[Community Vote] Season 5

I have a lot of respect for @links and clearly the community has discussed this up until now.

I can see there are operational difficulties with Coordinape, but don’t bDAO need to focus on new talent, as well as rewarding serious L2 contributors?

If L2s circulate mostly among themselves, then through lack of heft GPs will get a smaller reward pot. It’s going to have the same effect as reducing the GP pot and increasing the L2 one. GPs will progress more slowly.

If the real issue is finding GPs to award GIVE to, I feel something like an ideas pool could be a way to find GPs worthy of rewards, and to an extent remove the issue about GPs with low contribution levels. We can surely build Discord bots to look at activity levels, and then refer to Coordinape itself, and key bDAO documentation libraries like Discourse, to see who has made meaningful contribution.

I think we need to give GPs real incentives to make strong contributions, and provide clear contributor pathways so folk see what they need to do.

What am I missing?

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