End date of Season 1 Proposal

Title: End date of Season 1 Proposal

Read the proposal: Season 1 approved proposal BanklessDAO Season 1 Proposal - Google Docs

Authors: @Grendel#3875, Ops Guild

Date: August 5th, 2021


In the terms of the Season 1 Proposal there is an indication on the duration of the same:
“Two months long, with an option to extend the Season at the one month mark”

OpsGuild recommends extending the term of Season 1 from August 31st to September 30th.

The reason for the recommendation is to be able to finish applying the best of what is planned in Season 1 and have the time to be able to decide on the terms and governance of Season 2.


Originally it was believed that two months could be sufficient time to apply what was decided for Season 1 but, for reasons related exclusively to the normal proceeding of the approved and organizational steps, this was not the case.
The OpsGuild therefore decided to recommend the postponement of the deadline of one month, as well as in the prerogatives indicated in the text of the Season 1 proposal.


This proposal follows what is indicated in the Season 1 proposal.


In the event of a negative vote, Season 1 would end on August 31, 2021. As a result, it would likely be complex to outline, discuss, publish and vote on the terms of Season 2 before Season 1 ends.

In the case of a positive vote, Season 1 would end on September 30th. The extension would allow to conclude the works of Season 1 and better prepare the proposal for Season 2.


The financial implications are related to the budget set for Season 1. The budget of 11M $ BANK would be valid until the end of Season 1, regardless of the ending date.
It would be possible to extend this budget, if necessary, by requesting a dedicated vote on Snapshot.


From the point of view of the OpsGuild, the vote in favor will result in the possibility of proceeding with the closure of Season 1 and the definition of Season 2 in the right time.


In both cases the end date of Season 1 will be communicated in the DAO.


This proposal was agreed upon by OpsGuild

  • I am in favor of extending Season 1 by one month, as per the Season 1 proposal (Season 1 ends 30th September)
  • I am against extending Season 1 by one month (Season 1 ends 31st August)

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