Bounty Hunter Podcast // Season 5 Proposal

Title: Bounty Hunter Podcast // Season 5 Proposal
Authors: Brandon Nolte#6238, TohlHouseCookie#8680, ZimTeemo#1909, Woon Tan#2967, Eridani#7377
Squad: Brandon Nolte#6238, TohlHouseCookie#8680, ZimTeemo#1909
Date Created: July 19th, 2022
Date Posted: July 26th, 2022


In BanklessDAO Season 5, Bounty Hunter requests 358,00 BANK in return for delivering one podcast episode per week for a total of 13 episodes — plus marketing and distribution.


DAOs are the future of work — but the ecosystem is complex and it’s growing exponentially.

For new contributors, it can be daunting to know where to contribute, how to contribute and how to make it worth their while. That’s exactly why we created Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter is a show about what it’s like to work in Web3 and DAOs. Every week, serial entrepreneur Brandon Nolte interviews community builders, DAO contributors, and the best innovators in Web3.

On this show, you’ll discover how DAOs can: help you find unique and inspiring projects to work on, provide you with a continuous learning environment as you build your skills, and even offer you unlimited career flexibility and growth potential.

Whether you’re currently working at a DAO, a traditional job, or even your own venture, this show is your sidekick to building a career you love in Web3.



Bounty Hunter builds on and advances BanklessDAO’s mission to onboard the next billion people to Web3 by helping people understand what it’s like to work in DAOs and how to contribute to this new ecosystem.


In Season 5, Bounty Hunter will deliver one episode per week for a total of 13 episodes, plus additional marketing messages (see below).

  • 13 Episodes will be released while pre and post production continues on new episodes
  • 13 Audiograms plus copy for BanklessDAO, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and LinkedIn, channels.
  • +26 Tweets (+2 per week) from the Bounty Hunter main account.


***In Seasons 3 & 4, Bounty Hunter’s production costs were funded through the Podcast Hatchery. With their blessing, we are now going directly to the grants committee for a budget in order to grow the show.

Total Budget Requesting = 358,000 BANK


Since receiving its funding from the Podcast Hatchery, Bounty Hunter credits BanklessDAO as a partner in multiple ways. BanklessDAO is featured both in our show graphics (“Bankless DAO Presents”), in the show notes of every episode, as well as in our email newsletter.


Our primary KPI this season is podcast downloads, so we will be focusing all efforts towards this. At our current growth rate, we are aiming to double our downloads to 4,000+ total by the end of Season 5.

Notable Accomplishments (Since April 7th)

  • 19 Podcasts Released
  • 29 Podcasts Recorded
  • 2,000+ Downloads

Notable Guests (Non BanklessDAO)

  • Yury Lifshits from SuperDAO
  • Dan Wu from Orca Protocol
  • Evin McMullen from Disco
  • Flex Chapman from Krause House
  • John Hillis from Cabin DAO (releasing 08/04/22)
  • Adam Jackson from BrainTrust (releasing 09/01/22)

We also periodically feature guests from BanklessDAO. Contributors like Samantha Marin (Aragon), Humpty (Cryptosapiens), and Links (Bankless Card), Runthejewelz (Bankless Consulting) have been featured on Bounty Hunter.


Brandon Nolte#6238

  • Serial entrepreneur with +10 years experience. Passionate about using education to empower people to live happier and healthier lives. Excited to learn and share about the future of working in Web3 and DAOs.


  • TohlHouseCookie is an audio producer/engineer, video editor, and perpetual student. After burning out as a project manager at a Fortune 500 company, this cookie wanted to find a better way to pursue life - and discovered a life working in Web3.


  • Anthony is an audio engineer, video editor, creative producer and musician turning these skills towards web3 production and education. Active member of Bankless DAO guilds (AV, Marketing, DAOlationships) and projects (Podcast Hatchery, Bankless Card). DAO Archivist and community lead for Aavegotchi and GMI. Anthony continues to run his own creative studio as Zim + Teemo.


Do you support funding the Bounty Hunter Podcast for Season 5?

  • Yes
  • No, and I’ll leave a comment

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Bounty Hunter is a great show with really interesting interviews. We’ve already recorded the next 10 episodes and have even more lined up.

Growing this show and our listenership is no small feat, and definitely requires growing our team.

Any and all support is appreciated - by voting yes in the proposal above, as well as listening to the show.


Awesome to see Bounty Hunter growing.
The consistent weekly release has made it easily fit into my schedule knowing a new episode will be there every Thursday. I’m excited to see who we bring on in the coming months and beyond.

AND I’m super excited to be part of the team in S5.
Thanks for having me Brandon and TohlHousecookie!


Already sounding great, drawn inspiration from here :raised_hands:


This looks encouraging. WAGMI :rocket:


Love what we are doing here!


Interesting and enlightening episodes, 100% in support of this proposal. LFG :rocket:


I would really like to see the use of web 3 technology in Marketing, Distribution, and Revenue Generation in order to my vote for funding in the future. It’s like we talk about it, but we don’t really use it.

I also think contributors to one’s Juicebox is a better measure than downloads for a KPI.


Bounty Hunter is a great show!


‘bounty hunter’ is a great name.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I have discussed this with Brandon as well. His feeling is that we are a bridge for entrepeneurs into web3 so he wants to focus on bringing people into the show by traditional means and moving into more web3 services as the show progresses. We use web 3 payment tools on the back end and will have a Bounty Hunter Lens account so maybe Lens tube is in the near future as well. We have also discussed NFT sponsorship models and other avenues. These are on the roadmap as they say. Thanks again.


This would be a great step to make Bounty Hunter better than it already is​:rocket::rocket:


I’m frankly astonished at both the quantity and quality of shows that Bounty Hunter has produced to date.

Bounty Hunter was one of the first shows to emerge from the podcast hatchery. What isn’t obvious from this proposal is that the weekly production of the show to date has been largely Brandon and TohhouseCookie. And they had a dozen interviews in the can before releasing the first episode, and launched with a full website.

Consistently producing a weekly show with quality content and quality guests is hard. Expecting great things from Bounty Hunter in Season 5 and beyond.


Thank you everyone for your support and kind words! It’s very meaningful to hear that you are enjoying our progress as a team — and we aim to keep it up :muscle:

@ernest_of_gaia - Thank you for the critical feedback. I’ve jumped deep into Juicebox and it looks like an amazing fundraising tool. I DM’d you on Discord a couple of questions because I’d love to know more about your experience with it. It might be a great option for us.

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Well done on getting this proposal up. Really looking forward to see what happens next with the DAO ecosystem. This is a great project and should be getting more support. Also wanted to thank you @0xBrandon for the work you’ve done for Hatchery in setting things up in S3 and welcoming me to banklessDAO.


My pleasure, I’m just passing on the help I received from others!

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Wow, i am totally in support of this. It should be introduced to new joiners during their onboarding early enough so they find answers to their questions


An amazing step to keep Bounty Hunter growing totally in support :muscle::rocket:


Thanks for pointing out Juicebox to us. Brandon got another great episode in the can and we’ll be discussing its uses for Bounty Hunter at the next meeting. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m really enjoying the Bounty Hunter Podcast!

I’m new to BanklessDAO and listening to the podcast was one of the reasons I took the plunge to become a contributor.