTE: This proposal will hereafter be known as the December DAO-Wide Coordinape) -

Financial Implications:

If the vote is for a Season 7 Pause of the DAO-Wide Coordinape, 4.5 Million Bank will be saved.

If the vote is for a Season 7 Reduction to a total of 500,000 BANK total per period for the DAO-Wide Coordinape, 3.5 million BANK will be saved.

bDAO Impact:

This is DAO Wide, specifically members who apply for the DAO Wide Coordinape. Season 6 December Period reported approximately 187 Members.

Season 6 Month 1 BanklessDAO December Coordinape Results


We will provide analysis of the savings for the DAO as a result of Ops and Coordinape Investigation. Current Information can be found in the Coordinape Workstream, and in the Coordinape Investigation Project Thread housed in the Research Guild Workstream.

Next Steps:

  • Obtain Quorum
  • Implement decision in Season 7 Spec.

The Choice is Yours:

** What should we do for Season 7 DAO-Wide Coordinape?**
Should we Enact a 1 Season Pause for the Season 7 DAO-Wide Coordinape?
Should we reduce the Season 7 DAO-Wide Coordinape to 500,000 BANK per Period

  • We Should enact a Season 7 Pause for the DAO-Wide Coordinape
  • We Should Reduce the Season 7 Coordinape to 500,000 per period.

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Why do you need another forum post homie? Didn’t you get quorum with the previous one?

I did, but the decision was just about split between the two sides.

So it would make sense to make one final decision to solidify which decision needs to be made.


It’s ok, and more divergent in this case. I opt to pause completely this round.

After listening to conversation today about issues being experienced, pausing for a round sounds like a way to put focus on how to fix this problem for 3032 and beyond.


I’ve changed my vote to pause after the stuff we have been uncovering in the investigation. The problem is more widespread and tangled than I thought. It’s a shame, but I think pausing might be the best way to go


Hey @homie I have voted to reduce the coordinape allocation and would encourage adding additional methods gate this maybe with the help of DAOdash.

full disclosure: i haven’t read all the 3 drafts and followed the discussion so


I wish there was an option to keep coordinape just to send nice messages to people and remove the comp. If there is no comp, mercenaries would not participate but we’d still be able to send nice messages to the missionaries.


+1 to this idea.

If the vote is for a pause, let’s keep the Coordinape epochs active but pause the funding. This not only lets us still leave thank-yous for deserving folks, it gives us a better chance at continuing to capture the valuable member experience data we get from the DAO Sentiment Survey, too.


Hmm? Okay that’s a thought

I voted to pause Coordinape for Season 7.

And, I’m against running Coordinape epochs just for thank-you messages.

Running a Coordinape epoch takes a lot of effort. Perhaps even more effort than has been spent in the past. I don’t think that effort is warranted unless it’s tied to a compensation mechanism.

I recognize that Coordinape messages have been used by the DAO Sentiment Survey. But given the evidence of impersonation in the most recent Coordinape epoch, I question the value of these messages.

If the goal is to send someone a nice message, then just thank them in a public Discord channel.

And as a future improvement, let’s push on Collab.Land to allow friendly messages along with tips.
And let’s try out something like Praise.


This is the second time i’ve heard praise. Tell me more.

I appreciate the check on the overhead effort involved in administering the rounds. You make a good point. AND we technically do already have a channel for that (I’ve just forgotten about it in my Discord channel curation.)

Maybe unfunded Coordinape rounds isn’t the best way forward and a new tool like Praise could work, but I didn’t have another idea for retaining the cNPS Survey. Having it tied to the Coordinape rounds was a good way to capture as close to everyone as possible. Separating it and making it an extra/additional form to fill out with no tangible incentive to do so may reduce the number and helpfulness of responses.

Could we incorporate survey participation into Thrivecoin rewards instead maybe?

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The cNPS survey would be perfect through thrivecoin!


We could also make answering the survey required for things like maintaining L2


As this is a major topic within the DAO have you considered a separat snapshot for this topic?

I think eventually a situation will need to take place that will change the trajectory of coordinape. Is it at snapshot level, I don’t know yet. But I believe it needs to be something on the record in order to bring some semblance back to the legitimacy of “rewarding” one another and how to properly compensate people in the DAO.

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