Grants Committee Compensation proposal

Title: GC Compensation proposal

Authors: Kouros, Grendel, Above Average Joe, Icedcool, 0xLucas, Nonsensetwice, JamesMontgomery


  • To compensate members of the Grants Committee for Season 1 and 2


  • In Season 1 contributors across BanklessDAO are being compensated for their work and efforts. However, the Grant Committee members are still not compensated for their input. This proposal seeks to change this, so the GC members are in line with other contributors in the DAO.


  • The members of the Grants Committee carry out their role with extreme respect for the decisions made by the members of the DAO and with a sense of responsibility towards the consequences that the decisions taken may have on the whole DAO both in the immediate present and in the future.

The role therefore includes different types of commitment:

  • Study of the projects
  • Evaluation of the pros and cons that the rest of the DAO can indicate
  • Decision on the submitted proposals

The Grants Committee has then the important task of distributing funds to projects that will have a positive impact in the overall performance of the DAO. It is for this reason that the members of this committee are kept engaged, committed and appropriately compensated to perform their tasks.


  • The Grants Committee is looking for a compensation of 800,000 BANK for Season 1 and Season 2. This is 400,000 BANK per season and it is calculated as per the table below:
Position Amount in BANK Number of members Total in BANK
GC Reviewer 50,000 5 250,000
GC Lead 75,000 2 150,000


  • Payment will be distributed at the end of each season.


  • Create a forum post to get soft consensus from the DAO then move it to Snapshot for a formal approval.


  • During the current Season 1 it was decided to assign a certain amount of BANK tokens to members who covered a role in the guilds or in some projects, while failing to define the same for the Grant Committee. This compensation proposal for the members of the Grants Committee aims to resolve the current lack of assimilation of a committee member to a role played in the DAO.
  • I agree to the proposed compensation for the members of the Grants Committee.
  • I disagree with the proposed compensation for the members of the Grants Committee.

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Hell yes! Kind of thought at the time it was an oversight but held my opinion. Good to see flexibility in review of process, policy and procedure. Keep the superior talent compensated and rewarded appropriately. Love what everyone is doing attempting to advance fairness.


Thanks for bringing this up, @Kouros .

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