3rd and Final Notion Ninja Blue Belt Course Launch Open for Beta Testing

Notion Ninja Learn 2 Earn Course Update

New Student Guide

White Belt Self-Study Student Guide

Orange Belt Self-Study Student Guide

Blue Belt Self-Study Student Guide

Upcoming Bankless Ninja Events

in Discord Watercooler Live Notion Ninja Sessions

4 - 5 pm UTC Thursday the 27th of October.

Live Notion Ninja Course again on November 17th, 4 - 5 pm UTC

Bankless in Decentraland October 27th, 6 pm UTC

Meet and Greet for folks that have been involved in the project and that have completed all 3 Notion Ninja Courses. Feel free to Jump In to Decentraland and check out some artists #goingBankless

Kick-Off Season 6 with us in Decentraland November 17th, 6 pm UTC

Season 6 Kickoff Event in Decentraland Meet and Greet. Get a tour of Decentraland from the Anti-Secret Society, bankless DAO member Kaf.

Who will be the first Blue Belt Ninjas?

Summary of the Educational Course

The Notion Ninja Learn 2 Earn opportunity is a 3 stage guided or self study course where students learn how bankless uses notion as well as learn how to create and modify notion pages and databases.

At each stage of the course the student will get an opportunity to earn a 2D Bankless Ninja NFT, with each Ninja being a progressive belt colour.

The Course Format is YouTube Video with Google Form Quizzes.

400 NFTs of each of the 3 Belt Colors will be available as a Learn 2 Earn reward to the learner upon the completion and grading of the Quizzes. If the Learner Completes all 3 courses they will also earn a Decentraland Skin Wearable, a 3d Red Belted Bankless Ninja.

Amazing Decentraland Video of the Wearable

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White Belt Course

Orange Belt Course

Blue Belt Course

Graphical Assets

Notion Ninja Graphical Assets Collection in Bright Dash

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Marketing Roll Out

Managed by Ernest of Gaia with help from Whalexyz, largely this fell through in Marketing Guild and Ernest of Gaia has been doing most of the Marketing. Did recruit some help from Education Guild (cross dao workgroup)

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Forum Post written by Ernest of Gaia

Community Call Slide Created by Ernest of Gaia presented by Whales.xyz

Other Project Docs

How Bankless Uses Notion Workshop in Edu Guild


NFT Specifications & Project Finances & Revenue Share Agreement

Notion Ninja NFT Specs and Finances

Notion Admin Tasks

Season 3


Season 4 & 5


Season 6 Hype


  • add Artist Bios and Socials
  • add DCL Frens List and Links
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