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Title: Community Health & Longevity + Bankless DAO Revenue

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Authors: @ Elite Viking Bankless Health Guy

Date: May 25, 2021


First things first, I WAS WRONG!, this wouldn’t be an on chain revenue driver - rookie mistake on my part not understanding what stuff is, it would help drive off chain revenue to the DAO, however.

Intended issues to address:

  • The DAO is just an idea, not a real business, until cash flow is being generated

  • Can we truly be self-sovereign without our health? No. We will always be relying on the traditional systems to take care of us. Empower the people, and they will empower the business!

  • Testing systems internally to potentially adapt outside of us

  • This project doesn’t necessarily fit into the mission or vision of the DAO without some creativity. The mission and vision are the what and why behind the ORG, where as our culture is HOW we intend on creating the environment and mechanisms to achieve those ideologies


  • First and foremost helping the DAO establish itself as a real business by injecting some cash flow into the treasury. First through internal community initiatives and then branching outwards as timing and platforms present themselves

  • Potentially fits into our culture (culture is the driving engine or the glue that holds the mission and vision together and in alignment)

  • Health is wealth
    We about leaving the “legacy world,” yet we will re-create the same issues - lack of valuable leadership, being reliant on the legacy financial system for insurance and other garbage due to lack of taking care of our health (leads to both our wealth and our relationships suffering)

  • Health CAN be a part of our culture, and CAN be used to help drive our mission to the masses depending on the products and services we launch in the future - how many people can’t commit due to lack of ability in their health to put money on the table and live this life?

  • This is part of a bigger conversation of: who are we? By adequately defining our culture - who we are and what we stand for, we can attract useful talent and naturally repel destructive commentary.

  • This focus is by no means a barrier to entry and a way of casting people out. Prime examples of other businesses who follow a similar model by making health part of their culture: Break Free Academy (Apex, GCODE), Wake Up Warrior, 1st Phorm, Echelon Front, FNX Fitness, Unbeatable Mind Transformational Coaching, etc


  • Certified through Precision Nutrition to coach sports nutrition, I have a 12 month self-study course (~15-20 min/day without workouts in effort). The curriculum is here, and workouts can be added in as well for various goals with men and women oriented programs:

This can be deployed to other businesses and consumers for a revenue split with the DAO to give us something unique to us as being instilled in our culture of winners.

Pricing: Pricing is quite prohibitive. On the high end it would cost $300USD or about $375 CAD (I’m canadian and have to deal with the currency exchanges) a month. If we were to charge $30/mo to bankless members for this, we would need about 10 people out of the gate to help steer this initiative.

This initiative can be used outside of us, potentially, down the road to drive some revenue for the DAO to help offset expenses, there’s not a lot of limits on what we can do for this.

The main point is to first focus on taking care of our people so we are more empowered to take care of the world.



  • The only thing we can do at this point is have a semi-formal (or informal) discussion around what this could potentially be for the DAO.

  • It has unlimited scaling potential. I know we have a few other health coaches and individuals back here that could jump in and help so the system isn’t 100% reliant on me.


This would help legitimize Bankless as a business by creating revenue streams. It would help contributors be less stressed, more fulfilled, more taken care of, and be a completely optional and safe place for contributors to build their wealth on different levels outside of just financially.

Happy to kick off and start the conversation. Not attached. I would be happy to jump in and support you all with the skills I have, if we can find ways to make them fit and be a part of our culture (culture is the engine driving the mission and vision).

Author Background

  • EliteViking is a Licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach, and certified as an online trainer, nutrition coach, life coach, goal success coach, and animal flow instructor.

I have been in the coaching arena for all my life with great success helping others become the most elite (or best if you want a softer iteration) version of themselves.

I’ve seen and helped countless organizations turn around by defining their culture and ideals in a way that facilitates peak productivity, performance and collaboration between teams across the board - it’s what Unbeatable Mind does and excels, founded by Retired Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine, a lot of the principles have been founded and taken from Elite Teams (such as the Seals). They are the epitome of decentral command, team building, and the types of culture we are moving towards here - principles which we also are keep to adopt and I have been spreading back here, too.

  • I’d Help Test This @ $30/mo
  • Scrap It
  • I’m On The Fence

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So I’m personally a big fan of this.

For one, we should reward people for contributing in whatever creative capacity they can. Frankly, I consider this a membership perk, something that perhaps the Treasury will subsidize for any banklessDAO member – but that’s a separate conversation.

More importantly, the idea of baking Health is Wealth into our culture is a great one. Corporate structures can be sinkholes for the soul. DAOs are different. We are communities, not companies. No one should feel pressured to deliver or perform with a “boss” looking over their shoulder. If we can embed Health is Wealth into our culture now, then newcomers will have a very strong signal that it’s okay to take time to yourself. DAOs are a job, family and health first.

HOWEVER, I ain’t making $ right now and the market it :poop:. So maybe something for later in S1.


fully agree with fronmonkee on this one. important value for the culture, potentially a service, revenue opportunity should be secondary, but on the table for discussion relative to how the value of health and wellness evolves in the culture.


another thought would be to think about an innovative connection to the media node idea… like maybe you bring people into crypto through health and wellness and the community sends you customers of that sort to onboard… I think something with media nodes to help you grow your business in virtuous circle of onboarding people to Bankless


At this point it’s more of a community initiative. Take care of our people. Depending how that all goes it could turn into something more outward facing for revenue. The original idea to generate that revenue would have been too cost prohibitive to people.

The original doc was oriented towards proof of concept with revenue generation, but it’s kinda just turned to cultural focus, see how it goes, then figure out the potential revenue and workings.

There aren’t really any limitations outside of our imagination and my time constraints, but we have other coaches back here as well that could potentially get involved too

I genuinely want this. I haven’t been doing a good job taking care of my physical health since all this started (I’m a workaholic if you can’t tell).

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Although I fully agree of talking on oneself but slightly worried on the technicalities of things

I feel you, I’m not in my best shape either.

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