1st Draft Season 8 Specification


The beginning of this document includes a summary report of bDIPs and a suggested Draft 1 of the BanklessDAO Season 8 Specification. Hopefully the schedule allows for a smooth season transition for everyone.

  • Season 8: Mon, May 15 - Sun, August 27 (15 weeks)
  • Gap Week: Mon, August 28 - Sun, Sept 3 (1 week)

That break is important and I wanted to ensure our operational timelines were aligned to accommodate Gap Week by default. Notice the Gap week is technically between the seasons.

Please review the proposed timeline for Season 8 and provide any feedback regarding the adjustment of dates. If a change in dates is desired for any of the Season 8 milestones, please open discussion in the comments so that any updates can be reflected in a second draft.

Author’s Introduction

Hello! I am Ernest of Gaia, and I have been stewarding the Season 8 transition. The processes around season transitions have been adapting to changes in governance, so I’d like to offer some context on the current state of the season transition process.

Some quick reminders:

The Seasonal Specifications are simply general operational specifications that allow organizational units to plan for the following season. While the Operations Department will manage the specifications we want as much input from DAO Members as possible so as to make decisions that align with members.

This process is evolving and is not without flaws. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Thank you for your active participation in BanklessDAO governance. Let’s make 2023 up-only!

Remaining Season 7 Operations Timeline

  • April 14: Draft 1 of the Season 8 Specification to be posted to the Forums
  • April 14 - 20: Grants Committee to work with groups to finalize funding requests
  • April 14 - 23: Season 8 Grants Committee Election applications accepted
  • April 24: The Season 8 Grants Committee election will be posted to Snapshot
  • May 1: The Season 8 Specification will be posted to Snapshot
  • May 1: The Season 8 Budget Request will be posted to Snapshot
  • May 8-14: Gap Week
  • May 14: Last day of Season 7

“State of the bDIPs” - Community-Indicated Direction and Operational Governance Changes

BDIP Template

Constitution and BDIP Standard Discussion & Proposal Part 2

These changes have been proposed and have independently passed a vote on the Forum during the current season and their details are to be implemented upon their passage or in upcoming weeks. The vote on this Seasonal Specification will not impact the results of these previously-passed proposals.

Old Business

Season 7 Business

Unresolved business

  • Season 6 Temp Check - Major - bDIP-03: Dynamic forum quorum for bDIPs - is a Temp check with two options up for discussion. Does not need to meet quorum. Is not a decision in and of itself.
    • Next steps to submit as a proposal using the bdip template once an option is chosen for the proposal.
  • Season 6 Major bDIP 04 : Departments Has not met quorum, is not approved, nor gone to snapshot.
  • Season 6 bDIP 05 adjustments to member based funding - abandoned in Temp Check stage, Taxonomy is Retired.
  • Season 6 Temp Check bDIP - 6 - Code Of Conduct Change - This adds responsibilities and procedures to the Constitution and should be considered a Major bDIP.

New Business

Suggested Season 8 Operational Timeline 15 weeks

  • May 4th: 2nd Year DAO Birthday
  • Mon, May 15th - Season 8 Begins
  • Week 1 or 2: Season Kick Off Event
  • July 9th - 22nd: All Seasonal funding requests to be posted to the Forum for the Grants Committee to review.
  • July 23rd - August 5th: Grants Committee to work with groups to review funding requests
  • July 30th: Draft 1 of the Season 9 Specification to be posted to the Forums
  • August 6th - 19th: Grants Committee to work with groups to finalize funding requests
  • August 6th - 19th : Season 9 Grants Committee Election applications accepted
  • August 20th: The Season 9 Grants Committee election will be posted to Snapshot
  • August 20th: The Season 9 Specification will be posted to Snapshot
  • August 20th : The Season 9 Budget Request will be posted to Snapshot
  • Sun, August 27th: Last day of Season 8
  • Gap Week: Mon, August 28th - Sun, Sept 3rd (1 week)
Is this Season 8 Specification ready to move to Snapshot on April 24th?
  • Approve let’s move to snapshot
  • Abstain
  • No, this draft needs revisions before it moves to Snapshot please see comments below

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thank you for your work @ernest_of_gaia ! it would be really helpful if those voting no and saying the Spec needs revisions to actually comment on what revisions are needed. thanks frens!


Very quick clarification question.

Is the season 16 weeks + gap week or 16 weeks including a gap week?

I ask because I know that the bDIP-07: Set Season Length at 16 Weeks with Designated Downtime has a title of 16 weeks, not 15.

Ah wait is this the bridge season that help lead it to beginning 16 week seasons?

Im confused. But I think I got it now.

I assume as these topics are changed this will be edited? Or are you going to rope changes together and then add a new draft.

I believe from previous drafts changes were roped together with a new draft, but there’s a lot of cliff hangers in this particular draft so I personally am not clear on the trajectory.

I like this particular format of this spec personally, thanks!

You are right - Seasons 8 and 9 are ‘bridging’ seasons at 15 weeks each to round out the year. :slight_smile:

thanks @ernest_of_gaia

This is not a temp check, it’s an actual bDIP in bDIP format and according to @Icedcool is a minor update missing 4 votes.

Also not a temp check according to the author. I don’t know why this is claimed as being a major change when the author clearly states that it’s a patch.

This is not accurate and should be removed

Alright. Cool. I’m good on this.

Funny story on this. It is a patch. I need to close this out. @DAOlexa i believe was taking the charge on this, but it sort of fell out of focus. It’s worth a revisit however. Likely from governance dept, workstream.


Being the Governance Coordinator how do you suggest resolving the fact that this proposal is suggesting two different options and does not give the readers an opportunity to choose between the options. Also doesn’t use the BDIP template. By default this does not even meet the requirements of being an actual proposal. just trying to clear up the inaccuracies in your proposal itself. Which also clearly shows the changes to Rights, Responsibilities, and Procedures that you are adding to the constitution which makes this a Major Bdip. I would expect you and the authors to understand this.

Thanks ernest, can you please try to help me understand your statements by answering the following questions

  • Which are the two different options in question here? Is it the two polls?
  • Which specific parts do not follow the template?
  • Why do you think it does not follow the requirements for being a proposal?

it literally starts with option a or option b

While you use the bdip template for option B (old text new text) you do not apply the template to Option A. Again you are suggesting (temp checking) 2 different options in this proposal. If this is just a proposal for Option B, Option A should be removed. If this is asking us which option we prefer than this is a temp check and should include a Poll for folks that want Option A or even a third Option, a rejection of both of your options.

Thank you for explaining your rationale @ernest_of_gaia I can see the confusion arises from the structure not the content itself. With those options I was trying to articulate the different ways we can address this problem as options A and B. Certainly the bDIP is about option B and the rationale is explained further. I am happy to remove option A from the text if that is the only point of confusion.

Some reflections on the details:

Both of these met quorum.
What has you saying they did not?

This looks like a bdip to me, although it looks like Jenga had trouble with creating the tables (which are hard).

How do you not see it as a bDIP?

This doesn’t have quorum, although it doesn’t look like it will pass either, so looks to be a non-issue.

Although it does add responsibility, it doesn’t break current agreements and is compatible with the current version, so I disagree that this is a major.


Just to update folks after some async discussion it was agreed that that there are no “incompatibility issues” with the proposals above that were in question. They will be considered Minor Proposals and quorum comments adjusted appropriately

LFG, May4BWU im bullish in everything that you are doing

Thanks for everyones input, i think i have resolved all of the issues addressed in the comments. If I have accidentally omitted something just let me know in the 2nd Draft and I will update the 2nd draft text right away.

Soon as everyone is happy with it we can go to snapshot!!

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