The "Meme Factory" (formerly NFT Factory)

*(Edit 5/21) Renamed “NFT Factory” to “Meme Factory”

Authors: @perchy , @Soundman

Date: May 19, 2021


  • Create an NFT Factory. Bankless DAO’s NFT Factory will provide a number of services to content creators in order to educate and assist them in creating specialized NFTs. The DAO is compensated through fees or royalties.


  • Many artists have difficulty monetizing their work. NFTs provide new opportunities to artists, but remain relatively niche and obscure. We will help bring NFTs into the mainstream by partnering with artists/content creators (podcasters, Youtubers, Twitch streamers, etc) and help them understand how they can use NFTs to monetize their work. We will offer a number of customized services to the artists, designed to maximize the effect of their NFTs. As a service provider, we will take a small cut of NFT sales.


  • This would create greater visibility for Bankless by partnering with high profile content creators.
  • This would generate revenue for the Bankless DAO via NFT royalties.
  • By reaching the fans of these creators, we potentially onboard millions of people into learning about and using NFTs.


Operating Procedure

  • Begin with a small team in charge of reaching out to content creators. This team pitches the value proposition of creating NFTs, and shows examples of how it could work.
  • The Bankless NFT Factory website. The website showcases our talent, includes a gallery of our NFTs, explains our purpose, and includes contact info and support.
  • We work with our partners/clients in order to create custom NFTs that fit with their own brand/purpose. Some of these NFTs may include additional functions.
  • “An NFT Thinktank.” As a backend to the NFT Factory we can have a constant flow of ideas about NFT use and curate those ideas into actionable uses we can offer to clients. Our goal is to be innovators in the NFT space.
  • Custom pricing that reflects the level of our work and involvement. For example, if the client wants us to do everything (create design, mint, market), then we could include a 5% permanent royalty in the NFT smart contract. If the client provides their own design, for example, our fee would be smaller. Pricing will be discussed and agreed upon upfront with the client.
  • The NFT Factory team receives payment for their services.
  • Additional royalties from NFT sales flow into Bankless DAO treasury.


Season 0: Assemble team. Write a standard pitch template. Create NFT portfolios. Establish a fair pricing model.

Season 1: Launch of Bankless DAO’s NFT Factory.


We will need initial funding to hire artists to create a small portfolio of NFTs. We will need funding to create a professional, functional website.

After that, I believe this project can run on its own for next to nothing. The Bankless Factory team can work for commission. Royalties can go to the treasury.


  • Establish the Bankless NFT Factory. Find writers, designers, technical, and creative.
  • Develop our monetization model.
  • Create a small NFT portfolio (perhaps using our own Bankless NFTs) as an example for prospective clients.
  • Reach out to content creators and pitch them on partnering with us and allowing us to create NFTs on their behalf.


  • As the first media and culture DAO, Bankless DAO is uniquely positioned to create an NFT Factory, and help bring NFTs more mainstream. In doing so, we help content creators of all kinds monetize their work. Bankless DAO could take part in the creation of thousands of valuable NFTs, and create an endless stream of royalties for the DAO.


  • Vote FOR if you want to see Bankless DAO establish an NFT Factory and website, and attempt to create partnerships with content creators.
  • Vote AGAINST if you believe Bankless DAO does not need an NFT Factory.
  • FOR
  • This idea is good, but the plan needs more work

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Author Background

@perchy - I want to live in a world where content creators can use NFTs to get the compensation they deserve. I want Bankless DAO to pioneer the NFT space.


Thanks to @Kouros for helping develop this idea!


YES. I keep coming back to “Meme Factory”. There’s an article were David says Bankless DAO is a meme factory and it has a nice feel to it.

In the design guild we talked about having a meme contest for Season 1. The winner is to win BANK and/or have a cut of the sold NFT. We could use this to generate the memes needed.

Let’s do this and create something truly next level. We have the ability.


Also we have an auction house in the works so we can use this to sell the NFTs there.
It’s great that many projects complement each other adding value to the DAO.


+1 for meme factory

I was thinking about something similar: how about we make the memes and keep the profits from selling the NFTs in the DAOs treasury?

We can form a community that is very good at memes and NFTs.

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We may aim to use NFT factory to try to set new standards for NFT, using custom metadata fields, including rights and licenses, new tags.
It would be a laboratory for both technology and creators.

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Should we rename it “Meme Factory” ?

I think Meme Factory is much catchier than NFT factory, although maybe slightly less descriptive.


Yes, meme factory is better :slight_smile: I agree with you :slight_smile:

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Do you have a link to the auction house concept?

It’s in Discord, do you have access?

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Moving this to archive as its in flight.