Reflections on our first L2 !vibe check

I wanted to share some reflections from the first L2 !vibe check. It was definitely the right move @frogmonkee to not have a formal agenda as it allowed issues to percolate naturally.

Here are the major themes I gathered:

  1. Storytelling: @samanthaj made a compelling point around Bankless DAO needing an avenue for “storytelling”. The sentiment was that our current Community Call format loses the storytelling element to the extent that it focuses on reporting progress.

My sense is there’s space for both reporting out weekly and something larger that is woven into Bankless DAO narrative arch. I certainly appreciate the chance to touchbase with the broader community on a weekly basis as well provide updates on Guilds & Projects.

But to Samantha’s point, there is value in the narrative storytelling we did for Twitter Spaces - a channel to connect Bankless DAO’s larger evolutionary progress. @AboveAverageJoe brought up the idea of an all-day celebration with many concurrent stages and @JENetics mentioned the need for taking a celebratory approach.

  1. (Inward) Media: While we may be trying to squeeze too much into CC, alleviated by the new format which rotates Guilds & Project report out, I think Bankless DAO has now grown (~ 12,000 discord members as of Oct 25) to where may be we need to have media channels dedicated to telling the Bankless DAO narrative or spotlighting different corners of the community (long-form podcasts or maybe that’s what Podcast Hatchery is getting at).

  2. Front & Back House distinction: I think this is a great distinction to make and @frogmonkee makes it well here

I’m for injecting more focus into Bankless DAO, however there might be benefit in teasing apart “revenue generation” from “vision/mission critical”. To that effect i’d add this food for thought:

  1. Strategy:

I do think ‘back of house’ elements like governance, onboarding are mission critical, altho revenue potential may not be obvious.

In any case, hoping these reflections add to our ongoing conversation.

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How did everyone know this was happening? I spend an absolutely stupid amount of time on the Bankless Discord and I was at my desk when this happened, but I had no idea.

You’re not alone, I miss events all the time coz there’s so much going on.

This particular meeting is mostly L2 on the stage chatting, is bi-monthly, every other week (so ~ Nov 18th should be the next meeting).

If you head to the #calendar channel, type in !list then click on the clock icon at the bottom and Seshbot will convert all Bankless DAO events into your local time zone.

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