Compensation at BanklessDAO

I think you’re pretty socially oriented, and that’s great. I also want to note the need to compensate employees’ medical expenses. Very often recently, there are situations when people get sick due to the increased complexity of working conditions. But everyone has the right to receive compensation until they are ready to go to work; according to an article from the site, people have such a right So, in any case, you will have to pay the compensation voluntarily or in a judicial order.

First time commenter here, or anywhere really. Please forgive me if I break any customs. As someone who is new to working in a DAO, I’m excited to be here.

I 100% think that experimenting is the way, but is there a way we try to take out a lot of the emotional pitfalls? As an idea. Could there be a way around salaries that is based on programming, that analyzes data from the output produced by the worker.

There are bounties, that anyone can do, each bounty has a monetary value assigned to it. A new contributor starts by doing a few bounties, and get some money in return. After a few months of making what they want to make by working bounties there will be an average monthly income. We can use that becomes a works salary. They would choose to opt in, that would allow workers to take periods of time off but still maintain an income.

Rules could be made to tweak the average to be fair to both the worker and the DAO.

Another approach is tool-based approach. For example, can consider using Coinshift to manage compensations. Within the Coinshift platform, full-time employees can be paid via Superfluid streams so that their ‘salaries’ are automated and issued in real-time. This could save significant time/effort from DAO operations not having to manually settle monthly or weekly transactions, and contributors are fairly compensated. Continuing with the Coinshift example, other part-time or task-based contributors can be managed manually on the same platform.