DAO Wide Coordinape Pause Proposal Draft 1

It will be. There are at least two more months before this takes place if it actually does take place.

Very reasonable approach. Thank you.

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A drastic change at a go is not what we need now. I agree with @links on reducing coordinape to 500k/M and save 3M/season.

What else do you think we need surrounding this coordinape situation?

After reading through the discussions in Discord, I favor a pause for season 7, with the intention of bringing it back for Season 8.

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Hi @Emmanuel6562 in my one year in BanklessDAO, I have never come across an instance of anyone getting paid to write a proposal, which is then put up on the Forum for feedback and voting. That would be scandalous and probably break how many governance rules I can’t even think of. So, of course @homie was not paid to write this, and nor is anyone.

I am going to support this proposal because the Coordinape is being “gamed”, and I won’t mince my words when I write this (no beating around the bush). Reducing the amount is potentially one solution, which actually reduces the attractiveness of the DAO wide Coordinape, which automatically reduces its appeal. What was discovered in the Ops Coordinape microscopic analysis is concerning, and if through Homie’s proposal Coordinape level governance can be designed and implemented at Guild level, then I think she has given us the best Christmas and New Year gift.

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Indeed if we pause it’s only for 1 season

Do you believe that the reduction will help with gaming, or does it help with not wasting funds while we figure it out

I don’t think I would need to be paid for this proposal.

The point is to see how the coordinape can be improved.

@homie I think the initiative you have taken is great. I do agree with a pause on coordinape. I don’t necessarily think it needs to be an entire season, but a pause is definitely needed.

The purpose of coordinape is to:
Empower contributors to see where value is created and reward it reflexively and transparently.
Attract & Engage Contributors
Foster Ownership and belonging

The problem is that coordinape is that it is no longer filling any of it’s intended purposes.

What’s the solution to this, I am not entirely sure (although I do have some thoughts).
What I am sure of is that it isn’t in the best interest of the DAO to hemorrhage 4.5 Million BANK/ season into anything that does not fulfill its purpose.


I think this is also helpful. Thank you.

How long of a pause would be reasonable?

I think we all believe that the amount we are basically losing with coordinape is entirely too much. Especially if we are going forward with purpose driven funding and the like.

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IMO, until there is a solution. If it takes a season, then it takes a season. I am pretty confident there is a solution and with the talented builders here one will arise.
Lowering the amount doesn’t provide a solution.
Also, TMK, purpose based funding has not been voted in (and not enough yes votes to meet quorum) We currently use member based funding.

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I’m more than happy to read the discussion here on forum. I wrote an essay as an attempt to address the issue at hand from my perspective.


There’s no denial that Coordinape has been and is still a fundamental component of BanklessDAO and any discussion about it was going to lead to ‘heavy’ input from our community. This is good. This is desirable. The more input we have the higher the likelihood of aligning on a path forward that brings us closer to meaningful compensation systems, while the ‘experiment of decentralized compensation’ continues, as @links says. However, as many here pointed out and @Sprinklesforwinners mentioned explicitly, we have to question whether Coordinape, the way it functions as of today, fulfils it’s intended purpose and if not, why? I will attempt to explain my thoughts as concise and precise as possible, in a structured manner, in the following course.

Coordinape - an artefakt?

It might be useful for you, the reader, to know my general theses with regards to the topic of discussion. I don’t want to pretend I’m ‘right’ in my thinking by any means. I’m just trying to offer my take to the problem at hand. I hope the approaches below won’t be dismissed by you, in case you disagree with me. However, I think responsible human beings have to be constantly open to ‘the unknown’ because it uncovers the personal ignorance and allows to grow ones’ knowledge. This is at least my Philosophie. Alright, the theses I was able to think of so far are:

  1. The better we (the DAO, on every level) are able to scale & compensate members for work - past, present & future - the less we can use Coordinape to do that for us.

  2. Coordinape is a useful tool for projects in the early development stage, particularly for the ‘not-yet-vetted projects’, and becomes is inaccurate and playable later, where it can be ditched.

  3. The larger Coordinape cycles are, the higher the likelihood of fraudulent behaviour, as a concentration of contributors can more effectively feed their personal interest on at the expense of everyone else in the round.

  4. Global (DAO-wide) Coordinape rounds may be subject to an allocation bias, as participants are tempted to allocations similar to the ones conducted locally (guild/department/project).

  5. The more effective we onboard new members to guilds, departments and projects, the more confident we can be running Coordinape locally, instead of globally.

Coordinape - bootstrapping BanklessDAO in development stage

To understand how I concluded the above one has to understand what Coordinape was useful for. The DAO was launched in May of 2021. A small group of people was given the responsibility to build the foundation of the community-driven organisation, that had yet to become BanklessDAO. These members barely knew what ‘needs to be done’ at that time. How should they? There was the ‘idea’ of BanklessDAO to help Bankless HQ reach all corners of the world, something David & Ryan were not able to get done on their own and needed the community for. This is the narrative I have in my mind. As far as I can tell it’s one we can all align ourselves on, as it has yet to be told differently. So how exactly is this to be done? How to build this ‘flagship’ called BanklessDAO with a few value aligned folks and a token called BANK? How to incentivise current & new members to thrive by contributing to projects and getting stuff done?

Coordinape helped reducing operational overhead. For any project in its early stages, this can be useful as it allows contributors to focus on building. Early stage disputes can be avoided that way too. Further, I believe Coordinape can support a working culture that similar to something like: build something you’re passionate about & you consider meaningful and see if it works. If you succeed, you’ll have a project that can pay you. If you fail, your contributions shall be considered in the next Coordinape by the members.

It’s worth mentioning that we have a Grants Treasury to support project-building. We also have the bounty board to bounty out work and support i.e. freelancers. Coordinape seems to become redundant as a project develops and the scope of work becomes clearer. BanklessDAO distributes 4.5m BANK each season in DAO-wide Coordinape rounds. Per current BANK/hour standard this equals to 4,500 hours of “unpaid work” from community members to be compensated by coordinape, that is not already paid through salaries, locally-run Coordinape rounds, bounties, etc. I have yet to see the economic output that’s equivalent to 4,500 hours of unpaid work a season. With all respect to our community members, this seems like an unreasonable number to me. It’s also not clear to me how this helps the DAO move forward and create a productive environment? To me Coordinape, on a DAO-wide level, has “done its duties” and became an artefact of BanklessDAO and more problems will arise the longer we keep it running at that level.

Effective onboarding to guilds/departments/projects

The more effective we onboard new members to guilds, departments and projects, which shall happen right after joining the DAO by talent coordinators, the more redundant become DAO-wide Coordinape rounds. These organisational units may be the solution ‘at hand’, until we start the next compensation experiment. I’m of the opinion that one has to master the art of DAOing first, then the art of being a guild/department/project member before dealing with DAO-wide governance problems in third place. This seems to be the way of becoming DAO-native to me, not the other way around. Further, governance procurement globally, such as proposal writing, could be compensated soon with a governance body, that has yet to be established but we are getting closer. Paid governance is good governance, right @Jengajojo? No one has to work for free and why should we consider otherwise?


The more I think about Coordinape, it’s flaws and potential improvements, the more I appreciate it for being around. It reduced overhead and allowed members to focus on building, rather than budgeting. It attracted contributors, such as myself, with an uncomplicated way to earn BANK during an epoch. Coordinape serves our smaller organizational units and helps build out our community from the bottom-up. It also helps expressing appreciation for folks to stick around, as we are able to thank them with notes and tell them how important they are to us! Coordinape is also a useful tool for project champions to help them bootstrap internal operations, reduce accounting overhead for a project that has yet to come out of validation- & team-building phase.

That being said, it’s our responsibility to ensure the health of our internal economy. Token inflation happens on expense of hard-working contributors we can’t afford to lose. We have to be careful, mindful and honest to ourselves and the next steps. I hereby second @Jengajojo in his proposed next steps/solutions. We can even go one step further and think about how to utilise these 1.5m BANK? These tokens can i.e. be used as incentives to survey, evaluate and establish ‘hard facts’ about Coordinape and ‘why it doesn’t work anymore on a global scale’ for example. If there’s consensus on my hypotheses, we can use and try and falsify them. It’s quite interesting that BANK has been lend to other members so they 'can experience something of ‘higher value’, that’s something interesting. The context may have been fraudulent and was conducted on expense of others, though we may discovered a potential utility for BANK. This unjust and unfair procurement may allow us to explore something beyond our imagination, something yet to be perhaps invented? There’s a solution ‘at hand’ IMO, and we don’t have to spend more BANK. However, the next experiment might be better than Coordinape, an innovation build for DAOs in growth stage. Maybe it’s out there or we have to invent it… maybe we have to embrace ‘the unknown’ and overcome our personal ignorance another time to start the next stage of innovation at BanklessDAO.


Yes, and I think this should be a round table, after the new year, as I think we won’t get much visibility during the holiday.

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I mean this would assume that everyone is taking part in this process, which I don’t this is correct or has not been factually outline correctly above.

This is one of those ‘throw the baby with the bath water’ situation based on the information in the post.

If some member were taking gaming the Coordinape process they should be banned from the DAO since it violates our core moral standing and mutual understanding on what Coordinape is - a way to reward contributions.

This pause is going to be painful because (in my experience) there’s been multiple payout issues during the past few months and whilst project contributions took 2-3months to materialise, Coordinape was a constant flow of BANK that fuel my motivation to keep contributing.

I worry that without a Coordinape process I would have been too disillusioned to continue.

That being said I also agree that the Coordinape process is sub-optimum and this is why I’ve personally stopped taking part in the rounds. It’s taking me longer to earn, but I feel less ‘dirty’ from it. I don’t need a reward for my contributions as long as I can tell those contributions are valued and there’s enough projects available to allow for earning.



Have a look at the next draft here: BDIP - Coordinape Season 7 Proposal - Pause/Reduction (draft 2)

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