Move Bank-Eth Liquidity Pair to Polygon

It takes a lot of money to stake and unstake bank tokens on ETH main net in the Sushi swap onsen pool.

Sushi also supports polygon, so why not move it there?

I hope people dont take this the wrong way but Eth is unusable for making transactions.


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I’m on board to help with an LP on Sushi/Polygon.

Are you from the sushi/polygon team?

Most of the action is on ETH and gas has been low for a while. Polygon serves a purpose for extremely low fees, but ETH is still the best game in town.


I think an additional pool on polygon would be great, but we should maintain one on eth, bare minimum.

Eth may be unusable for you, but it is still the base layer, and is used as on and off ramp for the other chains.

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Eth is the new bitcoin and L2 is the new ethereum. Sad but true.

Seema sensible or do we wait just a little for arbitrum

Nope, just an interested LP for Bank.

It seems like a lot of the deployments of $BANK by the DAO (Coordinape, Snapshot [possibly]) won’t work on Polygon. I’m down to bridge some of my $BANK if others are, it’s just an extra transaction for not much upside?


It cost me $20 to supply liquidity on sushiswap on L1. Ethereum is the worlds greatest invention but is almost completely unusable for most practical use cases.

L2 is the way forward.

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