Bankless #learning-opportunities 12/7/2022

Your guide to #learning-opportunities in Bankless DAO

Over the next 3 weeks the Education Department will be hosting 3 courses a week through season 6, weaving around the holiday season. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; join us in the #watercooler voice channel at 2 PM UTC

Check out the Education Guild Live Sessions Calendar

Find the Events in the Sesh Bot #calendar & See what’s New in the Bankless Academy App

New Joiner Session s6x03 RSVP HERE

Join us Monday at 1:45 PM UTC, December 12th, 2022

Welcome to BanklessDAO!

Congratulations on completing your First Quest, and earning yourself a Guest Pass!

Join us for this New Joiners Session to

  1. learn more about BanklessDAO
  2. learn how to get involved in BanklessDAO
  3. meet mentors who could guide you on your journey into DAOlife
  4. meet other new joiners like you who may become a fellow traveller on your journey

Important things to note:

→ Fill the sign up form here , see RSVP for more info:

Tuesday 2 PM UTC RSVP

how to Gnosis / Safe

Safe ( formally Gnosis) is a tool used by every single guild and project for the management of Bank and multisigs. Join Ernest_of_Gaia in the #watercooler-chat voice channel on Tuesday 13 Dec at 2 pm UTC for a How to session and up you skill in the Web 3 tool.

Thursday 2 PM UTC RSVP

How to BANK: Handbook Tokenomics

Bank is the governance token of BanklessDAO. Join Ernest_of_Gaia in the #watercooler-chat voice channel on 15th Dec at 2 pm UTC to learn about how the Bank token came to be and the tokenomics related to it.


Interested in helping to teach How To Sessions or need one for your DAO project? Connect with us in #the-edu-department (still in the Edu Guild Discord Category).

Looking for more Bankless Education? Check out the #leaerning-opportunities channel at the top of the DAO Discord. The place where All public DAO Educational Activities are welcome to share their events! Find learning opportunities in Design, AV, and DAOLationships Guilds, just to name a few.

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