BANK Tokens Returned

Title: BANK Tokens Returned

Authors: RSA (BanklessHQ), David (BanklessHQ)

Date: March 5th, 2024

Just posting this notice as a public record.

BanklessHQ, David, and myself (RSA) have now executed the Return of BANK tokens to the BanklessDAO treasury as outlined in the Burn or Return proposal located here.

We’ve now returned the entirety of tokens granted to us in the original Genesis proposal 3 years ago, less tokens that are still vesting (which will be returned later this year once vested) and less 80k BANK tokens each to retain as participating members of BanklessDAO.

Transaction details below:

Completed BANK transfers

David’s transfer

Ryan’s tranfers

Bankless HQ transfer

Grand total sent to DAO: 143,337,805 BANK

Future BANK transfers

By December 27th, 2024 the remaining BANK tokens will be fully vested. Ryan and David will burn or return 10,895,600.11 BANK to 0xf26d1bb347a59f6c283c53156519cc1b1abaca51 address.

This form will be updated on December 27th, 2024 when the final BANK return is made.