Study of DAO incorporation costs/time/structure across jurisdictions

Hi all, I am from Poko (, a Y-Combinator backed startup building DAOs that have legal form integrated with token structure and on-chain governance. We hired Baker McKenzie to work with us on a study of DAO incorporation across a range of jurisdictions. Our goal is to compare options worldwide and make it cheaper, less complex and more transparent to create a legal DAO.

(a) Ask here is if you have variables you would like us to compare for the jurisdiction (e.g. costs/time/DAO<. entity relationship…etc.), please email me ( or add comments to google doc here: DAO legal formation across jurisdictions (shared) - Google Docs. We will publish the report and opensource all findings (1-1.5 months time).

(b) Minor point: If you like this idea, appreciate any Bank tokens :man_bowing:


Here are some variables we are looking at. Comments appreciated.