Guilds As Professional Associations: a new funding model

there are definitely folks trying to use guilds as service centers over talent pools.

It’s a WIP

Kouros can get you up to speed on accounting documentation practices

Reference season 1 spec for the scope of the GS as it was initially set up

When in doubt, check the archives of discourse

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Did you mean to post this in the discussion about a potential PM guild? Founding a Project Management guild 2.0

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A very thoughtful piece. I voted yes but suggest the final proposal could use some insights from @ManuelMaccou and @rotorless, such as “Funding is only given to projects” and “Separate membership (NFT) from BANK token”. And also @jonvaljonathan asked a critical question need to be addressed, that “How can anyone define the value a guild provides the DAO without an understanding of the DAO’s plans to achieve profitability and ROI?”

My two cents 1) Should get a common agreement on what is bDao? What exactly we will do to “Onboarding 1 billion people to crypto”? It can be and should be changed over time, but still need a clear answer, we cannot just do everything. Community/Incubator/Ecosystem seems like the direction we are heading to, then make it clear. If it can be agreed on, then 2) how many Startups come from bDao is the key metric. 3) to do that we need the Guilds to attract, retain and training talents. Some of them will initiate and team up to start projects, then projects became subDao/startups, and bDao get profit from their successes. 4) So bDao should provide basic funds to Guilds, but most of funds should be paid/decided by the projects to individual directly, and the projects need to take risk, and also pay a fair return to bDao. 5) make the rules/structure as simple as possible, otherwise it is too complicated for people to understand and exectute. Imaging if we have 1 million members, what we should do.

It is a good proposal, suggest we should approve it. Get started first and we can always improve on the road.