The Real Crypto - A Podcast Idea

On the Bankless pod, Jake Chervinksy, opined this idea that the outside world still see’s Crypto as a dangerous meme. Think the unregulated version of the game stock short squeeze and multiple it 100X. A space only for gamblers, tax evaders, criminals, and those stupid enough to follow the herd. A space that needs to be saved from itself.

What they don’t see is the fact that we’ve built a 2+ trillion dollar financial system with zero help, from the ground up, in basically a decade. They don’t see how games like Axie Infinity have lifted people up out of poverty and given entire communities an opportunity to create a better life for themselves by playing a game. They don’t see the incredible impact on artists and creators. They don’t see that instead of the centralized network owning fans and sucking revenue from the creator, the creator takes back full control over their art, their communities and their future. They don’t see how powerful and inclusive an open financial system is. They don’t see the innovation behind Ethereum and POS and how this can replace a legacy financial system with immense capital efficiency and little to no impact on global energy. They don’t see the power and equality of self sovereignty and how this changes the game for the unbanked and underbanked.

I would like to create a podcast to tells these stories. Through story and interviews with real people, I would like to explore “The Real Crypto.” The one that we see but is too rarely shared. Crypto has changed the lives of so many and not just monetarily, but offered freedom, a way out, a way to wealth, creative expression, creative ownership and so much more.

We are still so shockingly early and there will continue to be so many stories like Axie, stories of financial inclusion and freedom, stories of creators, fans, social communities, friends, games and more.

Without doxing myself, I can tell you that I have produced my own small podcast before. Small audience, but regardless, I have the equipment and have worked with producers and editors. My previous podcast was similar to the one I’m proposing in that it included both scripted stories as well as interviews with guests around the subject of living a better quality life, being more present, focusing on the things that truly matter.

I have been thinking about doing a podcast in the crypto space for quite some time but nothing was really calling to me and I don’t care to do a podcast just to do one (it’s not easy work). However, when Jake made these comments it struck a cord deeply. Bankless already does a very good job in this regard, but I thought that a podcast focused on the real stories of how Crypto has changed lives for the better would be fun, inspiring, and just worth doing. If you agree, let me know. If you would like to help, I’m game. Let’s do it!

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This sounds like a cool idea! Podcasts are definitely a powerful medium to spread information and the message.

Sounds fun!

Will be worth listening. Have you checked out the #podcast-incubator-project ?

By the way, if you podcast, you will totally have to be public i guess… or you use an avatar? LOL

Sounds good! This may have some overlap with the new Layer Zero podcast they just started.

Much appreciated feedback

Thanks. I did read through the incubator project and already talking with the team leads there. I’ve actually been contemplating how I might remain anon or pseudo anonymous and I think I can pull it off, but I’ll have to play around with it.

I should have made one reply to all, so sorry for the third one here, but yes similar to the Layer Zero concept, but while this is definitely stories about the “people” aspect, I want it to be stories from the users, the creators, those that have had incredible impact from the space in meaningful ways to share with the world. Life changing crypto stories.

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