DAO Wide Coordinape Pause Proposal Draft 1

TITLE - Coordinape Pause Proposal
AUTHORS - infinitehomie.eth
WORKING DEPARTMENT/GUILD - Ops (Potentially Research Guild as well)


I am writing this proposal today to consider a pause to the current DAO wide proposal. I do so with a heavy heart, as I know there are contributors who utilize Coordinape for their livelihoods. I believe this pause in coordinape should last 1 season at least starting with season 7.

Hopefully, the pause in Coordinape could result in better incentive solutions for contributors, or a better process for future coordinape rounds.

Even though not all Coordinape Rounds have been problematic, I believe there have been enough questions regarding Coordinape, and how Coordinape is used in BanklessDAO, to warrant a pause in the process for retrospection and reflection.


Coordinape has been utilized since the early seasons of Bankless DAO. It is typically used as a way for contributors to express their appreciation with one another, outside of the typical bounty method.

Most Coordinape rounds have been completed without much trouble, or many reasons for delay. There have been questions however surrounding the cost effectiveness over the process.

Those questions have grown exponentially over the past few weeks. Recently, the Season 6 Period 1 Coordinape led to more questions, and some cause for concern.

Over the last 1-2 weeks, we have seen concerning situations arise with respect to the DAO Wide Coordinape. These situations involve the Coordinape calculation process, and some members in the DAO as well.

I have linked a few discord channels for reference purposes. These channels discussed some of the issues that occurred regarding the recent DAO Wide Coordinape

Typically, we see that Coordinape has been a fantastic way to show gratitude to other members of the DAO that have contributed. The notes that we all receive during Coordinape can sometimes be the motivation that we use to move forward through each season, especially during bear markets like what we are experiencing now.

Unfortunately, even the greatest projects can have situations that can be exploited, or gamed. Resulting in the need to re-evaluate processes previously created.

The previous Coordinape had been delayed due to circumstances with an allocation calculation, and with respect to the sentiment analysis held along with the Coordinape. Members were concerned, and this also led to more issues being uncovered in the DAO.

This delay revealed issues with the Coordinape process, including issues with the relationship between the sentiment analysis admin, and the Coordinape admin, as well as other other processes in the operations department.

There were other issues revealed as a result of this Coordinape review. Allegations of suspicious behavior by multiple members surrounding lending BANK appeared, causing discussions to occur surrounding Coordinape eligibility.

While the intent of these actions may have not been malicious, the optics have become problematic. it appears that these funds were on loan to artificially assist the lender in receiving more GIVE. With the lender artificially receiving more give, they in turn received more bank.

With some of the members in question being role holders; and other members now not as the optics of the situation can be considered problematic.


It is possible that we may need to take another look at Coordinape for future seasons. During this pause, we can decide on the future of Coordinape for Bankless DAO. We can take season 7 to investigate the current procedures surrounding the DAOwide Coordinape process. We can decide on whether the current process works, or whether we need to change some aspects of the DAO Wide Coordinape Process.

We can decide on procedures surrounding member eligibility, future treasury allocation amounts, and more.

While we investigate different options to incentivize members at the same level of Coordinape, I propose that we implement a pause for Coordinape starting with season 7.


Considering the amount of BANK that is used for a Coordinape Round, roughly 1.5 million BANK per Coordinape Period, this would save, at the most, closer to 4.5 million BANK for Season 7. Ideally, we would see the BANK utilized in a different area, however that could potentially be used in another aspect for the DAO, or it could be held in lieu of creating a solution, or an alternative to the Coordinape Rounds.


While analytics are not available for this portion of the proposal, It is my hope that we can gather data to analyze the effectiveness of Coordinape during this Season 7 pause.


Obtain Feedback and make suggested updates to this proposal
Gather Quorum
Gather information to begin Research Regarding Coordinape Issues

Should we impose a pause for Coordinape For Season 7?

  • Yes, we SHOULD impose a Season 7 Pause for Coordinape
  • NO, we SHOULD NOT impose a Season 7 Pause for Coordinape
  • I have a suggestion, or I would like to make a change to this proposal. (Explain Below)

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Do you think this would be consequential or inconsequential in the Bankless community.

I think considering the situation that occurred, and instances that have been alleged, It has to be done. We need to decide on the best course of action forward. Considering this has to do with a large swath of the community, and a large amount of BANK, there has to be a decision made, and there has to be something done to ‘stop the madness’


100% agree with pausing it for a season, we have experienced similar problems at the guild level Coordinape rounds as well.


yep, the amount of issues makes it clear (unfortunately) that we have to take a look at what this process really means for the community.

I think we should think about reducing the amount rather than pausing it. Down to 500K a month would still save 3M BANK/season.

Some reasons:

  • There are some very positive benefits of a DAO-wide coordinape.
    • It can be the ONLY form of compensation for some of our best contributors who don’t hold roles but do things like governance (myself in that list, as well as @AboveAverageJoe ).
    • There were times when I thought about quitting the DAO because I didn’t feel the people appreciated the work I was doing, and the outpouring of support in coordinape notes kept me here.
  • People feel that coordinape is being “misused”, but there isn’t a lot of hard evidence. It will be hard for us to gather evidence and figure out how to tweak coordinape to fit our needs if we aren’t using it.
  • To be honest, I feel like this “pause” is really a euphemism for canceling coordinape. I don’t think that’s in our best interest

I agree with the sentiment that coordinape is spending more BANK than it needs to, but I can’t help but feel we will lose a LOT if we completely stop it. However, if we figure out how to make it work, we will not only be creating an advantage for bDAO, but also be pushing forward the experiment of decentralized compensation.


Would this result in the same issue of impacting compensation if it gets knocked down to 500k bank?

It may not, just a thought that popped up in my head.

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True. However this past coordinape got us pretty close to seeing the evidence of the coordinape being misused. With fairly “visible” members allegedly being involved.

You may you’re right where we need to see evidence that is more than circumstantial. I just wonder if the evidence may be right in front of us.

I see what you mean. However that’s why I suggest the 1 season pause.

The pause is on the premise that it comes back, if we don’t find a better solution.

Yup, coordinape hasn’t kept up with the growth of the DAO. it has become ineffective on many different levels. the culture it fosters is pretty good though. Am of the opinion that we reduce the budget, continue the coordinape while trying to find a better way to improve it or come up with a new DAO-wide incentive system… @links 500k/month sounds reasonable to me.


What about reducing the amount or delaying the first coordinape rounds until the SOPs needed to run the coordinape accurately are voted on?

Suspending for a whole season in one go is a drastic measure. While we can’t rectify past issues in a coordinape, we shouldn’t stop rewarding core contributors. We can continue to keep the lights on while solidifying the solution.


Would it continue to foster that same culture a 500k versus 1.5m?

What culture does it foster, If there is a growing level
of fraud?

This may be a good plan, reducing the amount.

I wonder if it is not enough to try and buy time to find a solution.

Are we actually rewarding core contributors, if we don’t find a way to weed out issues?

However, this is indeed a thought. :thinking:

Let’s see what transpires from the rest of this.

I agree with this and I volunteer to join with further investigation as I have not noticed any duplicate account before in the Guild coordinape

But the last concluded one should be paid as the proposal came up for the end of the round.

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Thank you for bringing this up @homie

a. I suggest we should have a round table about this in the next CC

b. +1 on reducing coordinape to 500K bank. I suggest we implement this already for December coorrdinape

c. The leftover funds can be used to fund a workstream to find a long term solution for coordinape


With the reduction, is 500k a good Amt to reduce to?

It sounds like contributors are interested in that.

And the delay could be a good idea too. :thinking:

Appreciate the Christmas Eve proposal. I love my Coordinape and am ok with the suggestions of Links, and ThinkDecade. I would hate to see total suspension for all of Season 7. Like all tools for web3 and DAOs, they are just Not ready and optimized for efficient and effective use. We are evolving but gaming the processes and systems seems to me more related to human nature, greed and personal advancement over the mission, vision and values we suggest we uphold. I hope I am using the tools appropriately but if, let me know don’t pause or cancel an incentive system because of bad behavior of a few, adjust it sure. 500k is a reasonable start as the analysis takes place.


I’ve had enough people sway my opinion I think.

I think I’ll wait out the proposal vote and edit for this 500k suggestion. (Or do a draft 2)

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Were you paid for writing this Proposal? I guess no, cos this is a Dao general work done for the goodness of the Bankless Dao. Coordinape as i have understood is a way of rewarding some folks for working in the BDao without any role and some of them are not bounties.
To me I will go with reduction of the amount spent as we figure out a way to make things work out for everyone.
Dao is not a one man show, if they leave this place for just few people even with a large pay they won’t keep up with the tasks required. So if scrapping it entirely works for some group of people, it doesn’t work for others and its expected everyone should be carried along. If not all but a lot.

Could you expand on your thought? I’m not sure if I understand @Emmanuel6562