Brain Dump #1 - Governance, Revenue, & BANK

Nice post, remind us about the mirror race in discord and i’ll throw a couple votes your way. DAO theory is interesting, if you manage to do that survey that would be great. In fact, if it doesn’t get funded on mirror we could maybe think about proposing this as a research product of the DAO in order to function better ourselves?

The BanklessDAO coming out at this point in time is an opportunity to use all that has been learned about DAOs over the past year. If we can identify other DAOs best practices and then combine them here, that seems very valuable.


Killer piece! I don’t know what it is but your sleep deprived writing is more woke/crypto than anything else. There are so many pieces you touched on in this post that I think deserve their own post or nameplace. As a writer at, I think there are a lot of pieces that we’re trying to solve for collectively that BanklessDAO could also benefit from. This has some Usain Bolt legs, I’m excited to see where we go with all of this! Great piece :clap:


Very interesting post and it answers many of the questions I’ve been having lately about the DAO…
In the first place the DAO should figure out its organisational structure. Your proposed structure is probably a good one. In this case the members of each layer should be identified and also the salary of the core team members should be made public to the DAO.

On the media side, I also agree with you in having different blogs with different topics I.e. tokenomics, culture, education …

These in my opinion should be accessed through the same portal and have different sections on that portal. I assume this portal would be As a reference, I really like Home | I believe it is well designed and simple at the same time. The ultimate goal for would be to become the go to site for all things DeFi… This will put in a powerful position.

The merchandise side is also an excellent idea to generate revenue and as a marketing strategy


I’d be very curious to read more about how DAOs operate from a process perspective. If DAOs, with people distributed across the world will ultimately be the vehicle that replaces the traditional corporate structure today, there’s a lot of reinventing or remaking we have to do (just like DeFi has had to do to TradFi). There’s a fairly standard way of working in traditional tech companies between product/engineering/design, etc but very curious to see how that translates to other DAOs, especially where some people are anonymous, others pseudonymous, etc, and people can work very different amounts for the organization.

What you describe as a orchestration layer sounds a lot like what might be a group of functional leads on a given project - it’s not exactly the same since in the DAO they don’t actually manage people underneath them, but in practice it is not that far off because in the real world you ultimately have to manage through influence (unless you’re working at a highly directive, top-down place). So I’m how that group would function in a DAO vs in a traditional organization. In a typical company, there are lots of artifacts like 1x1 meetings, all-hands, lunches where you meet others, etc - what of those are needed to run a DAO well? What don’t translate? What new models can exist in the decentralized world?

Anyway, food for thought for your research - would love to see what you find.


When thinking about DAOs I can’t help but compare it to cooperatives.
It might be a good idea to research cooperatives as I believe it is a good starting point.
Now, we need to ask ourselves what does make a DAO a DAO? In my opinion is the decentralised bit, but what makes an organisation decentralised? I don’t know it myself so can any one explain it to me. What I can see at the moment is that the only decentralised part in bankless is at the time of voting core things. Correct me if I am wrong.
In essence we should stick to the decentralised organisation as this is what it differentiates it from other types of organisations.

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This is really helpful and it has me thinking through the cooperative vs collective nuance. Of course, this has an impact on the constitution post that @Leemers has started pulling together as well.

An important consideration for the DAO is the proportionality of representation. I would love to hear some thoughts on the power/weight of some voices over others.

When voting, I think I remember that the DAO has already adopted a traditional model that dictates that more ownership/shares equate to more voice. This creates natural inequalities between those with more skin in the game (members level 1, work = level 2, Whale level 3, multi-year premium subscribers vs single year, etc). I think that our voting was based on a “proportional” representation when it came to the Genesis Proposal vote. But other votes on proposals appear to be one-person, one-vote.

Is it clear to others when one type of voting weight is used over the other?

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Thank you for this thoughtful post as well as your writers guild coordination. Prior to reading this, I was unsure how I might contribute to the DAO - possibly as a writer. However, your ideas about DAO best practices speak to me.
My crypto journey started with a smattering of white papers, Medium articles, and YouTube channels. It wasn’t until I discovered Bankless this time last year that my interests and activities formed structure and purpose. I must’ve read “Going Bankless: The Ultimate Guide” 50 times in an effort to level up every day and week. I refer all of crypto-curious friends to that post.
Back to your post…I’m wondering if we can organize, create, and continually revise a Bankless DAO primer; engagement guide, roadmap for leveling up?
I’m not a dev, but I do run a multi-billion dollar company in real life. I’d like to throw my hat in to help you organize your ideas and see them through to action.

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It would be great if we stick to 1 person 1 vote. No matter how much BANK you hold.

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@bau - You’re at Raidguild??? Dude, I love your products and the brand. That’s where I got the Guild idea from.

@Kouros - I agree with the portal idea. We should purchase that domain ASAP.

@unknownunknowns - All good questions. I think we’re starting to see the beginnings of a more informal version of trad-corp structure with many more functions.

@birchbranch - I’m generally a fan of quadratic voting, but this is one of those problems that already has answer and we haven’t found them yet. Basically what I was referring to in the personal plug for me submission.

@0xHouston - Multi-billion??? Got some high rollers in here. Really excited to see where you fit into all this :slight_smile:


Happy to vote for you on WRITE. By the way, anyone can join the waitlist and got 10 votes. I just did that, and set a reminder for Wednesday. :rocket:


This is awesome… the community only matures and builds momentum to the extent that it can gain structure through coherent presentation of thoughts like these. Because community and buy-in are central to a bankless (lowercase b) or DeFi world, it’s insanely exciting to think about how Bankless is positioned for the future. Thank you again. Am proud to be charging ahead with everyone here!

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Yes! That’s super cool, “Guild” is the perfect term for what we’re starting here, it captures the essence of what we’re going to build!

I would love to see Bankless also get a real DAO setup on, I think it is the perfect software for creating an on chain identity without much maintenance or overhead from DAO members

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@frogmonkee @bau - What are your thoughts for proceeding? Setup a governance team an channel in Discord?

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I think that would be best. The general consensus is that we don’t need a formal proposal to form the guild. I think the guild participants could govern themselves. Maybe we set up a voice call with everyone that signed up on the spreadsheet. Then we can talk about organization structure and governance of the guild. Maybe guild members nominate themselves or other members for positions and we vote on them as a guild.

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which spreadsheep? [so much flying around, I may have missed it]

@Ap0ll0517 At this point, I think the Guild exists. There’s a Gitbook (wiki) being worked on for Guild resources. We’ll add info on how people can join. I do like the community calls though.

@birchbranch Creation of the Writer's Guild

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@frogmonkee, you’re thinking that you’re brain dump manifesto on DAO governance fits within the writer’s guild? …essentially start writing about best practice for this DAO? e.g., a getting started guide?

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Depends on if people agree with what I’m saying. Writing opinions vs turning it into a manifesto are two very different things.

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this might be an awesome thing to consider:

I found out about it from the team that builds BarnBridge! (tokenized risk protocol)

It was in one of their project calls.


One idea to broaden the media network:

  • Create or recruit additional podcasts to bring under the umbrella of bankless. It is not uncommon for podcasts to band together under podcast networks to take advantage of advertising and distribution scale. A few examples include Earwolf, Gimlet, Podcast One among others. We would want to be very selective but if we are to grow this thing surely Ryan and David can’t do it all.