PoolTogether Bankless DAO Pod

If we can align the pod launch with Season 2, it would look good for marketing and membership incentives.


i love this one!! one of my fav!

I agree with just one for now. But I personally would contribute to more than one pod. More pods, more chances for earning both voting rights and winning the pool.

Of the two, I would choose to start with DAI.

Something else that might be worth looking into are the pools on polygon. They just launched a USDC pool there, so I bet a DAI pool isn’t far behind.


i love it and i cant wait:)

Are we moving forward with this proposal?

Believe we’re waiting for V4 launch which should be launching pretty soon :slight_smile:


good idea, I already have some POOL on pooltogether, but would put something in a our joint pot as well

I believe v4 is officially launched. What is the current status of this? Would love to create a page for the Bankless site for this.

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