bDIP-N: Revision to BanklessDAO Constitution

bDIP-N: Revision to BanklessDAO Constitution

Draft Authors: Trewkat, HiroKennelly, links, Ernest of Gaia
Working Group: Trewkat, HiroKennelly, links, Ernest of Gaia


  • BanklessDAO’s Constitution lacks clarity and completeness.

  • We have created a revision of the BanklessDAO Constitution which simplifies the language without making any changes to governance.

  • This bDIP is to replace the entire existing Constitution with the entire revised Constitution. The revised text is available here.


This work has been supported by the Governance Department with the dual goals being:

  • to update the wording of the existing Constitution so that the information is presented in clear and concise language within an intuitive, numbered structure.

  • to document information about existing governance practices which were not included in the existing Constitution.

The goal for this round of work has NOT been to introduce new governance principles or practices, except where there was concurrent work happening and its inclusion made sense.

Notes from the Temp Check
This bDIP follows a Temp Check which included polling on various aspects of the proposed revision.

As a result of Poll 1, the following section of the proposed version has been updated, as follows:

  • 4.6.4 Grants Committee Election Process “… any Level 1 Member may self-nominate … “

The Constitution currently states “anyone may self-nominate”, but 89% of Poll 1 voters were in favour of changing this language to reflect current practice.

Text referred to by the other polls in the Temp Check was already included in the proposed document and this text was accepted by the majority of voters.

  • Poll 2 resulted in 100% of votes in favour.
  • Poll 3 resulted in 84% of votes in favour.

Poll 4 asked whether the proposed revised Constitution is ready to proceed to a bDIP in its current form, and resulted in 91% of voters in favour.

Lastly, as a result of the recent tlBANK proposal passing Snapshot, Section 3.2 of the proposed version has been updated from what was first referenced by the Temp Check to incorporate language about tlBANK. Note the added text does not match the text approved in bDIP-09 but retains the intent.

Vote Time!
It’s now time to vote on whether the proposed revised Constitution should replace the existing BanklessDAO Constitution in its entirety, remembering that no changes to governance rights, responsibilities, or processes are enacted by this new version.


Rather than include the full text of both documents in this proposal, the relevant links can be accessed below.


We anticipate that if the revised version of the Constitution is implemented it will clarify our current governance practices and establish the foundation for future governance revisions.




We expect this to be designated as a Major change; although it does not make changes to governance, it is a substantial revision to the existing document. Therefore, the following governance proposal thresholds must be met on Forum before the bDIP proceeds to a Snapshot vote:

Governance Update Forum Quorum Approval % Timeline
Major 63 70% 1 week

Snapshot proposals run for seven days and require ≥66% approval. If the bDIP proceeds to Snapshot and is approved, the Governance Department will be prompted to update the Constitution.


Trewkat, Ernest of Gaia, HiroKennelly, and links are long-time Level 2 Contributors.


Do you support this proposal for the revised Constitution text to replace the existing BanklessDAO Constitution in its entirety?

  • Yes
  • I abstain with no objection (this will count towards quorum)
  • No

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Love it and thanks for the hard work!


Thank you so much! We appreciate the support we’re receiving from our community :star_struck:


I think this is an improvement and thanks to the hard work of all involved @Trewkat @hirokennelly @links @ernest_of_gaia.

I still have concerns that would like to see addressed in future gov updates.


Thanks for this input - I completely agree that further iterations are needed and I want to reiterate that for this version we deliberately stayed away from introducing changes to processes or guidelines. Article 6 does cover the proposal framework but future bDIPs could help to strengthen it, likewise for the code of conduct. :slight_smile: