Levelup model for Guest Pass Holders


It’s sad to see that so many deserving guest pass holders are unable to be part of month-end cordinape rounds. Although there’s a seasonal one, more regular feedback is usually great at boosting moral.

How can we fix this?

Align inventive of guest pass holders to the long-term vision of BANK holders.

  1. Allow guest pass holders to participate in month-end cordinape rounds on the condition that:
    a. All cordinape earnings will be locked in a smart contract till Lv1 is reached.
    b. After 35k is reached, it’s vested for 6 months
    c. The guest pass holder can redeem BANK from cordinape rounds as usual after Lv1 or via other usual earning channels in the DAO.


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We actually tested something for L1s and L2s that we thought would be unsustainable for Gues Pass members, but turns out is possible.

I think next month, we can do a Guest Pass round with 250K BANK.

I see no reason to lock or vest tokens. What we could do is disallow Guest Pass members from allocating during their own round and instead, rely on L1s and L2s allocating tokens. Guest Pass members would only receive.


I like the only receive option. Looking forward to Nov apeing round

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