Swapping BanklessDAO Multi-Signers [Temp Check]

The actual work is intermittent.

Some weeks it may be none, while others I may need to spend time reading forum posts, and digging into implications of decisions.

We may have weeks of inactivity, then during seasonal timings I could be very busy working to make sure a proposal or snapshot adheres to the constitution or active DAO agreements.

I think the larger work load is keeping up with what is happening at the DAO at a high level, and generally being involved.



@senad.eth Could you help me understand this better please. We don’t compensate with BANK

Hey @Sprinklesforwinners - thanks for your question!

What exactly is unclear about the question you are trying to understand better? :thinking: We asked the community how they feel about multi-sig signers being compensated for the work that we expect them to do and how much they should receive. That’s it. It’s really just a simple question. I hope this helps!


I just want to say: thank you @senad for, again, taking up, pushing and moving this topic along! Yet another important issue now being addressed.