WG - Editorial and Publishing Arm (EPA) Proposal

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Program Champions

nonsensetwice#3475, Frank America#0610, SamanthaJ#8487, Ap0llo#5781

Program Name:

The Writers Guild Editorial and Publishing Arm (EPA)

Multisig Address:


Program Justification:

The Writers Guild actively publishes DAO and crypto-related articles on Mirror and Medium (with possible future platforms to come). Writers across the DAO are submitting articles to the Writers Guild to be published to these platforms, and EPA has been managing the editing, scheduling, publication, and exposure of these articles. Our Medium page serves as the voice of the DAO: there are no barriers to entry to submitting an article to us. There is no cost to view our Medium articles (it is not optimized for pay wall).

The purpose of the EPA is to build the BanklessDAO brand so that we become a household name in the emerging Web3 space. Every day, we work alongside writers to hone their writing skills so they can best represent us. Our talented writers ennoble the bDAO and the wider crypto community at large. BanklessDAO articles are also a great onboarding mechanism. DAO-curious individuals find our articles on Twitter and Medium and fall down the bDAO rabbit hole from there. The scope of this EPA proposal is to secure funds to properly pay contributors and to manage that process successfully throughout Season 2.

Program Terms

In order to successfully fulfill the tasks of this program, we’ll need funds to compensate editors and writers for their efforts with articles, as well as four roles to facilitate this overall process, accounting (ap0llo), editor onboarding and assignment (samanthaj), scheduling and publishing (Frank), and coordination (nonsense).

The responsibilities of these roles will be:

  • Managing article submissions and moving them through the editing process.

  • Facilitating healthy relationships between editors and writers.

  • Gauging submissions for alignment with the mission, vision, and values of BanklessDAO (crypto, self-custody, innovation, group-development)

  • Selecting articles for publication and deciding which platform (Medium, Mirror)

  • Updating and maintaining the content publishing calendar

  • Scheduling articles for publication in a timely manner from completion date

  • Working with designers to generate covers for articles to improve branding, and reach of content

  • Working closely with the Marketing Guild to provide exposure for publications on social media

  • Onboarding new editors by administering an editing test, which evaluates the skill set of each new editor

  • Copywriting for Marketing Efforts


This is the current workflow for publishing an article:

  1. A writer submits an article via the BanklessDAO Submission form.

  2. The Editors Circle creates cards for each article in Editors’ Kanban and assigns articles to Primary Editors.

  3. Primary Editors, in Stage 1, determine if the article is fit to be published to BanklessDAO channels. If so, the article moves on to Stage 2. If not, the editor returns the article to the author.

  4. In Stage 2, the Primary Editor takes a deep dive into editing the article, working through the Editing Framework established at the inception of the Writers Guild. Any changes that need to be made to the Framework are made as suggestions within the weekly Editors meeting, and ratified by the editing team at large.

  5. Upon completion of Stage 2, the editor returns the article to the author for review. If the author accepts and implements the edits, the editor moves the article to Stage 4. If the author does not, the editor removes the article from the queue altogether.

  6. In Stage 4, a Secondary Editor reviews the article, making sure the writer implemented the original edits, and makes a final review for quality control.

  7. Once the Secondary Editor approves the article for publishing, the team determines the appropriate channel for publication and places it on the content calendar for that channel.

  8. Next, we contact a designer to create a cover design (or procure one ourselves).

  9. Upon publication, the team engages with the Marketing Guild to promote the article.


To accomplish all the terms of the program, we recommend the following payouts for each individual:


2 BANK per word, with a cap of 3000 BANK per published author. EPA reserves the right not to publish articles if they do not fit brand standards as mentioned above.

Primary Editors:

3000 BANK for heavy edits.

2000 BANK for moderate editing. (Approx 26 Articles per season)

1000 BANK for minor editing.

The editor determines the level of difficulty in processing articles. This system may be revised in the future if we become aware of abuse.

Secondary Editors:

500 BANK for secondary review (Approx 26 Articles per season)

Marketing Budget:

2000 Bank for Cover Designs and Marketing Efforts (Approx 26 Articles per season)

Editing Test Completion:

250 Bank per Editor (Approx 20 Editors per Season)

Role Definition(s) for Season 2


Editors’ Circle Organizer: Organizing and facilitating weekly Editors Circle meetings, includes preparing agenda, sending out notifications, and organizing meeting structure, flow and time management, verifying Kanban Board updates, distributing submissions to attending Editors, coordinating overall talent allocation and publishing priorities, and managing the distribution of POAPs.

Season 2 Remuneration: This amounts to 13 weeks of work, per a standard season, at 1000 BANK/hr for a total of 13,000 BANK.

Editor Onboarding and Assignment

Managing the editing kanban board and workflow. Assigning editors. Following up with everyone on the board. Delivering editing test for skillset and recommending talent for articles. Social outreach and coordination, offering Office Hours to workshop pieces, and 1 on 1 support on an on-demand basis

Season 2 Remuneration: This amounts to 13 weeks of work, per a standard season, at 1000 BANK/hr for a total of 13,000 BANK.


EPA secretarial role, taking notes at meetings. Logging payments, retrieving wallet addresses, formatting .csv file to execute multi-sig transactions. Managing scope and budget of EPA, and offering insight into financial status.

Season 2 Remuneration: This amounts to 13 weeks of work, per a standard season, at 1000 BANK/hr for a total of 13,000 BANK.

Scheduling and Publishing

Managing content calendar and publishing decisions. Considering how pieces fold together and proper publishing workflow. Managing and implementing final design actions re: titles, subtitles, log lines, and visual to text layout within piece (including alt text descriptions). Working with designers to secure digital covers for Medium pieces. Also composing tweets and delivering updates through telegram.

Season 2 Remuneration: This amounts to 13 weeks of work, per a standard season, at 1000 BANK/hr for a total of 13,000 BANK.

Total Compensation:

3000 (per author) + 2000 (per primary editor) + 500 (per secondary editor + 2000 (per designed and marketing) x 26 = 195,500 BANK

4 Roles at 13,000 BANK = 52,000 BANK

25 New Editors Test at 250 BANK = 6,250

TOTAL 253,750 BANK

Requirements for Editors:

Editors must be competent in writing, grammar, and be able to work through the Editing Framework when editing a submission.

To ensure quality control, we have developed a test to screen editors.


The Editing and Publishing Arm is very excited to continue to facilitate a growth of the BanklessDAO’s vision and offer a platform that publishes our authors and compensates them as well as our editors adequately for their work. Thank you for this opportunity to serve in expanding the mission of bDAO, and honing our voice in the crypto-sphere.

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Great work on this team, great to see you building!


Thanks EV! We’re happy to spread the voice of the DAO, and work with authors to be heard across all the guilds.

I really like what I read here but have some concerns am starting to maintain a perspective on the seasonal treasury draw down both burn rate and overall spend rate. Old school terms in USA for assisting in attempting to help manage the Federal allocation was obligation rate expressed as a percentage and expenditure rate again expressed as a percentage. I am sure this is a necessary and fair assessment of the need and appreciate all the work to get it to proposal. I would also think English is predominate this need exists in other languages as well. We are a global community.TY

Thanks for your comments. Hopefully the EPA serves the DAO and is worth these funds, which I felt was a modest request where most finances get paid out to authors and editors. Re: other languages, that is a great idea and forgive my only knowing English. We will consider translations and working with translators guild on future proposals. - Frank

This is a much-needed and amazing initiative. Go writers’ guild!

The EPA is a crucial component of the Writers Guild, which is one of the most outward-facing guilds in bDAO. Sufficiently funding the EPA means that high-quality content continues to flow to Medium and Mirror, helping to fulfill BanklessDAO’s mission of onboarding 1B into crypto. In the short time since Season 2 launched, the number of writers and editors in the Guild has increased substantially. As more content is produced by the Writers Guild and submitted by bDAO members for publication, a properly funded EPA is essential to ensuring that the output of BanklessDAO remains both fluid and strong, and that such content does not get bottlenecked for lack of funding for editing, publishing, and marketing. Funding the EPA per the current request is both prudent and necessary. Please support this proposal.

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This is a great way to spread awareness of the bDAO and DAOs in general. Currently, there isn’t a well-known and recognizable place for people to learn about DAOs, especially people who are outside of Web3 / the crypto-sphere. By continuing to produce well-written and informative pieces, bDAO can become the go-to source for information, providing education and insight. :high_brightness:

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