Proposal: Knowledge Sessions

Title: Knowledge Sessions
Authors: zberwaldt#0699
Squad: zberwaldt#0699, ivan7538🏴#4763
Date Created: 10/11/2021
Date Posted: 10/19/2021


The Knowledge Sessions is an opportunity for members of the DAO to share their expertise across a wide variety of topics. In addition to educating each other about the topics we all want to learn the most, these sessions can help lay a foundation for future innovation and collaboration. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Knowledge Sessions will bring members closer together as we explore this exciting new frontier called cryptocurrency. Lastly, these sessions can serve as an Onboard to non-Dev Guild members to join our growing team.


There is so much to learn about Defi and so little time to do it. Especially in a busy place like Bankless DAO. Knowledge sessions are a way to keep members learning and growing and innovating as we head west in this grand adventure.


Knowledge Sessions provides several benefits to the DAO.

  1. An avenue for members to continue to learn and grow

  2. Bonds - Knowledge Sharing is a social event and a way to bring guild members closer together.

  3. A avenue for Guest Pass holders to earn BANK to achieve full membership

  4. Foster innovation. Having social/educational events like the Knowledge Session could be the birthplace of the next big project that could change Defi as we know it forever, and it would be done here in Bankless DAO.


Knowledge Sessions, in simple terms, are 30-minute talks about topics of interest, aggregated from members of the Developer Guild and other DAO Members. Topics can vary widely from talks on how to use particular development frameworks to the technical aspects of Defi.

Talks are weekly, currently Tuesdays at 8 pm EDT. Sessions are recorded with both video and audio and hosted unlisted on youtube (currently my personal account). Unless explicitly asked not to by the keynote.

This is a DAO member-exclusive perk.


  • 3k BANK per week - 36k / season
    • for the Keynote Speaker of the curated talk.
  • 2K BANK per week - 24k / season
    • to bring on an AV Guild Member for Backup recording and video editing services.
  • 5K BANK per week 60k / season
    • For me to organize and plan the curated talks
    • These funds will be distributed to a Backup MC/Champion in the event I am away
  • 10k BANK for the season. - 10k / season
    • For bounties.

TOTAL: 130,000 BANK.


Currently, no branding is used.


A seasonal survey. Are people enjoying the Talks? Are they learning something?

Yes? - Success
No? - Not Success.


Keep hosting Knowledge Sessions.


My name is Zberwaldt and I’m running for student council president… I kid.
I’m doing this because learning is fun, it’s even more fun when you do it in a group.

  • Approve
  • Reject

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Absolute yes. Zero issues


Voted yes as the ask is relatively small.


I’m curious - @zberwaldt how many hours per week does it take you to organize each talk?

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1 hour setting up for the current weeks talk
1 hour organizing with AV guild members for video processing
1 hour other planning
2 hours planning future talks


Absolutely yes! I hope we can just nest this under dev guild budget in the future.

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Ok, thanks for the breakdown!

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Sure, what’s your handle on discord?

‘Your channel’… What is that channel… I’d like to watch any that have already occurred


They are currently unlisted. DM me on discord I’ll send you links.

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Can I ask how would these talks be scheduled? Where do we apply to book a talk we want to give? I’d like to talk about L2s and share a generalized overview of them in a technical sense, help with usage, give some data analytics and do a Q&A

They are scheduled by me, they run weekly usually on Tuesday at 8pm EDT. However, if requested I try to accommodate whoever is doing the talk. Typically they are limited to just 30 minutes, so if it was a massive subject it would be broken up into a series. Currently, I’m booked out till the end of November.

Normally this comes up during conversations in chat, but anyone can DM me directly with requests or talks they’d like to give.

You can also drop feedback and requests on the notion page which has embedded google forms.

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Just to clarify - the keynote speakers are DAO members who are getting paid to give a talk to their fellow DAO members? if so, it seems like a curious model. I mean, it’s nice to see people inside the DAO compensated for things but, if this were a company, these things would be just done free of charge, on a voluntary, raise-your-profile basis.

All of the speakers I’ve had on to give talks have all been guest pass holders, with few exceptions. For those that haven’t been, I asked them to do this in addition to what they are working on. Compensation serves as an on-ramp for the guest pass members to earn their way in by providing value to the DAO. Becoming a full member is hard enough as it is.

Lastly, this isn’t a company. Members are not employees. Most of us are doing this in addition to working an IRL job. This is all a new paradigm. And even if it were, Companies pay all the time to have people give talks. Even employees, maybe not directly in their weekly paycheck, but for some there is deferred payment in the form of things like bonuses, promotions, opportunity, etc.

let’s just entertain for a second that people who are guest pass holders get compensated, but full members don’t. That isn’t fair or right (IMO). To not compensate them is to say: “Your time isn’t as valuable as those other people”

If speakers want to waive the compensation, that is their right as autonomous individuals within the DAO.

Thank you for the feedback.


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