Introducing BanklessWallet- a secured smart wallet for daily use!

Hey Anon, what if you do not have to worry about all crypto jargon but still use it like a pro? What if you do not have to worry about ‘mnemonic phrases’ or moving gas to new chains to do your Degen job?

Or do you want to onboard your mom, but she only has an email?

How do you feel if you can’t access the funds in your bank account if you forget your Banking credentials? Still, that being normal in Crypto?- now say to your mom that the tokens are just numbers if she lost the keys!

Going Bankless and being your own Bank always add a lot of risks. You must use multiple wallets, store numerous copies of private keys, and use ten different hardware wallets. Maybe it’s time to simplify the crypto onboarding experience and token custody but still be bankless!

Introducing BanklessWallet- Account Abstracted hardware wallet for your daily use!

You have read that right; BanklessWallet is a hardware wallet with a ‘smart contract’ companion.

So you no longer have to worry about storing private keys, losing your Hardware wallet, or accidentally signing malicious transactions. We got you covered. The smart-contract companion takes care of this on their behalf.

Our priority to onboard new users from day 1 brought us a crazy path in offering 100% self-custody of digital assets.

So no longer FTX rugging you or searching the dumpster for lost coins.

Here is what BanklessWallet can do for you.

1. 200% noob friendly

Anyone with an Email can download the app, start the crypto journey without hassle, and upgrade to a Hardware wallet

2. No more gas.

You won’t have to worry about gas when getting started.

3. Tokens sent to the wrong address?

Yeah! That’s painful, but we have some tricks to help with some of that!

4. Privacy! Privacy!

We are also degens! So we are building tools, so you don’t feel naked in public! We are making burnable addresses and stealth payments with accessible account management. FYI - don’t do anything illegal!

5. Lost your HardWallet? - social recovery
Frame 2

Yeah, we have promised ourselves that BanklessWallet users no longer have to deal with losing access. Set ways to recover your wallet, like making your friends as guardians. Are you socially awkward and don’t have any friends? Well, we have special recovery cards too!

6. Web2 comfortability!

Use features like spending limits, allow listed etc.

Thanks to safe modules, you can have close to the same trad fi expertise, just the good things. After all, you don’t want to have a ‘Bank’ on the chain’.

The Hardware.

The Bankless HaredWallet will be built on top of Tangem Wallet, the safest wallet on the internet. The Hardware wallet generates private keys and is stored locally inside the wallet. The wallet is equipped with a microchip certified by Common Criteria at the EAL6+ level — the same level of chip protection used in passports. Once the hard wallet is activated, you need these to sign any operations with your app. Use these as special recovery devices if you want to be more flexible.

The MVP - One wallet.

Enough of the promises.



the MVP will only be available for testing after we submit the project for the hackathon

We are hacking hard on the Safe `March for Account Abstraction´ to bring you to test our theory and build an MVP to excite you.

In the MVP, you can test a multichain smart wallet. You don’t have to pay $$ to get göETH to test this out too. The MVP allows you to pay transactions of any chain, deducted from your ‘BANK’ token balance on the Polygon chain.

Connect your metamask, Claim some testnet BANK and deploy your wallet on all the supported chains.

The Tech

The MVP is built on the Battle-tested Safe (formally Gnosis safe) smart contract with some Bankless magic. Our smart wallet will be developed using the ERC4337 standard.

Check our code in GitHub.

The Team

We have too many devs on the team!

Baer.eth- Cofounder Fluxion Labs, long-time banklessDAO, treasury Department member and delegate at DAOstewards

Emah - Bankless Dev Guild, FC NFT black glove. Skill: Solidity

TonyStark - InfoSec team, Solidity dev of BanklessDAO and Nation3.

SnowdenBankless - The hardware guy - Prev champion of BanklessML building infotainment for Smart cars IRL. Skills: python, C#, Jango

VishnuR- designer, full-stack + Solidity,

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Hi guys! I like the idea and the steps. I feel that if they are going to rely on the ease of ux as their differential, they would have to work on the interface in terms of visual harmony and hierarchy of elements.

I also recommend reviewing your onboarding process and creating a user flow so it will be easier for you to review the user journey.

Many successes! keep in that way!


Directly in line with creating user friendly onramps to facilitate adoption. Good luck on this @0xbaer and team


yep! we are aiming to give a smooth experience in the mobile app as possible. probably drop the Hardware part to recovery keys.
We are hacking in the project planning section under bWallet! Come and say Hello! we also need designers and cool devs as soon as we have the prototype out

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@thinkDecade, this is going to be a new paradigm! Imagin a web2 experience with full self-custody.
Maybe @links’s banklessCard probably has to acquire us!


Great Idea, onramp and offramp in crypto is a interesting topic

Could you say more about the no more gas?

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Can I buy my favourite meme coins with this wallet?

We are using metaTXs and transactions relayers; the relayer contract will pay gas on the users’ behalf! @tony_stark can fill in all the technical stuff.
i can add some non-tech

with meta txs We can have custom logic when implementing this! For example, the first 10 tx will be free, so you don’t have to fund your wallet with ETH from a Doxxed wallet or say, all txs related to BanklessDAO will be free if they have (staked) tlBANK.

@Jengajojo, this wallet isn’t supposed to hold many funds for now! Even though we aren’t building any new code but simply using different available SDKs in the MVP, it’s better not to ape into something with this wallet!

Should we probably use lock-out logic which asks people to withdraw funds if it has more than a threshold?