The Rug // Season 6 Proposal

Title : The Rug Season 6 Funding Proposal

Authors: Frank America#0610, Liquidiot#5975, Perchy#8133

Date Created: 10/11/2022

Date Posted: 10/14/2022


The Rug crushed it in Season 5 (S5), and we’re ready to do it again. The mostly credible news source in Web3 has grown significantly this last season. Every week we’ve shipped three original headline tweets with an average impression of 1,500 views, shipped an NFT article on Mirror, and crafted custom design posts to share across Instagram and Telegram.

What has The Rug Done This Season? (Season 5 to date 11/14)

  • 63 NFTS collected across 8 articles minted on MIrror w/ custom graphics
  • 33 headline style tweets averaging 1500 views (3 per week x 11 weeks)

– excludes announcements, newsletter, podcasts, poaps, RTs, etc.

  • 30 custom designed Onion-style graphics posted on Instagram and Telegram
  • 3 newsletters on paragraph (from 0 to 128 subscribers in S5)
  • 2 hilarious podcast episodes w/ accompanying audiograms (one per month)
  • 11 Weekly custom poaps (one per week)
  • Weekly NFT Article slot in Decentralized Arts (17K subs)

And we are on track to close out the season at the same pace.

To continue pursuing this vision in Season 6 (S6), The Rug is formally requesting 1,035,000 BANK to bolster our trajectory towards profitability with the mindset that if we do things right, we will become self-sustaining by Season 9. We see that as working, not despite the fact that we’ve only requested funding once.


The Rug is a crypto comedy journalism outfit shipping the best in satire news related to web3. A media property spun out of BanklessDAO and composed of BanklessDAO members. We exist to help the industry not take itself so seriously.

Project Champions: Frank America, Liquidiot, Perchy


Check out our Season 5 Influencer Stats!

Notable Rug Twitter followers include Stani Kulechov the Founder of Lens protocol, Opolis, CryotoGucci, UltraSoundMoney,, Rafa The Builder, Ryan Sean Adams, Bankless.eth, StreetPound, and many other less important people.

In S5 we onboarded an in-house designer for our weekly NFTs and a Telegram marketing lead. Don’t sleep on Telegram!

Sample of our visual style on IG:


[The Rug] S6 Preliminary Budget Estimates

S6 KPI’s

  • 3 Original headline tweets per week
  • 3 Collectible articles per month on Mirror published on Fridays
  • 1 Original Vol. 2 NFT per month (Similar to throw-back OG-style)
  • 1 Full-length Under The Rug Comedy Podcast per month
  • 1 Recap Newsletter per month (ft. NFT & Podcast + Tweets)
  • 1 Weekly custom poap distribution to contributors and participants
  • Onboard one new designer and one new writer
  • Secure one sponsor during S6
  • Increase subscriber count: +20% aggregate across platforms
  • 10% of Rug profits returned to DAO


In S6 we aim to return to our roots and produce three original Vol. 2 NFTs and mint them as a limited edition on rarible. We’ll also airdrop a custom rug comic “Lil Ruggy” to all 251 OG Vol. 1 Rug holders (we have your wallet addies). Additionally, The Rug will sell, at a ticket-entry price, Lil Ruggy NFTs on Rarible as a “Lounge Pass” to our discord. We believe this will further bolster our inner community and Rug-related participation. Finally, we aim to double the size of our newsletter, procure one sponsor, reach 5K followers on Twitter, and continue to develop ways to involve and engage web3 with satirical comedy.

The Rug aims to achieve self-funding within 3-4 seasons to date.

How can we do this? We’ll promote sponsors using our unique style and voice. Our bespoke content offering is well-positioned to draw revenue as our brand imprint expands. We’ll also return to our original source of funding and mint throw-back newspaper style NFTs.

Sponsor Deck Wireframe v1:


Mirror -

Twitter -

Instagram - The Rug | Crypto News (@therugnews) • Instagram photos and videos

Telegram - Telegram: Contact @therugnews


Under the Rug on Anchor

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" And many other less important people" what a category!. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Seems like this should be a self funding project. They have nfts to sell. Dont understand why dao members should be paying for this.

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