BanklessCard [DRAFT 1]

Any idea what rewards rate you can offer without burning cash? I’d imagine the reason can offer 3% rewards (on most categories) and Coinbase can offer 1%-4% is because they’re using it as a loss leader to attract business. I wonder what rate of rewards we could afford to offer and whether we’d be able to compete with these other platforms on rewards rate.


This sounds like an amazing idea!

Most of the cards (onjuno, partner with a bank with respect to funding.

But then again I don’t think that ledger card does.

How are you going to be handling the merchant processing side? (Like visa, Mastercard, etc)

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We’re still evaluating providers, but it looks like we can make between 0.5-0.9% on each transaction…but the higher amounts are only unlocked as we create more transactions.

Coinbase and offer higher rewards by using the card as a lead tool, or via swaps, or via staking. We can offer the latter two eventually, but in the short term we can’t compete on these cards for individual rewards.

What we CAN compete on is what we do with this revenue. DAOs are doing incredible, purpose-driven things. Instead of your transaction revenues going to executive bonuses, you can route them to causes championed by DAOs: climate change, world hunger, decentralized publishing - whatever is important to YOU.

Anyways I’m going to stop before I write a novel here, but the only way the plan above works is for us to be transparent about numbers. Our next post will give hard numbers for you to review and criticize!

We are looking at various card-as-service partners which manage the relationship with ViSA/MC, as well as handle most of the compliance aspects and card issuing.


I’m on board. The cc got me on-boarded back in 2020. I’m all the way DeFi these days and would love a BANK card.

Love to help out if needed! Keep up the great ideas bDAO!

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This is one of the most ambitious projects I have seen to date and I am super excited for it. We must continue to innovate, push the boundaries, and create BANK utility. Huge fucking shout out to Links and the crew. I wish you guys the best.


Curious as to your reasons if you don’t mind sharing! We are figuring out our roadmap now and would love to hear your perspective

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Reasons to get the Crypto CC:

  1. Offramp route from Crypto to Fiat spend and cdc had the top offering in my preliminary research (No fees on transfers into the CX using etransfer (Canada only?), Easy interest earning potential (crypto Earn product))
  2. Looking to establish a flywheel-like cycle for personal finances.
  • $FIAT in to local bank → to using e-transfer (no fees) → Convert to Stables/Volatile currencies with conviction → Earn Interest on deposits and fund outflows into FIAT via CC → Earn 3% (ymmv depending on card tier) back in to crypto → reinvest interest into top positions and deposit to Earn as savings volume permits.

I’m still learning, but this system worked great for 2021 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why a BANK card would be better:

  • Funding rebates in BANK vs Cronos would be preferable, if one has strong conviction in BANK. Feel good funding the DAO creative activities vs. corporate bankroll.
  • I consider crypto exchanges to be growing to be like the NEO banks. If we want DeFi (self-custody) to be available as an option in the future, then we have to be able to match the offerings of the NEO banks as they come along.
  • Tech doesn’t have to be scary, and with a friendly UI and some clear instructions, BANK card could be a clear winner in the onboarding space, skipping over the need to integrate oneself with the NEO banks.

Love it. Awesome idea

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Late to the game here but we definitely need this. I’m no finance expert but is there a way to do this without a fiat beast like Visa? Is it not possible, not viable or somewhere inbetween?

VISA owns the network and have deals with merchants worldwide, so it would be infeasible to launch a card without them.

Typically a card has 3 organizations involved: the network, the card issuer, and the transaction processor. Each of those orgs take a small cut of the transaction revenue.

Historically, the only organizations big enough to deal with card issuing and transaction processing were banks. Now, new technology from fintech companies allow us to take on transaction processing and card issuing as a service, and allow us to take a portion of the transaction revenue.

So basically, we’re trying to take some of the money that would historically go to a bank and redirect it towards your favourite DAO


Thanks for explaining. Makes sense.

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Also I’d like to state that when we get the launch and everything goes on well, we should stop the competition by getting and introducing other DAOs to use our card and get reward in their own native token, they can also invest in BANKs to. This will see a marginal increase in demand for the BANkless card not only by the Bankless Community but by other DAOs and this will in turn increase the value of BANKs statistically. All in all the inception of the BANK card will revolutionize the way people see the BANKLESSDAO goal and mission.


At launch we hope to have 2-5 partner DAOs for users to select for reward tokens. We hope to expand after that to more DAOs


Wow this looks genuinely exciting. The benefits of web3 and decentralisation will have the most impact on financially underserved populations. I see you’ve already mentioned that for a start, the card would be available in US, Europe and parts of Asia. However, I really hope this is something that will be made available to us here in Africa. Like I said, I believe decentralisation and web3 will have the biggest impact for us as we are largely financially underserved. The bDAO Card resembles a step in the right direction.


We absolutely intend to be a world-wide product, and in fact we have many contributors working on this who live in Africa. The biggest hurdle to new geographies is creating partnerships with legal entities to help us issue cards. Since this is a time-intensive process, we have to roll out to areas in a phased basis.

We will get there, but I’m not yet sure when!


At first look, this will make things simple and beneficial for all the stakeholders!

What is the processes of Onboarding users into Bankless Card? steps and procedure will be great.

The more time I spend with this project the more I can see the genius of your idea Links :raised_hands:

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My wife & me are expecting another child in a few weeks. But I will try my best to contribute more in the future. This project is just amazing… !!


Welcome to the Bankless community @cameronwhite