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Alright, we’ve been working on some Sovereign Health contests to help drive exposure and community engagement. We’ve had 3 ideas so far.

I’m curious what Bankless members think about them and if there’s any other ideas that can be worked in for bounties or contests for launch day wednesday.

App Engagement Challenge

You do not have to be a premium member to win.
As long as you’re in Bankless and using the app, you’re eligible to win.
We understand not everyone may be in a position to transition over to the paid program into september, so we want everyone to have a fair shot on this one.

We have a 200 person limit in the system, with 179 seats available, they won’t last long!

4 Points Per Day:

1 Point: Submit all daily food journals
1 Point: Check in and rate your day
1 Point: Complete your daily reading (and assignment if applicable)
1 Point: Log your work out

Results will be tracked in an excel sheet and updated EOD

Contest ends August 30, 2021

Results will be posted September 3, 2021


special POAP badge,
500 $bank,
a free year in the program.

If the winner has already paid for a membership they would receive their 2nd year free (or it would start the month after their last paid up month)

As winner, you will also receive your renewal/anniversary badge and whatever renewal package we have at the time is. We plan on launching an activewear and swag line if we can get that figured out.

Social Media Challenge - Must be a premium subscriber

20 bank: share and tag us in our meme of the day on social media (twitter, ig, fb, linkedin, torum, etc).

Only 1 share a day counts for bank. bank will be distributed at the end of each month

Results will be tracked/monitored in excel until we can find a better system to track - open to feedback and ideas for solutions to implement by EOD Tuesday June 21, 2021.

Cookbook Challenge - must be a premium subscriber

We have a cookbook with 17 pages of recipes, and ZERO photos of the delicious foods!

A fun initiative to get the community involved would be to run a challenge and provide a bounty for the winning photos.

As we go, Viking will try to organize the recipe by eating styles (mediterranean, vegetarian, paleo, etc).
From looking at the intake forms in the SH program, we have a wide variety of eating styles to accommodate, and I want everyone to feel welcomed in the program regardless of their food preferences or tolerances.

Have a recipe you want to share with the world? Submit it with a photo, if 5 people approve of the recipe, it will make it’s way into the cookbook

100 bank: Get your photo used as the recipe photo in the official cookbook

150 bank: Submit a recipe that gets used in the cookbook



I like all 3 challenges . This would be my ranking:

  1. Social Media Challenge
  2. Cookbook Challenge
  3. App Engagement Challenge

Given the fact that 1 and 2 would overlap and 3 would be the only one to be extended to non member, I think it would be nice to start with 1+3 and then 2+3.


Great ideas! + I would be very interested in winning an annual membership :grinning: In general, I like the idea of completing certain challenges and reaching specific milestones

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It starts Wednesday!

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I was thinking just keep it simple and run them all until Aug 30.

Then everything ends at the same time and everyone has the same chances

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