Test DAO Proposal

Amazing project. Test DAO all the way :rocket:

While it is time to close out the poll, I would still like to keep the conversation going. Please ask me questions along the way. I look forward to the conversation in grants committee.

Hey @homie & @Sprinklesforwinners I like the idea of ‘Test DAO’ where everyone tests different tools and expect Chaos (like Kusama). This could also act as an authentic database of different DAO tools, a kinda trust pilot/product hunt for dao tools.

I have voted ‘No’ with the following reasoning.

The main aim of this spin-off is to do the research, find different tools, test them and produce a research report. BanklessDAO currently has a 2 seasons old Research guild which is mandated to research different topics concerning the DAO, which will, of course, include tooling. Spinning up an entirely different DAO which doesn’t have any written agreements to research guild or DAO is not a good take IMO.

That being said, I like the idea of a sandbox where people can play with tools without fear of breaking things.
So I have two different suggestions for you.

  1. Spin up a project under research guild/BanklessDAO which could provide these functions; your competitors will be https://cryptotesters.com/

  2. Spin up a different DAO with its token, but have sold terms how BanklessDAO and $Bank token profits from immediate 200k sell pressure. Anything from BANK buyback to profit sharing or giving membership perks is a good start.

alternative funding methods

  1. Token launch
  2. Jukebox crowd funding
  3. Funded through web³ grants and sponsorship

@0xbaer Are these suggestions for the future?

Updated the above comment.