Swapping BanklessDAO Multi-Signers [Temp Check]

Poll 1 - I support
Poll 2 - Yes
Poll 3 - Other
Poll 4 - Support direction but needs improvement (only because of my answer to #3)

I feel like compensation should be by signature they cast. If there’s signatures asked of them, no compensation. These signers are already expected to be active and around the DAO so they’re not really on retainer just to be a signer. I’m not too familiar with frequency but the multi-sig signers execute one every season or so, maybe slightly more frequently. The safe is a 4/7, so if each signature approving is worth say 10k BANK, each execution from the safe would cost 40k BANK in compensation.

Just random numbers really but I’d prefer some system like that instead.

Otherwise all onboard with this!