DRAFT: Funding The Solar-systems Next Generation of Mental Health Resources (FTSNG for short)

Title: Funding The Solar systems Next Generation of Mental Health Resources (FTSNG for short)
Authors: Zkitten | Ackerman#0773
Squad :Zkitten | Ackerman#0773 (COOL CAT) (need more contributors)
Date Created: 5/17/2022
Date Posted: 5/17/2022

Throughout the past 10 years, the crypto space has boomed into a fully functioning beautiful ecosystem of cryptographically secured financial projects. However, while there is an immense amount of public goods funding, there are virtual no public goods seeking to make real world impact. Furthermore, it is important for people of the community to start funding and creating projects that could ship to make real world impacts in the future.

A wonderful place to start is with the extremely underfunded resource of mental health. I personally have experienced a lot of harm due to the lack of basic mental health resources. What do I advocate we do? Well simply put, I think we should found a Decentralized Effortless Guaranteed to be needed Needed public goods (DEGN public goods for short) that attempts to provide free and accessible public goods to anyone in the world in any language, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and start with English and online therapy.

Okay, I know this sounds like a really ambitious endeavor, but we are going to start small and work up to fully accessible public goods for all people.

Here is where I propose we start: First, we should start by providing this resource to members of our community. To start off, we should hire a couple psychologists part time to run a discord id in the Bankless DAO discord and the Bankless Insiders discord. This will be one of our beta tests to see how effective our methods of getting people to buy into the therapeutic process over the internet are. The therapists will coordinate sessions by either setting up a time for a session, or being available to start a session with a patient when asked. Since this is a very simple idea, at first we only need a small ambitious team that is willing to put in time to create the foundation for public goods in the Ether.

What kind of staffing do we need?
Project lead: zootedkitten.eth
Lead Recruiter: (need to hire)
Head of communication: (need to hire)
Psychotherapist Recruiter: (need to hire)
Communications Recruiter: (need to hire)
Psychotherapist: (need to hire)
Legal advisor (for the hiring process, insurance for the psychotherapist, and legal advise on what platforms are confidential enough to conduct therapy) (need to hire)

Potential future hiring positions if beta goes well:
Token launcher
Smart contract auditor
Head of Public Goods Funding: (need to hire) (UNLESS VITALIK WANTS TO COME INTO THE PUBLIC GOODS SECTOR 0.0)
Future ideas generator (brainstorm team)
Head of Public Goods

Initial seed funding for the beta phase: (potentially could be reduced if people wish to volunteer their time, or are able to work for equity in locked up tokens.)
75,000 USDC
10 ETH

While I do not want to take too much funding for myself, I am a broke College Student and would want some USDC (1000-10000) ETH (1-3) range for leading the project depending on the time commitment. If anyone wishes to donate funds to me… well you know my ens tag, but I by no means expect to be rewarded without providing a proof of work. All of the money I make from the project will hopefully be refunded to the DEGN public good by optimisms retroactive public goods funding.

The success will be measured by two metrics - in beta it will be measured by the amount of potential good the project can do (on an arbitrary scale from 1-10 which will be voted on by the team members). The shipped project will be measured by the following rated from 1-10 by team members:
Number of people helped
Potential number of people helped
Potential for retroactive funding (1-10)
Amount of retroactive public goods funding (in ETH)
Potential cash flow analysis (in ETH)

As a final note, if optimism did retroactively fund our project we will give them 2% voting power in the DEGN public good DAO by minting them 2% of the tokens to their soul token voting house and 0.01% voting power to their token based house. The tokens will have a 999,999 thousand year lockup period, which makes them the first immovable AKA FIRST SOULTOKENS to have ever been launched on ETH Mainnet. Got to beat everyone else to the punch though.

Thank you so much for reading my proposal! Please let me know if you have any tips on how to improve!

-Love all of you, ZK kitten

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seems like you have an idea.

you should check this post Project Proposal Framework by frogmonkee on how the projects come to life in bDAO.

Your idea is in the brainstorming phase, you should start with that section and try to follow the article and build up your idea.


Thank you so much for the help. Do you have any other feedback when it comes to the proposal? I would really appreciate ideas directed towards the funding aspect :smiley: :heart:

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After thinking about what you said, I think this proposal (while stong) needs better soul-tokenization to secure the public goods funs. Furthermore, I will be dropping a draft into the DAO in the next week with a draft of a proposal and a whitepaper to accompany it.

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provide free and accessible public goods to anyone in the world in any language, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and start with English and online therapy.

I agree on the need for this, is an good project for Gitcoin Grants, giveth.io, and Optimism public goods to fund.

Agree with @raybankless.eth comments, recommend reviewing proposal structure for bDAO funding.


what does this have to do with solar

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I always recommend to folks that they only commit to the work they want to commit to doing. I would suggest that you start recruiting for the other folks you need in your proposal and getting their feedback in shaping the proposal. focus more on recruiting the talent you need to execute on your purpose, and then form some type of consensus about how to execute on your proposal. it shows interest


I’m a clown :clown_face: the ens domain was supposed to represent Four Twenty Sixty Nine. The only thing that has to do with Solar power is the public goods subproject.

While this project will be on the back burner for now, there are much bigger things to come! MEOW!

As suggested here, I agree strongly with two components above:

:one: Find the right DAO and the right channel. Gravity DAO is emergent, for now a channel operating out of TEC DAO, and has the right kind of talent you are looking for, including emergent psychotherapy. The focus in Gravity DAO is certainly on mental health, inclusion, dispute prevention and mediation, and good leadership in DAOs. Gravity is currently holding its third Graviton training sessions - ten in total - you might like to drop in. Someone to connect with is @ALOYSIUS.

:two: The funding suggestions offered here are very helpful, and that is perhaps the second leg of what you are trying to achieve once you have defined a “Unique Value Proposition”