[Pre-proposal] Setting up a Horizontal COE for a stronger bDAO

Author: kRavi


( Source: recent forum discussions)

  • Not enough projects are contributing to the treasury.

  • 5% of people carrying 95% of the load.

  • Rough communication between guilds: there’s a scope to improve coordination.

  • Expensive projects with no clear ROI : Teams do need support to optimise costs, as well as to leverage monetisation opportunities.

  • Not enough retention. Constant onboarding.


(Definition from Internet)

A centre of excellence (CoE) is a team of skilled knowledge workers whose mission is to provide the organisation they work for with best practices around a particular area of interest.

An important goal of a centre of excellence is to eliminate inefficiencies and help move the organisation to the next level of a maturity model.

This proposal aims to set up and run a horizontal COE, that works across Guilds / SubDAOs / Projects, within bDAO:

  • to establish, and facilitate coordination to achieve a win-win for all (POCs are Guild Coordinators, and Project Managers/Champions)
  • To consult & to help in cost optimisations, and in identifying monetisation opportunities, and in leveraging the same.

In essence, to put bDAO on a viable path to growth, covering as many bases as possible. And it may help clients external to bDAO also, in the longer time frame.

The Stronger bDAO, the greater is the public good.

Team Structure

1 Head or Incharge + 5 enthusiastic & experienced consultants,

Limiting initial time size to 6, which may be expanded, in the next season.

Team with a multisig 4/6

Hereby, I Invite interested members to join in this mission.

Candidates with prior experience in innovative problem solving, consulting, marketing & BD, monetising etc will be preferred.


  1. Dashboard of projects tracking self sustainability.(On Excel) : Planned / Actual.

  2. Identifying the (addressable, or otherwise) causes for rough communication/coordination between guilds.

  3. Dashboard / Health check of overall DAO (On Excel), with contributions/withdrawals season/month wise.

  4. Cost or resource optimisations.

  5. Identification of Monetising opportunities

  6. And crafting action plans to leverage the same.

  7. Effective oversight of the process.


How much is the initial grant to be?

To be debated & decided

In all probability, this is going to be a one time grant.

Going forward, how does it charge projects/ guilds vis-a-vis contribution?

Billing is to be a function of work hours (X) and results based incentives (Y).

Results based incentives : if results meet the set goals, incentives can be Y.

Effectively, the work that met the planned goal can earn X+Y, while if it fails to achieve the desired mark it will have to satisfy with X.

How’s the team’s compensation structured?

To be debated & decided

Next Steps:

  • Forming Core team
  • Core team to debate & decide on finer points
  • To put forward full-fledged proposal

Request Admin team to embed a temp check poll for this.

It is true that we have a big coordination problem in this DAO and I am not convinced this proposal will help with the problem. The scope of work looks like you’re still trying to figure out the problem without laying out specific action plans on how to really target full coordination of all guilds to each other. If you’ve been here for awhile, and have been talking to people why they operate the way they do, it might be helpful in solidifying a great action plan.

Yes, we want Bankless DAO to succeed. But what’s in it for each Guild to participate in an all out coordination? Humans by nature are selfish. If there’s nothing in it for them, they’d rather focus on their own project’s success. As per this pre-proposal, seeing that you’re wanting a one-time funding makes it sound risky for me (What if it doesn’t work? Will our treasury carry the burden of failure?). And what if it does? How will it look like? (Although not so important for now as this looks like it will take 2 seasons worth of work before we get there).

Great initiative! Though it is sad to see how we still need a couple of people for each Guild to coordinate with each other. I wonder if this could open up a conversation if it is at all possible for each Guild to coordinate without having to shell out more BANK from our treasury.

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Thanks @Steff for your honest and direct response.

I guess, coordination is not the main challenge here, nor being selfish is such a bad thing.

Secondary (Primary being their own deliverables) aim of projects and guilds is to be self sustainability. They should be able to start contributing to the treasury, as soon as possible. Every group must have a clear roadmap in place, to that effect.

There will be exceptions, but resource optimisation and revenue creation & maximisation are to be order of the day.

The more actionable the monetisation processes (Synergies => Revenue sharing), the easier the coordination across bDAO.

The objective of setting up a competency centre is to help & facilitate different guilds, through focused consulting, and effective organisational oversight.

It’s possible to set the house in order. One at a time.