Decentralization of Notion Permissions Proposal

I’m someone who believes in stacking roles (i.e. a Guild Coordinator could additionally have this role) for the purposes of clearly defining responsibility, but we spec’d it as a new role to allow each guild to do it their own way.

There’s also no central definition of a what a Guild Coordinator is (there should be), so we didn’t want to stall the proposal to have to figure that out.

I don’t quite agree with this statement, our organizational focus is also a resource we have to marshal, and the Ops Guild isn’t in the business of building new products.

If you feel strongly about this, I do encourage you to make it happen, and I’d certainly be an early user! In the meantime, I’ll have to use the products that are available to me.

I touched on it here: Decentralization of Notion Permissions Proposal - #12 by links

TL;DR - would prefer it be part of the seasonal guild budget, but that may not be possible this season due to time constraints.

To close the loop on this

  • reduced # of people with top-level Notion access from 106 → 12
  • reduced # members from 30 → 12
  • increased “permission compartments” from 1 → 75 (13 guilds, 60 projects, grants, gse)

This project is now closed and Notion Administration under Ops will take over ongoing maintenance.

Thanks to everyone for your patience!


Wow, super important issue that you brought up here. Thanks for putting in the efforts to write this proposal :raised_hands: