On-chain Cash Flows...and Biz Dev

Three words: on-chain cash flows.

On chain cash flows and DAO-to-DAO partnerships are the massive opportunity for Bankless DAO.


  1. DeFi protocol DAOs have large treasuries yet there are few crypto native media outlets on which to spend them
  2. DeFi protocols want users, growth, and legitimacy…these are the assets of Bankless DAO
  3. On-chain cash flows can be directed to the Bankless treasury…no bank accounts, no fiat, no meatspace

I think there are many categories of on-chain cash flows this DAO can develop, but also that’s it’s smart to get quick wins in a few categories and stay focused. One quick win category right now is crypto native indexes and synthetics. Bankless LLC has begun to develop two opportunities in this category that we are ready to hand over to the DAO to scale out.

Opportunity 1: BED index product (partnership with INDEX)
Bankless provided the methodology and will promote and distribute the BED index far and wide in exchange for a portion of streaming fees and an allocation of INDEX tokens that are awarded to successful methodologies. This products fits the Bankless ethos.
Status: Pending final vote (soon) Let's create the BED Index - Proposals - The Index Coop

Opportunity 2: Referral partnership w/ PieDAO
PieDAO will be proposing a referral partnership on the Bankless DAO governance forum. They will provide PieDAO tokens in exchange for the promotion of select group of Pie Index products. Status: Awaiting their proposal What’s so cool about these? On chain cash flows! We distribute these opportunities through our media node…“Buy BED index” and in return we get…on chain cash flows to treasury!

If you like these ideas and want to develop more DAO to DAO partnerships I’m developing a team in the Level 2 #:luggage:biz-dev channel for contributors. Select group only, ideally have some biz dev experience, awesome awesome if you have experience partnering w/ other DAOs, no experience is also fine…if you know how to hustle and are hungry.


@rsa love the idea of the BED index, and interested in helping promote through partnerships. Not worked with DAOs before but got biz dev chops. Lemme at the level 2 channels :slight_smile:

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Same here! Love this idea and would love to help with BD.

Most of my prior experience in DeFi has been on the BD/Partnerships side.

Great ideas. Not sure I can be helpful with that. I hope to be useful in other questions

@rsa I responded in the Level 1 #what-we-need, early-stage biz dev and partnerships are my thing. Count me in to spearhead/contribute :+1:

All of this makes lots of sense. I was thinking about DAO partnerships or sponsors. After all bankless DAO can be the go to place for all things DeFi and this puts bankless DAO in a powerful position.

@rsa - I’d like to help with DAO biz dev. I’m involved in a couple other DAOs in the NFT space would like to explore opportunities there. I currently do biz dev in the energy business… how different could it be?