[Draft2] Season 0 Marketing Proposal

Title: Season 0 Marketing Blitz
Authors: frogmonkee #6855, minimax.eth #7570
Co-Sponsors: Jack | Tentango.com#0728
Date: May 7th , 2021

DRAFT 2 - Summary of Changes

  • Removed meme competition entirely due to differing opinions on prizes and spending BANK

  • Changed Content Strategy to be broader and educational


The launch of the Bankless DAO is a monumental event in the decentralized ecosystem and it must be announced with an appropriate pomp. We propose an intensive blitz-sequence of a number of marketing tactics aimed at announcing the arrival of the Bankless DAO. In short, our goal is a concentrated blast of hype for BanklessDAO.

Note: We feel that it is imperative that Bankless DAO creates a high-level marketing plan in order to provide more structure and planning to our effort. We are currently working on such a plan and the draft will be posted separately for the community members to contribute. This proposal however is ONLY for the initial push and is meant to last about a week.


Bankless DAO emerged as a result of the stewardship by Bankless LLC that led to the accelerated growth of a community consisting of dedicated supporters ready and willing to contribute to the stated mission. The idea of the DAO, first voiced on the discord and rapidly evolved resulting in the DAO launch on May 4th, 2021.

The announcement post stated the DAO’s main mission: “to help the world go bankless” as well as outlined the outlining proposition: “to onboard ONE BILLION PEOPLE to the decentralized economic and relational ecosystem”.

The announcement introduced a concept of “seasons” with Season ZERO commencing immediately and lasting through the beginning of June. While Season Zero is more or less organizational, Season One is the time we officially launch and should make as much noise as possible in order to reach our mission.


  • Promote the Bankless Constitution (WIP)
  • To generate excitement around the idea of the large scalable organization formed specifically with the goal of promoting awareness of the world of DeFi, NFTs and other protocols enabled by the decentralized ecosystem.
  • To onboard as many additional members as possible and to turn them into engaged members of the community


Scope of Work

Together, we will coordinate an intense marketing campaign set to execute approximately June 7th, 2021. Our goal is to onboard as many new users to BanklessDAO as possible.

The number of new BanklessDAO newsletter signups and members to the discord group after that blitz (approximately June 7th through June 14) is the main metric by which we would measure the results of the effort.

Assets Required

  • Website landing page
  • Written collateral
    • Press release
    • Long form blog
    • Short form blog
  • Promotional copy
    • Tweets, ad copy
  • $BANK allocation

Actions Steps

  • Choose a core implementation team to create content and provide proper execution. The following collaborations are required:
    • Writers Guild
    • Graphics Guild
    • Webdev team
    • Genesis team
    • Translators Guild
  • Prepare by signing up the press release distribution/syndication service
  • Content team chooses SEO search terms and creates an outline of the campaign narrative (see under #Content Strategy)
    • Bounties are placed on the Writers Guild board
    • Bounties are also placed for writing users guides and consolidating information
  • Translator’s Guild translate pieces and act as liaisons to worldwide media outlets (outlets needs to be selected)

Distribution Channels

We will create a database for each of the channels. Only some examples are listed below. Community members will have a chance to add to the database of each channel.

  • New media outlets (Possible paid promotion)
    • Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Bitcoin News
  • Crypto-twitter influencers
    • CamiRusso, RyanSAdams, TrustlessState, cburniske, ameensol, Defi_Dad, spencernoon, @sassal0x, etc.
  • Blogs, newsletters, and podcasts (Possible paid promotion)
    • DeFi Pulse, The Defiant, DeFi Rate, DeFi Prime, The Daily Gwei, Bitcoin News, Our Network,
  • Socials - Reddit, twitter
    • r/ethereum
    • definews_info, defipulse, aboutdefi, defirate, defiantnews, cointelegraph, coindesk, dailygwei, OurNetwork__
  • Cross DAO promotion
    • TBD
  • Traditional media
    • A database of crypto-friendly publications and journalists will be created in order to better reach them
    • Contact information listed at the end of each press release will prompt contacts from the members of the press.
  • Community members
    • Reposts, retweets, newsletter sharing

Content Strategy

All of our our content must follow the same format:

  • A strong and consistent narrative on the Bankless movement. Perhaps something like the announcement of the Bankless Constitution
  • Recap progress, active plans, and possibilities
  • Hook with a landing page that focuses on onboarding and educating.

The length of each piece depends on where we are being published, but all forms should tell the same story of: Bankless is a movement to do ABC. BanklessDAO is DEF. In the past month we have done GHI, plan to do JKL, and in the future, possibly MNO. We want you to join us for our first season. Go to [website] to get started.


Item $BANK Cost
Content Guild Allocation 50K $BANK
Translators Guild Allocation 50K $BANK
Graphics Guild Allocation 50K $BANK
WebDev Guild Allocation 50K $BANK
Implementation Team 100K $BANK
Total 300K $BANK

Upon approved, any and all transactions will be logged publicly. Any $BANK not distributed by the end of the meme competition will revert to the treasury. Any transactions will require multisig approval from @frogmonkee and @minimax.

PR/Advertising - This will require expenses that cannot be paid with $BANK. Depending on whether we decide to run actual ads or just limit the first week to press releases, the effort could cost from a few hundred to a couple of thousand USD. It is to be determined how these funds are to be allocated.

One method is having community members donate funds, with a retroactive compensation $BANK at some point down the road. The other way is for Bankless LLC to pick up the cost.


  • @frogmonkee does not expect payment for this project. I plan on submitting a proposal to work full time for BanklessDAO. I view participating in this as part of my responsibilities. The 200K $BANK will be split evenly between the implementation team, save for myself. Individual members of the team can decide on their compensation requirements. This matter is also a subject to the community feedback and discussion.
  • As we grow, we will quickly need assets for expenses. We may consider creating a special LLC for this purpose - A topic to explore further.


  • Recruiting community members with expertise in marketing matters
    • PR/Advertising - @minimax
    • Project Management - @frogmonkee
    • Social Media Manager - This could be YOU!
    • SEO expert
  • Set up the Translator and Graphics guild, and create their bounty board pages.
  • Start outlining a blog post according to the #Content Strategy
  • Start reaching out to news outlets/media orgs


frogmonkee #6855 - Pseudonymous writer. Wannabe dev.

Minimax.eth is a marketing and PR expert with 25-plus years experience in strategic brand building. She is a successful entrepreneur and a former executive with several global ad agencies and media and entertainment companies (MTV, Polygram Records). She is also a decentralization and privacy activist as well as a champion for the rights of farmed animals.

  • Yes
  • No

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i too am a seasoned marketer and it would be an honour to work on this and connect the dots with my proposal for the NFT drop. I think these can work in concert, so hopefully, we can chat further.

I wonder if we can do merch pre-sale? We have people who are willing and ready to do t-shirts and sticker designs for example. Let’s get those designed and available on pre-order. Payable in FIAT obviously. I am sure there will be a significant interest and we can quickly get enough FIAT to pay for any paid PR/ads we need and make the actual merch. One thing we do need is the corporate registration and paypal/bank/merchant account.

The other option is of course for community to approve, the expense, for some of us to front FIAT and be compensated once corporate structure is in place.

with the timing we have - blitz launch June 7th, we need to start serious work in a week max so the sooner we stop the back and forth and get to it, the better.

Let my comment in Discord…

Love it frog! Thanks for the rework. Glad you got rid of meme contest and the partnership stuff. I like it much better. My two thoughts…I think you could add a “educating people on what a media DAO is” as a possible motivation/goal OR maybe just add it to the #1 goal

2- I feel (and IMHO) we should avoid paid promotions for this first marketing push. Maybe for season 1 or 2…I just think we need to solidify who and what we are before moving to paid ads, etc.

Beyond that, I really like it. I am interested in helping as we continue to move forward.


Regarding, " * To onboard as many additional members as possible and to turn them into engaged members of the community", can we clarify goals for onboarding existing defi or new to defi? specification of the target audience hear will help us narrow our focus across project scope.

for volunteer support, I would gladly help with the content strategy… if there is team in place to speak with, would love to onboard with a collective :slight_smile:

also, Bankless is a content strategy, so I feel like we have a great start!

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I hope I can help on this project. I have experience in merch (I source and identify, design, produce and import goods), digital merch (NFTs minting and airdrops, both as developer, campaign manager and project manager) and can help with translations in Italian (I am Italian).

Can I just say. That proposals have appeared in the newsletter and then taken down. Why do you take it down solely on the opinion of some people. Proposals should be voted, if the proposal passed then go with it, if it doesn’t pass then it is cancelled and you can make a different proposal.
I’m sorry but I just see abuse of power here.
Can we have a better way of making proposals? I’m not sure this system is working well. Or instead of putting a proposal to vote, then let people review it. Then you make changes. Then you put it for a vote.
Not sure. You cannot please everyone at the same time. I think there should be some sort of group reviewing the proposals. An elected group that changes every certain period. Or randomly selected group.

Also, please remove ‘Upon approved, any and all transactions will be logged publicly. Any $BANK not distributed by the end of the meme competition will revert to the treasury’ since the meme competition has been cancelled.

Great post and work !

But honestly, I think we should not use any BANK right now.

We need to generate streams of revenue then use these to pay our expenses, that’s how I see the treasury.

That’s why I voted no.

Thanks for voicing your opinion! I think any BANK that spent is spent internally (ie to spend on Guild bounties)

Just to be clear, we have put the Meme Comp away for now and so anyone gathering Memes should deploy them at will. Is that right?

That is correct. Meme away