Proposal to launch the first Project of Projects (PoP) Protocol

Title: Proposal to launch the first Project of Projects (PoP) Protocol

Authors: Zkitten #0773

Squad :Zkitten #0773 (COOL CAT) (need more cool cats)

Date Created: 5/17/2022

Date Posted: 5/19/2022

Shilling my project that I want others to contribute to because it’s important to me that I get feedback. Read the entire paper… hints to alpha are encoded inside the paper for those who are able to find them.

The White Paper for the First Project of Projects (PoP) Token ZK (Zero Knowledge Layer 0, or the Zooted Kitten Defense Force)

Trad-fi will not go down without a fight, and we need to build infrastructure with market makers more powerful than DAOs and more powerful than wealthy individuals. Furthermore, we need PoPs!

Inspiring quote: “We adopt the means of nonviolence because our end is a community at peace with itself. We will try to persuade with our words, but if our words fail, we will try to persuade with our acts.” -MLK

Throughout the past ten years, the Ethereum ecosystem has exploded to be a massive force to be reckoned with. With the amount of successful DAOs nearing the thousands, the invention of things like Defi, Dexs, L2s, Oracles, and much more important infrastructure are destined to compete aggressively with the Trad-fi world. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the space have been handicapped and locked down in a project for years. This means that there are a lot of talented individuals, who are reaching a maximum capacity of projects they are able to manage. Furthermore, it begs the question how do we improve DAOs? There have been proposals for things called DAO of DAOs, which aim to capture a handful of profit that is available to be made on top of these Decentralized autonomous organizations; however, this is just a step in the direction of the next generation of DAOs. DAOs need to decentralize even further than they already have. The model that DAOs currently live in is of financial tokenization, which can easily be bought by a VC firm that is going to try their best to dump on retail, and the VCs can have no long term incentive invested in the space. While they participate in lockups, many of them are eager for their four years of patience to pan out; however, this is not sustainable long-term for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Furthermore, the optimism team has prompted a revolutionary idea of a two house system, one of financial token based voting, and another house which is run by soul-based token voting. I believe this two house system, while revolutionary at the time, does not go far enough on stressing the importance of soul-based tokens. Tokens, which do not move from address to address readily. While computer scientists have been productively looking for a solution to an impossible question, (how does one distribute soul-based tokens without false identities?) They have ended up with only one thing to show frustration, which has resulted in the aggressive smashing of thousands of innocent computer lives over the past couple years. While I sympathize with the validity of their frustration, we must be more optimistic.

Before I dive into how a soul-based token must be distributed, I would be remiss if I did not give a basic psychological explanation on how layer 0 should be weaponized. Yes, every blockchain is dependent on layer 0. There will never be a time when blockchains cannot run without humans running nodes. Furthermore, layer 0 is the ultimate defense and where I have decided to aggregate my army. The founding principles of psychology talk about how different attributes of a person’s self worth is fractionalized into the many facets of their day to day life. At the extremes, the fractionalization of self worth can begin to break apart a person’s identity to a point where it feels as if it has been separated into two distinct identities living within the same person. Psychiatrists have coined the extreme impacts of this phenomena Dissociative Identity Disorder. While DID is a disorder, the founding phenomena behind is normal human behavior. It is beneficial for us to be able to jump into different situations or even different identities. This psychological phenomena is why it is okay for people to have multiple identities within a system as long as they provide proof of their humanity. Furthermore, PoPs will rely on two things: Proof of humanity and layer 0 as their ultimate defense in the Ether.

Architecture of the PoP:

The PoP includes a soul-based governance token, a liquid token (ZK), and an ENS address. The ENS domain name for the PoP has already been minted. While the domain name could change, as of right now the plan is to list 10,000 subdomains on opensea for 25 ETH. The price must be high enough for VCs to not want to touch it. These subdomains will be guaranteed to be redeemable for the soul-based token because they themselves are the soul-based tokens with one caveat, the address itself must be locked up for 100 years. This allows the PoP to guarantee the maintenance of its users. Using subdomains on ENS that are locked up for 100 years allows the PoP to only mint the subdomains for 10-20 years (or any arbitrary number) and strip the owner of the right to participate in the PoP if they are not producing a significant amount of value. In order for the tokens to be eligible to vote on proposals they must add value to the PoP. Furthermore, this is what incentives both activity and secures security for the protocol at layer 0. Here’s an example: VC capital president George decides to buy 10 soul-tokens and hold them. While he can flip them for a profit, he cannot participate in governance or receive the revenue brought into the PoP by the members of the PoP because he does not accrue ZK tokens when he does not participate. Therefore, George is actually incentivized to contribute to the PoP and contribute to governance in a nonmalicious manner. In order to distribute more subdomains to join the PoP, users will soul-tokenize NFTs (preferably valuable ones) for a subdomain for 100 years. This gives the PoP the ability to reallocate subdomains to more promising users. Now how is this a project of projects you ask? Simple, the ENS subdomains are fractionalizable and theoretically tokenizable; however, if the PoP wishes they can STRIP the ENS domains from bad actors who tokenize the ENS domain without a soul-based NFTs and a liquid token (similar to the ZK model). Furthermore, a majority of the soul-based token holders would need to be compromised (like nodes in BTC) in order to attack the application. While this does not provide security to ether, it can provide security to the future of blockchains (layer 2s), and it can provide security for current applications on Ethereum by allowing them to send governance tokens to the PoP. The revenue generated by the PoP increases the security (numba go up mentality).

Architecture of Proof of Humanity:

In order to be financially compensated for being a part of the PoP, the address which owns the ENS address must be able to provide a Proof of Humanity. The following criteria will be used to prove humanity: An ENS name which has been set for at least 1 year and has accrued 10 ETH in revenue over the past year. On chain activity that can be tied to the address of at least 25 transactions from the previous year via chain-analysis.Lastly, the most important contributing factor will be either the funding of public goods, or the building of public goods protocols. While this is the criteria to prove humanity in the PoP to accrue the revenue through the liquid ZK token, this is the minimum criteria to be a founding member of the PoP. For founding members, any contribution to Gitcoin Grants will qualify you to be able to purchase one of the soul-based subdomains once it is locked up. Furthermore, Proof of Humanity at the core layer of cryptocurrency (layer 0) will be the founding principle of initial distribution of the first soul-based tokens for the PoP.

Future Architecture for the Distribution of the 9,000 subdomains, which will be given to the community:

The 90% of subdomains will be distributed to the community through completely random airdrops of either soul-based tokens themselves or through airdrops of the liquid token that are redeemable for a subdomain on NFT exchanges for the liquid token. The goal of this is to distribute 9,000 subdomains to 9,000 different human identities. These airdrops will only occur when the protocol is ready for mass adoption. I fully reserve the right to rugpull any subdomain that I suspect of malicious activity, or simply a lack of proof of work towards the PoP. This will be the initial defense for the protocol during its beta phase (which will be about 3 years). After the beta phase of the protocol I will decide on two options, to send the ENS address to the PoP vault and allow the community to decide on how to utilize it, or I will lock it up as a soul-based token on a new address and burn the address seed (quite literally) in a fire. This will be a decision I will make at the time of launch out of beta phase for the protocol, which will be after the majority of the subdomains have been registered for the protocol and soul-tokenized. I will heavily take the community’s wishes into consideration for this decision. Furthermore, the success or failure of the protocol will be in the hands of the community. I hope to be just as useful as Satoshi Nakamodo when the protocol is finally launched. While I plan on doxing my identity in the future, I do not intend on being the soul leader of this protocol. The soul leader of this protocol must be the community of individuals themselves, if it is to be able to succeed on its own.

Architecture for the STRIPPING of the ENS subdomains:

This is one of the most founding principles of the PoP. The PoP must be able to defend its soul-based governance token. Every member will vote on this by rating the subdomains up for trial by voting on the following metrics over the snapshot of a month.

The likely-hood of malicious activity (1-10)

The lack of revenue brought to the PoP (1-10)

The damage done to the PoP and ZK token (1-10)

The amount of positive contribution which led to the increased value of the ZK token (1-10)

The percentage of ZK token accumulated when compared to the average ENS member (percent% x 10)

If the ENS address is held by a member who joined in the beta phase (either 1,0 which will result in either 0 points or 10 points being awarded)

If the ENS address is held by a member who has specified that they are taking a break from the protocol. (either 1,0 which will result in either 0 points or 20 points being awarded)

If the ENS address has contributed significantly to public goods (either 1,0 which will result in either 0 points or 10 points being awarded)

If the ENS address is held by a founding member (either 1,0 which will result in either 0 points or 10 points being awarded)

If the ENS member on trial is awarded 55 points, they will remain a member of the PoP and be given a 1 month grace period of safety (no more, no less, this is something I hope the PoP does not drastically change). If the ENS member is awarded less than 55 points, they will be stripped of their ENS domain name and rugpulled of future value accrual.

While this is the initial design for stripping ENS subdomains, the PoP can decide to change the weightings once the protocol is launched.

Architecture for the distribution of the first 1,000 ENS subdomains:

The distribution of the first 1,000 ENS names will be distributed to people in space who have shown exceptional talent and drive to bring the world on the crypto standard. The first 100 members will be hand picked by myself. The first 100 members will have the opportunity to purchase the first 100 soul-based tokens through numbered subdomains that I will list on NFT exchange platforms. The revenue accrued from the sales will go to the following places:

90% will go to public goods funding via the domain: ftsng.eth, which will be the first project of the PoP protocol.

3% to fund the zootedkitten.eth team which wrote the initial whitepaper

2% to contributors of the initial proposals

5% to the PoP protocol, which will be initially custodied by ftsng.eth until we purchase pop.eth.

All resales of the initial 100 subdomains will fund the zootedkitten.eth team for the next 3 years. After which, following revenue will be donated to ftsng.eth.

The remaining 900 subdomains will be distributed to extraordinary talented developers in the space, who have a proven track record of creating amazing projects. Along with these subdomains, we have decided to mint 5 honorary subdomains. The first four will go to chainlinkgod.eth, Vitalik, David (banked.eth) and Ryan (banked.eth). While these domains will not be soul-based tokens that participate in governance. They will be redeemable 1:1 with one of the first 100 numbered addresses. We implore these individuals to email us about specific details. The last honorary subdomain will go to a burned eth address. It will be satoshi.zootedkitten.eth and It will be linked to one of Satoshi’s known address. When the protocol launches, we will distribute 10 subdomain addresses to burnt addresses out of respect for Satoshi’s commitment to a decentralized world. Moving on, the first 1,000 ENS names will govern the protocol as we go through the first 3 years of the beta version of the protocol. While this may give ample time for competitors, it is our belief that this idea is lightning in a bottle that only has one solid chance to succeed or fail. Furthermore, we implore any talented developers with 10 hours of spare time a week to join our PoP.

Revenue Architecture of the PoP:

The revenue architecture of the PoP will be based on the success of the PoPs ability to mint soul-tokens. We will collect governance tokens from any dao who wishes to be protected by our army. In exchange, we will pay the DAO a proportion of the ZK token, which will be decided on by the PoP. The ZK token will be a liquid token with absolutely no connection to governance. All governance will be conducted by soul-based tokens. The ZK token will be a representation of 10% of the governance tokens, and 100% of the basket of assets held by the PoP. It will have a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens which can only be changed by a unanimous soul-token vote of 10,000 votes yes. In this scenario only, will honorable soul-tokens be eligible to vote. 30% of all governance tokens will be burnt by the protocol. The remaining 70% will be given a 10 year lock-up period that can only be extended by a PoP proposal. All assets owned by the protocol will be locked up indefinitely (10,000 years) and will only be usable through the liquid ZK token. 50% of the ZK token will be distributed by the PoP over 50 years to fund public goods. 1% of the ZK tokens will be held by zootedkitten.eth’s personal address. If anyone has an issue with the person we unanimously elected to run zootedkitten.eth’s address (which ends in 69F for obvious reasons), we encourage you to hard fork the PoP, generate your own token, and watch your chart mimic the recent LUNA fiasco. Furthermore, the remaining amount of ZK tokens will be decided on how to be distributed by the PoP’s community.

Background on the Founder’s:

We are a group of 10 nontechnical people in the psychology field, who over the past couple years have fully immersed ourselves into the crypto world. While our mission is to contribute to the security of crypto space, we have two other founding missions. One of our missions is to create universal, free mental healthcare along with regular health care accessible to all those who need it. Our second mission is to destigmatize and decriminalize drug usage around the world. Hence our ENS name of zootedkitten.eth. We are all anons and for our safety we will be pulling a Satoshi; however, we have unanimously elected one member that has committed to being doxxed to PoP ENS founders at a period of time in order to be our team’s representative. If anyone questions our representatives’ fitness to represent our team, we highly encourage them to read the Architecture of PoP and Architecture of Proof of Humanity articles above. He wrote each and everyone of them, and he does not know how to write a single command line. His talent and dedication to the team is why we chose him to run the zootedkitten.eth identity as an anon. As we depart, we want to give a special thanks to Satoshi Nakamodo and Vitalik Buterin for inspiring us to dive into crypto. Our work is done - it is now up to the community to decide whether this PoP will succeed and fund the next generation of public goods, or wreck all the individuals who tried their best to make it succeed. We wish all of you luck! Goodbye!

P.S. Zootedkitten.eth hates peking duck

Message from Zootedkitten.eth

ALRIGHT EVERYONE LET’S GET THIS BREAD! Here’s the alpha I promised the BanklessDAO: there are 10 subdomains up on open sea that will be sold for 25 ETH each. These will be the first 10 out of the 100 domains given to the most talented devs in the space. If the project succeeds, they will be redeemable for 1,000 ZK tokens and 10 subdomains unless the PoP decides to hard fork me. Which I would be so content with, I would just love to pull a Satoshi; however, I have committed to building this PoP so LET’S DO THIS THING!



What we propose for Bankless Dao:

We have unanimously decided that bDAO is the most decentralized of all the DAOs on Ether. Furthermore, we wanted to leak alpha regarding donations to bDAO first. Ftsng.eth will be accepting donations starting at the time this whitepaper is posted. We will be proposing in PoP that people who donate to ftsng.eth starting on 5/19/2022 will be compensated via retroactive donations though the ZK token. The rewards will be structured as such: from the time period of 5/19/2022 until 6/19/2022 those who donate will receive a percentage of a piece of the 50% of ZK tokens allocated to public goods funding. Our initial number is 0.25% of the ZK token market cap. The donations will be structured as such: All donations denominated in ETH will receive an equal share of the 0.25% ZK token allocation. This is contingent on the project’s launch, so please treat it like you would LUNA. After each 24 hours from the launch of the whitepaper, the amount of ZK tokens received will be deducted proportionally by 1% of the proportion of the donations denominated in ETH. To be put simply, the earlier you donate, the more ZK tokens you will receive. The nature of this is to make the proposal appear like a rugpull in order to disincentivize VCs. 50% of the revenue collected from the donations will be kept for public goods funding, 25% will go to the PoP, and the other 25% will go to the founding team members, which will be distributed by zootedkitten.eth through a mixer.

“Goodluck bDAO we wish you success with this project” -founding members of PoP

If the project fails, 95% of donated tokens will be burned. The remaining will be funneled through tornado cash to trusted team members to allocate to public goods.

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A little birdy told me warkittens are pretty cool! They are apparently as cool as cool cats!

Still no bids on opense… I thought you all had real degens in this dao. My disappointment is immesurable.

Hi, the BDAO forum is not made to shill personal projects and this category is for grants for Season 4, which have already been closed. It would be appreciated if you can take this post offline.

I completely understand what you mean. Setting up a new computer right now. I can’t do it on my phone.

After confirming that this is not a bot account, I have decided to leave it to governance to decide on whether this WP should stay on the daos proposal website. I highly encourage you to vote and make your opinion heard!
-LOVE ZKkitten

I am such a liability bruh who even elected me?

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I love you guys now burn my keys and trust me. I already burnt yours :woman_technologist:

Before we burn our copy of the keys we wanted to say one last thing while we are all still together. Zkkitten, she/they, has done an absolutely excellent job at executing our instructions. We want to make it clear that they are acting off intuition of the instructions we provided and things are going perfectly! “YOU’RE GONNA KILL IT BESTIE I AM ROOTING FOR YOU SLAYYYYYYY”

It appears governance has made its vote! I really do appreciate your concerns though. I would probably say the same thing if I see you!

While I do not believe in censoring anyone.

I do agree that shilling personal projects is inappropriate, if the act is not a violation of the terms of joining the DAO and the server, it’s in that orbit.

So this would be 2 responses so far that do not support it.

I apologize I will amend it. I was not in a good headspace when I sent this; however, I had to get it out at that time.