One week in...reflections

We are one week into the Bankless DAO. The energy unleashed in by community is absolutely incredible to witness…

Here’s 5 reflections after one week in:


I agree with you on the assumption that we are all interns. This clarifies the doubts about if orchestration layer should be compensated with BANKs. So in my opinion they shouldn’t unless they are part of a squad delivering a project that has a budget allocated to it.

I also understand now what you mean by squads.

Then I have a couple of questions:

First, I would like to know if the members involved in the metafactory project get any compensation from doing so. Also is there any running costs from operating the metafactory store and also the DAO merch store?

Second, who assesses the project’s KPIs? is it going to be the orchestration layer? The Genesis squad?

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This is a lot in one week, keep up the good work team :wink: :mechanical_arm: :+1: