Grants Committee Meeting - 8/17/21

This forum post is to continue to distribute a summary of Grants Committee meetings, actions and discussion for overall DAO visibility, and to invite the opportunity to discuss any actions taken or conclusions made.

Grants Committee Attendance:

Above Average Joe(c) 0xLucas Grendel Kouros(c)
Icedcool Nononsense James

Grants Committee Notes - 8/17/21

The Grants committee had two projects to review, the Bed Index Remunerations project, and the Digital ASset Management project.

Funding Requests:

Bed Index Remuneration

Grants Committee examined the Bed Index Remuneration proposal and approved the remuneration of 100k to be distributed by 0xLucas. (5/7, abstain from Jamesmontgomery.eth and 0xLucas)

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Grants Committee examined the DAM funding request of 80k Bank to cover the subscription of the platform, and remuneration for guild members performing administrative tasks. The Grants Committee approved the funding request to be distributed by AV Guild multisig. (6/7 abstain from jamesmontgomery.eth)


Grants Committee Governance:

The Grants Committee is committed to acting in adherence to the season 1 specifications, and is also working to balance efficiency and equitability.

We discussed the length of term limits with the idea of 2 consecutive seasons, with the grants committee coordinators being elected per season.

We also discussed Grants committee compensation, agreeing that this should be discussed and ratified by the DAO, although we should have a general range that we feel good about. As an important consideration, this will need to go to snapshot as the Grants fund is for DAO project distribution.

Additionally an operational budget was considered to create and pay for bounties, to support Grants Committee operational requests.

Lastly, the Grants Committee decided to request the Research Guild to investigate best practices for Grants Committees from different protocols in order to inform future Grants Committee Governance.

A bounty of 14k was set for this, 7k by AAJ, and 7k Matched by the research guild.

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