Domain names for the DAO

We should open a channel in the discord and start working on a formal proposal if there is a need for such sums!

I think the main priority is

Would bankless.dao be an option?

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so? should someone (I can) start the process? I just got to pay $119 on godaddy for broker fees to see what the price offer would be. Prepare for it to be high. someone obviously snatched up the domain hoping to profit significantly.

Well, money is involved … we should probably make a proposal. We should do things the proper way.

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Today I purchased: bank-less.crypto, bank-less.zil, and banklessdao.zil so let me know if any of these are needed.

You guys should list all the domains acquired somewhere. Not easy to keep track.

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I’ll make a spreadsheet to recap them and open a doc to start working on a proposal, will post both on discord!

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Would it be in keeping if we buy a decentralised domain? Checked out .crypto names via Unstoppable domains and they say bankless.crypto is taken. However if you view it on Opensea it indicates it’s for sale for 10ETH

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Links posted in the governance → brainstorm channel of the Discord. Join me to bring this to the right level!

About the bankless.crypto, at least we have the owner’s starting price if we are to enter the negotiation